Candy Crush Daily Booster Wheel


The Daily Booster Wheel!

If you’re a Candy Crush addict, you may have noticed there is a new feature in the game! Launched over Thanksgiving weekend, Candy Crush now has a booster wheel!

This wheel can be spun by a user every 24 hours for completely free and offers eight different prizes, so you’re guaranteed to win a booster every time you spin this Candy Crush wheel!

The booster wheel is already available on Facebook and mobile but boosters cannot be transferred between the two. There are two conditions to using this wheel: you must be connected to the Internet or cellular data and you really can only spin once a day on either Facebook or mobile. The lives refill trick of setting your clock forward will not work with the booster wheel.

When you spin the wheel, there are eight different boosters that can be won: a lollipop hammer, jelly fish, a striped candy and wrapped candy combination, a color bomb, a coconut wheel, a red free switch hand, a lucky candy or THE JACKPOT. Unlike a booster received by a Facebook friend, you can opt when you want to use your booster rather than being forced to use it the first board you play.

While each booster is useful, everyone is likely eyeing the jackpot and with good reason! The Candy Crush daily booster wheel jackpot will earn you: 3 Lollipop Hammers, 3 Color Bombs, 3 Lucky Candies, 3 Striped & Wrapped combos, 3 Jelly Fish, 3 Coconut Wheels, and 3 Free Switch hands.



A daily booster wheel prize

  • SandyLester

    Well, that would be wonder if it worked.

    DBW is there, tells me I must be on the internet (I am), then after I verify connection, try again, only to have a messages that says try again later.
    The specialness, is not.

    • Faith Ecker

      Don’t feel alone. I didn’t receive this booster wheel either and I’m connected. All my friends were hooping and hollering at my house on thanksgiving when it became available but I didn’t get one. What’s up with that?

  • nursegeek

    I have the booster wheel but cannot figure out how to redeem some of the boosters. The Jelly Fish and Coconut wheel do not seem to appear anywhere for redemption. I am playing on my Android phone.

    • COMALite J

      The Jelly Fish booster will only appear for Jelly levels. Not sure about Coconut Wheel.

    • Chloe Michelle Anderson

      The coconut wheel appears on the bring down the ingredients levels.

  • skylar

    i updated the game today. but when i went into the game, the booster wheel is nowhere to be found. please help me.

    • desiiredestiiny

      Turn internet on & of go to game again beforeyou turn internet back on again

    • Anonymous

      You have to have wifi connection. Or you may have to update it a couple more times. Mine was like that but now I have it and LOVE it, Good luck!!

  • Bobby Yeager

    the jackpot is crap. I landed on it twice and jumped forward once and backward once and gave me crap

    • jak

      i dont know why i laughed so hard at that

  • Frank Galla

    The candy booster wheel is a joke. I have landed on the color bomb and the fishes but never received them. Where do they go?

    • s dubbya

      You have to choose to use those before your game begins (or right after you click a level on the board)

    • LOL

      I tried to ask for help and it told me I couldn’t post any more comments…. does anyone have the candy crush service number? I am sick of this crap!!

  • Frank Galla

    Hit the jackpot once and never received it. Hit the color bomb, fishes and striped + wrapped and never received them either. The booster wheel is a JOKE.

    • Beef curtains


      You most probably never received it because candy crush is meant to be for children only. If you are playing this game you probably need to get out a little more and try to make some friends.

      I hope this helps.

      • Natasha Nash

        Children? Says the one who’s constantly on here trolling and insulting people behind his/her computer. I’ve seen a few of your unhelpful comments on here. You seem really obsessed with this game and site hence all the pointless coments you make. Why waste your time? -__- Candy crush is not only for children any one can play it if they choose to.My kids and i love it. Kindly get of the internet, grow up and let ADULTS do as they feel.

        Thank you i hope this helps too.
        From a candycrush player who gets out a lot but enjoys this game when they’re not busy with work or the kids.

