Candy Crush Special Candies

Special candies in Candy Crush each have their own special effect and are created by special formations. The different special candies you can make in Candy Crush are the striped candies, wrapped candies, color bombs, jelly fish, and coconut wheels. Here we will tell you all about these Candy Crush special candies, including how to make them and how to use them to reach your goal and beat all the levels of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Striped Candy

What is a striped candy?
A striped candy looks like a regular candy with horizontal or vertical stripes.
How do you create a striped candy?
You create a striped candy by matching four regular candies in a row.
What does a striped candy do?
A striped candy will clear an entire row of column depending on the direction of the stripes (horizontal or vertical). The direction of the stripes on the striped candies depends on the direction you swiped in order to create the special striped candy.

Candy Crush Wrapped Candy

What is a wrapped candy?
A wrapped candy looks like a regular candy in a square wrapper.
How do you create a wrapped candy?
You can create a wrapped candy by moving 5 candies into an L shape, a T shape, or a + shape.
What does a wrapped candy do?
A wrapped candy will clear all the surrounding 8 candies. The wrapped candy will explode twice once it is activated.

Candy Crush Color Bomb

What is a color bomb?
A color bomb is the black chocolate ball covered in rainbow sprinkles.
How do you create a color bomb?
You can create a color bomb by matching 5 candies in a row.
What does a color bomb do?
When a color bomb is swiped with a regular candy, it will clear all the candies of the same color from the board.

Candy Crush Jelly Fish

What is a jelly fish?
A jelly fish is a candy fish that comes in several colors.
How do you create a jelly fish?
You can create jelly fish by buying them in the Yeti shop. You can also create jelly fish in the jelly levels during the Sugar Crush at the end of the level. During Sugar Crush, each remaining move creates 3 jelly fish.
What does a jelly fish do?
Jelly fish will eat one random candy each. They will also activate other special candies if they are the ones targeted.

Candy Crush Coconut Wheel

What is a coconut wheel?
The coconut wheel is the pink circle candy with the black licorice center.
How do you create a coconut wheel?
You can buy coconut wheels in the Yeti shop.
What does a coconut wheel do?
Coconut wheel will clear all the candies in the direction of the candy it is swiped with. It will also turn the first three candies in its path into striped candies.