How to Reset Your Board in Candy Crush Without Losing A Life

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting Your Candy Crush Board (with Pictures!)

Don’t know how to reset your board in Candy Crush? You MUST learn this trick as it is quite possibly the most useful cheat to help you beat difficult Candy Crush levels like 65, 70 and 181. You can reset your Candy Crush board an unlimited amount of times as long as you have not made any moves yet. And you won’t lose any lives.

PLEASE NOTE: This trick can only be done on mobile, NOT Facebook. So if you are trying to pass a difficult level, play Candy Crush on your mobile device.

Screenshots Below – Using Level 70 as an Example.

Step 1. Before you have made any moves, exit the level and return to the level map.

candy crush reset

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Step 2. Reopen the level.

candy crush reset 2

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Step 3. You will have a brand new board, without losing ANY lives. That’s it!

candy crush reset 3

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  • Samantha Cara

    Super useful, thanks!!!

  • shereen

    Why is my candy crush game isn’t showing correctly after I downloaded it back over the screen isn’t showing correctly….HELP!!!

  • AKM


  • vivian

    I have been on level 70 for about a month now and I can’t clea r the board! I am so Frustrated!! Can You help?

  • Tara Vann

    If u haven’t made any moves yet then how do u know if u should re-roll the board?

  • Shari Farino-Holtz

    I wonder if it works with boosters. I play through Facebook and I get a pop up when sending lives, 2 also send boosters.
    Does anybody else get that message? If u do does anyone send u 1 in return?

  • Kimberly Sykes

    I’ve been wondering for a while now….if you use one of your free boosters, enter the level, and then exit for a bad board… you lose your free booster? I just assumed that you do, but it would be cool if you didn’t.