        • Aly

          Beef curtains: I have a one year old and he loves watching mama play candy crush. My mom and grandma are awesome and they play as well! So maybe YOURE the one who needs to get out more and meet new people ;) Instead of sitting on a forum meant to help, not harass. Sorry this is what we do in our free time and what you do for a living.

          • LOL

            beef curtains

      • emily8miller

        Well he’s an old man, so… probably retired (maybe)? That would make sense that he would have some time on his hands.

        Way to be a jerk, though.

  • Kitty

    Does the wheel require Facebook? I can’t find the wheel on my ipad, but it’s on my niece’s ipad.

    • Anonymous

      No it dose not require Facebook. You have to have your wifi on or it will not show up. Or you just have to updated it a couple of more times!

  • Tootsie Adkins Cupp

    Try updating candy crush, if that doesn’t work delete it and download it again.

  • Jessie

    It’s rigged. It slows down or speeds up to avoid the jackpot everytime

    • calfullerton

      100% agree!

    • Robert Dambeck Jr


    • SteveMacko

      Just like playing the slots at Vegas. You never get the jackpot. I have played the Daily Booster wheel many, many times, and NEVER gotten the jackpot

      • Rebecca Miranda

        I hit the jackpot today! Before I hit it the wheel would slow closer and closer to it to the point that the day before it landed right after the jackpot and before that right before it. Today it hit the jackpot it took 20+ consecutive attempts til I got it!

        • Candice Fry

          No way that’s possible !!!!!!! ;) I’ve hit stop to hit it exactly and the damn thing passed it and landed after and the next time stopped before it ,without slowing down enough like it usually does just to avoid it. TOTALLY RIGGED !!!!!!! ;)

  • sadFace

    I wish there is gold..

  • Mak

    I turned the wheel and got the jackpot… And right away candycrush crashed: no rewards. I had to Restart my iPad but no new turn on the wheel. Frustrating!

    • Liann Timtiman

      Aww, me too. I hit the Jackpot for the first time then my IPhone froze/hanged. Think I need to restart. :-/

    • Stephan

      when i hit the jackpot for the first time as well all the wheel did was start up and move :(

  • Dianne DeBay

    My booster wheel stopped working…always says not connected to Internet..which I am or says come back later….anyone know what’s going on?

  • Rica Jones

    I have been getting the prizes for the most part, but seem to only get fish and hands – could use lollipop hammers…. (hint hint). :)

  • Loren Fykes

    Hey, guys.

    Everyone seems quite distressed about the booster wheel. I just started playing Candy Crush a week ago, and I’m ridiculously hooked. Lol. I get the booster wheel every 24hrs. I was only getting the jelly fishes (Boo!!) and the color bomb (Yay!), but I really wanted the hammer or the jackpot. I was beginning to think it was rigged, too, but I just got the hammer (Yay!). Anyway, it’s working fine for me. Maybe the game doesn’t work well on different iOS versions?

  • crushplayer

    I normally play from browser, Chrome and regularly collected all kinds of boosters. I played from an Android tablet this week. None of the boosters I collected ever showed up that I could see. Now I don’t even see the wheel on my browser. Where did it go?

  • Ruth Matheis Hunt

    The booster wheel has disappeared – can I get it back?

  • Patty Osborne

    my booster wheel is gone no warning not even a fairwell it made playing so much more fun please help me to get it back all my friends still have it :-( :-(

  • megan murtha

    There is no booster wheel on kindle.fix!!!!

  • Kimberly Knight

    It’s rigged so no one gets the jackpot. BOOO :(

    • Debbie

      I don’t get jackpot either. Either side of it, it will bounce back to but never on it. If anyone can’t get a booster or the wheel at any time or they are getting error messages that they are not connected & to try again later. I was told that I “MUST” sign in thru Facebook if using my mobile device to play my game. So far, I’ve had no problems getting my daily boosters. Just NEVER the JACKPOT….I agree, I think that one is just for show & rigged to make us think there’s a chance of getting it. Oh well, I save mine up so when I hit a specially hard level like the one I’m having a hard time with now, level 323…. I’ll collect them for a while so that when I got a bunch I’ll just go gung ho & keep playing 5 at a time. Meaning,
      a Bomb, a set of Fish, a set Stripe/Wrapped, a Switch Hand
      & a Lollipop Sucker….. Five at once should do it along with 3 Extra Moves that Friends have sent me a bunch of for that Level cuz I’ve been on it so long. LOL !!

