Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 47 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush Dreamworld level 47 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 47 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 47 is to get 60,000 points in 30 moves..

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush Dreamworld 47.

Level 47 Cheat #1: Break the licorice boxes.

candy crush level 47
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  • In order to rack up points in level 47, you want to clear the board of the licorice boxes first.
  • sarrah

    Mine Says 150,000 In 30 Moves

    • Marilynne Gale

      So does mine and seems impossible to get it. Now getting rather bored!!

      • Isa Matsubayashi

        I am not sure but the iphone one and the pc one (is there? or is it just facebook) is different

        • Marilynne Gale

          I believe they are different but am not sure in what way as I don’t have an iphone. Blue Lagoon might be able to help you as he/she is using an iphone.

  • sarrah

    I emailed them, but no answer. 2 of my friends have passed it already! Frustrating

    • Marilynne Gale

      So it can be done, Sarrah. Was waiting for one of my friends to pass me then confirm with them that they have to get 150,000. Seems an awful lot!!

      • Marilynne Gale

        Have made it at last but like a lot of others, don’t know what I did. How are you doing Sarrah?

        • Ladan

          2 of my friends passed the level with 83,000 and 101,000 how is that possible if the target says 150,000??? Not fair at ALL!!

          • Marilynne Gale

            They seem to be making up the rules as they go!!

          • Blue Lagoon

            It depends on the device you are using.

          • Marilynne Gale

            I have now completed all 65 levels but cannot go any further as I have to go back and repeat the levels on which I didn’t get three stars. Have about 4 more to do I think!!

          • Blue Lagoon

            Mine is not linked to Facebook. So I have been able to progress to 138 without having to gain 3 stars on any level. Although I have quite a few 3 stars.

          • Marilynne Gale

            That is good.

          • Blue Lagoon

            Thank you kindly

          • Marilynne Gale

            At last they have opened another chapter and I am now up to Level 70 without getting 3 stars on all previous levels. How far have you got to now? Level 138 sounds very impressive.

  • Terri Martin

    Mine is 150000 also. Not even coming close. If you can’t use combos without bird falling then no way to get those points. I’m frustrated m..stuck on both games.

  • Jennifer Peterson-Panattoni

    Soooo hard..I got up to 132,000+ but can’t pass this…grrr

  • Fiona Gale

    Mine says 150,000 in 30 moves. It’s Impossible. Every time you combine a candy (which you have to to achieve the 150,000, in 30 moves!) then it just knocks him off the moon. I’ve made it to 138,000 by three chocolate bombs after the moonstruck, but it really is impossible to meet 150,000. And it doesn’t score / rock the moon properly. You clear correct colour candies and the moon doesn’t change, then you clear a colour not required to fill the moon, and it rocks!!!! Seems no relation between what you actually clear, and what rocks the moon. This level is faulty for sure. Might as well just play pot luck, swipe and see what happens??. Candy Crush decide when they want you to complete it. Nothing to do with the moves you actually make, clearly.

    • ARPG07

      Thank you!!
      Listen people, this is THE advice!
      I had been stuck for days and finally did it! Why isn’t anyone paying attention to this? o.O

  • Hextall

    Try to get as many specials as possible, Then when the “moonlight” is on use them all and hopen for new specials to build. When the moonlight is on there will only come 3 kinds of colored candys but when the moves are empty there will come other colors aswell.

    • Hextall

      I meant 4 colors.

  • Lee Dodge

    Looks like the moves prior to “Moon Struck” are irrelevant, as long as you keep that f***ing bird balanced and get there, you then need a lucky move that results in lots of knock-on moves so the score racks up. Like the rest of this game (in both reality and dreamworld) it is 99.99% luck. Get’s boring very quick.

  • Lauren Turnbloom

    The three friends that have passed this level are under 100,000! So the latest update must have changed this level, and it now seems impossible. I’m stuck on 452 as well!

  • Tove Dan Ferielejlighed Dengam

    You have to make a stiped and a combo to combine in the moment of moonstruck. Then the ” candymachine” do the rest.

  • Kimberly Gardippe

    It took me a long time to figure it out but finally what I did was got a color bomb & as many special candies on the first page without detonating any of them, & then after I got moon struck used the color bomb to clear one of the three colors (if u keep the owl balanced u will get three colors, if u dont u will get 4 colors) & then I was able to get a second color bomb & did it again on one of the colors that was left, it racked up enough points to pass 150,000

  • jassi manku

    I enjoy the kings games

    • Blue Lagoon

      Why is that?

  • jassi manku

    If anyone have a problems with any level then he ask me

  • Melinda Lambert

    Passing this level is like trying to throw a wad of jello through a brick wall. Been on it for 3 days. I used up all my boosters and even paid for 10 extra moves. Stupid owl fell off his perch anyway! WTF? Laptop and iOS both require 150,000 points. Seems entirely futile.

  • Corinne Cooze

    This is what you have to do:
    Leave as MANY of the colors that rock the moon on the board as possible, so that when you become “moonstruck” TONS of pieces get knocked off the board (in case you have yet to figure out that that’s what the moonstriking does). It’s pretty much a guaranteed win.

