Candy Crush Color Bombs

Special candies in Candy Crush each have their own special effect and are created by special formations. The different special candies you can make in Candy Crush are the striped candies, wrapped candies and color bombs. Here we will tell you all about these Candy Crush special candies, including how to make them and how to use them to reach your goal and beat all the levels of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Color Bomb

What is a color bomb?
A color bomb is the black chocolate ball covered in rainbow sprinkles.

How do you create a color bomb?
You can create a color bomb by matching 5 candies in a row.


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What does a color bomb do?
When a color bomb is swiped with a regular candy, it will clear all the candies of the same color from the board.

  • For each color bomb you form, you earn 200 points.
  • Earns you 200 points when formed
  • Unlike a wrapped candy of a striped candy, a color bomb is automatically activated once you try and move it, even if it doesn’t match with three candies of the same color.

How is a color bomb useful?

  • A color bomb is the hardest special candy to form but also the most useful! Since it can clear large amount of candies that aren’t in its vicinity. It’s great for opening up moves, fulfilling order levels or clearing an isolated candy that’s contained in a piece of jelly.

  • johnny

    Help, Level 210 say to smash two color bombs and all the licorice will go away. I’ve done that a dozen times and only one licorice square in the top right hand corner goes away. What is up with that? Johnny

    • Michele

      Sometimes the things that the candies are suppose to do don’t happen. That is not only you. When I match a color bomb with a certain color all aren’t gone. It stinks

  • Michele

    When I activate a color bomb it doesn’t always clear all the candies of the color I have chosen!

    • johnny

      Thanks Michele……I’m still on 210. The video shows that two color bombs together will clear the left side but doesn’t even clear one candy. Did you get past 210? Johnny

  • Greg

    Pro tip: joining two color bombs will clear ALL of the candies on the board.

    • Nurserust

      Maybe for you. I’ve done that numerous times and it only clears one licorice square!!

  • David

    I try to use the colour bomb with a special candy. This creates special candies of the same colour that explode immediately

  • Eggroll5215

    I’ve matched the color bombs I can’t tell you how many times, and it does not clear anything on the left side, goes only to the right, starting to piss me off, not playing this stupid game anymore.

  • Eggroll5215

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to get past level 210, so I’m done


    Level 215 – Four color bomb explosions during my game have stopped the game and put me at home to start a new game. Why???