    • calfullerton

      It is totally rigged. the game itself is rigged!

  • David L. Bolin

    I’ve played for about the last month, had about 15 color bombs, so odds figure 1/2; gotten the hammer about 3x so odds fig 1/10;jellies 5x approx. 1/6; switching hand 3x so fig 1/10; double wrap 2x so…1/4 CLAIMED all prizes but from what I can tell odds of winning jackpot are 0/100. Most of the time I get the color bombs because that was what I hit the stop on. It seems to go around 1 full time, unless you stop on the jackpot in which case I normally get the finger…er hand. If anyone knows the TRUE odds, or where to hit stop would be appreciated.

  • Linus

    My S2 somtimes lag and remov jellys and so on. today when i did the booster wheel it showed this. Where the hell is the jackpott?

  • Joshua Davis

    Has anyone ever actually gotten the jackpot? I don’t understand why it’s the only space I haven’t hit, when I’ve received every other one more than twice.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      It’s extremely hard to hit. The odds of hitting it are like hitting the lotto.

  • Toivo Heikkiluunta

    Has anyone ever both gotten the jackpot and been paid of for hitting it? I ask because it seems if you do hit it it just crashes according to the only folks who do mention hitting it.

  • Phillip A. Rincón

    I’ve noticed that when the wheel is going to land on the Jackpot it bounces back into the prize before it. Its rigged.

    • LOL

      i nooticed wen i tried to hit the button it moved. The button moved out of the way wen i tried to click it. Ever since I won the jackpot the button moves away. HELP!!!!

  • RL

    How do I find the wheel,I have a kindle

    • Angie in WA State

      It’s on the Left side, top, just under the your heart/health meter.

  • Michele Smutny- Weber

    I have loaded and updated and it still doesn’t work

  • jackpothit

    I hit the ‘JACKPOT’ but now my iphone has locked up. I click away from candy crush & when I come back it’s still there- frozen. How do I get this off my screen just so I can play? screw the darn jackpot….anybody??

  • Keaton. Barney

    How do I find the free switch hand in the game. I can’t find it anywhere, please elope me???

    • LOL

      i nooticed wen i tried to hit the button it moved. The button moved out of the way wen i tried to click it. Ever since I won the jackpot the button moves away. HELP!!!!

  • Keaton. Barney

    Sorry I mean help

  • KirstinMarie

    for some reason the last few days when I have spun the wheel and click claim prize, my prize is nowhere to be found. Once it was the pink donut with brown center and the other were the fish.

    • KirstinMarie

      and the fish did not automatically show up like in other times. this is on level 202

  • Ashley Sarah Sandberg

    I’ve spun the wheel every day since it launched on TWO different devices and hit ZERO Jackpots.

  • Cindy

    I actually got the jackpot last night, and got 21 boosters-just like the description above! So often the wheel slowed or sped up as I approached the jackpot, so I figured it was very unlikely I’d ever get it. Really a nice freebie gift!

  • Potawatomi

    I got the jackpot today. I figured it might be computer rigged. I figured most people hit the stop button rather fast. So I counted to 60-Jackpot!! Dunno if letting it spin for a minute had anything to go with it. Be interesting if it works out for any body else.

  • timedmond sr.

    How do I get the booster wheel

  • rohitrocks

    I can not be able to spin my booster wheel.. plz help

  • Michelle Degraffenreid

    so does this converter actually work?

  • Fran Romblad

    I’ve hit the coconut wheel 6 times and it never showed up on the ingredient levels