    • Susan Bragg

      The advice given by Corinne Cooze is correct, I was stuck for weeks on this level, read Corinne’s advice and it worked straight away! Huflippingrrah!! Thanks Corinne x

    • Andrea

      Sorry but I’ve been trying this strategy for months. Closest I’ve come is 80K. Doesn’t work.

  • Bonnie Williams

    I have been stuck on this for such a long time…I gave up dont even go to dreamworld anymore says you have to have 150,000 n 30 moves and it is somewhat impossible to get dont give you enough candies in a row to make that many combos then you spend all of your moves breaking the boxes to get enough to make combos by the time you get moonstruck you only have 3 moves left.. VERY DISAPPOINTING IF YOU ARE GONNA MAKE A GAME YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS RIGHT….AT LEAST WHERE PEOPLE COULD PASS IT WHATS THE POINT IN PLAYING A GAME WHERE YOU CANT GO ANY FURTHER? COULD BE ALOT BETTER

  • Bonnie Williams

    And if your gonna update it from 60,000 points to 150,000 points in 30 moves then i think you need to change it on the cheat and tips so everybody knows WTH they are suppose to do and dont think it’s just a glitch!!!!

  • FluffyRAM

    I have to get 170,000 in 30 moves!
    What the frack!!
    I can have combos galore, complete what I think was a pretty awesome game, and still come up miles short. It’s ridicous.
    I was hoping this cheat would show me tips on getting the required mega-score!

  • Glenn_in_IL

    Hey all –
    If we take up a collection across the whole interwebs and then send our haul to the folks at King in the form of a big, fat check, do you think we could convince them to come out with an update that completely gets rid of (preferably “kills in an extremely violent and painful manner”) #$%^&@* Odus?!?!

    I’m fed up with getting fairly close to achieving the total number of required points only to have his dumb a$$ tip over after a “cascade effect.” You can carefully plot out each and every move all to no avail only to get s**t upon after a big points-earning color explosion.

    I don’t see Odus serving any purpose other than to pi$$ off gamers.

    • Stacy Meehan-Westervelt

      Well getting rid of Odds would just have you playing the regular game. The purpose of Dreamworld is to add a level of difficulty to the levels we’ve already played. I remember this level taking some time the first time around, but Odds is just making it impossible. There’s no moonstruck until 3 moves left and it’s almost impossible to keep Odds from falling before then if I’m using specials. I’ve basically given up on this world. I just come back when I’m waiting for another episode to be unlocked.

  • PeggyAnn Whitson

    i need 150,000 in 30 moves, but a friend completed this level with 87000. what gives????

  • Meggie

    Mine says 1,500,000 !

  • TonsMel

    I don’t know how I did it, but I finally beat this level with a score of 343,240. I rank #2 amongst my friends on this level. Odus is a jerk bird!

  • Kubismo

    This level is easier than you think if you do one two things. 1) The points before the moonstruck don’t matter at all. It’s all about the post moonstruck. 2) Eliminate colours NOT associated with the odus balance colours. That way when the moonstrike happens, it will take out all the colours associated with the Odus colours and you will rack up points really fast. I read this on another site and it took 2-3 tries.

  • Kubismo

    This level is easier than you think if you do one two things. 1) The points before the moonstruck don’t matter at all. It’s all about the post moonstruck. 2) Eliminate colours NOT associated with the odus balance colours. That way when the moonstrike happens, it will take out all the colours associated with the Odus colours and you will rack up points really fast. I read this on another site and it took 2-3 tries.

  • Karen Greening Smith

    This must be an old one, since we really have to get 150,000 which I have tried and tried. I have gotten up to 60,000 mant times, but mostly I get to about 50,000 or when it is popping all around, the little yellow falls down.

  • Mirjam van Dijk

    Ignore the ‘official’ tips in the article: the trick is to avoid combining the Odus-colours. After being stuck on this level, I read the comments below; avoiding the Odus-colours (unless you really need to combine them to balance Odus) worked for me the first time. It doesn’t matter how many points you have before moonstruck; if you have enough Odus-colours on the board after move 27, moonstruck generates way over 150.000 points.

  • happycat

    Follow this advice! Stuck for days, and just got 245 720 first go after reading this :) (150000 in 30 moves)

  • Rose McClaren

    I just finally passed with 900k. It was a complete fluke. The board just fell really luckily when Odus struck. Before that I’d used 27 moves, could barely see my scoreline and was just struggling to keep him on the moon. I wish I had better advise but sadly this is it!

  • Leeper

    Played over 250 times now. Almost a month. Tried everyone’s advice here. You know what happens when you go from playing a game to just losing at no fault of your own? You stop having fun. Is there any way to just bypass this level and play one that I’m not at the will of the game so much?

    • jacostrauss

      I struggled as much, but then followed the advice not to use the Odus colours and I beat this level on the second attempt. After moonstruck I still had only about 60k, but with the aid of a colour ball I got the required points within the last few moves….