Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 54 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush Dreamworld level 54 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 54 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 54 is to bring down 2 nuts and 3 cherries in 40 moves and get at least 60,000 points..

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush Dreamworld 54.

Level 54 Cheat #1: Create a path through the licorice boxes.

candy crush level 54
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  • Clearing the licorice boxes will allow you to open up the board and bring more candy into the free space.
  • Marilynne Gale

    Level 54 in Dreamworld seems impossible!! I think Odus the owl should be renamed Odius!! Retched creature!!

  • Marilynne Gale

    Level 54 in Dreamworld seems impossible!! I think Odus the owl should be renamed Odius!! Retched creature!!

  • Skabetti

    I think any of the dreamworld levels are discouraging and kind of ridiculous because you’re trying to win/not win. If you’re too eager with special candies, you lose because they disturb the balance. If you’re more conservative with them, you lose because you run out of moves. It’s a lose-lose situation. And level 54 seems impossible. Getting special candies is easy, but they often work against you because you can’t plan or predict how anything will cascade. It doesn’t matter in the regular game, but in this one, there is too precise a balance to use them effectively. I’m starting to get bored with it.

    • cheryl

      I Agree with you

      • Brandishing Aardvark and pink

        Kinda getting difficult in there

    • Andrew Turvey

      Wouldn’t be any point if it were easy!

  • cheryl

    I hate that bird he is evil.

  • Marilynne Gale

    It seems to be easy to get the score but when all my moves have been made the last of the ingredients aren’t even on the board!! I was excited when this game first came on as am stuck on Candy Crush but now am stuck on both. Not happy at all.

    • Tara Jane Fennelly

      Marilynn I am exactly the same. Delighted wheb this new game was published ad im stuck on 181 for weeks and weeks. Now on 54 and its impossible. Going back angry birds

      • Marilynne Gale

        Hi Tara. I got as far as Level 65 but am not allowed any further until I have redone the levels which I haven’t got three stars!! So I am stuck all ways. Good luck.

        • Tara Jane Fennelly

          Driving me mad!

          • Marilynne Gale

            Keep going, Tara. It does happen eventually. Not sure about level 181 although friends of mine have scooted past without a murmur!! Going back over levels that need redoing, I am surprised at the things I have learnt. For instance try to avoid using the colours that rocks the bird off his perch. .

  • Marilynne Gale

    The first moon strike is when there is 21 moves left and the second is when there is only one left – every time – and there is still five more ingredients to be shown. So how is it possible to clear them. Will give it a few more goes then find something else to do like watching paint dry!!!

    • Cassie H Cowell

      I’m stuck on this level too at the moment. As is typical with dreamworld, if I play a big move Odus always falls off the moon, if I don’t there is no chance to clear the ingredients.

      I’ve been enjoying Dreamworld whilst stuck on level 133 in the regular game.

      Looks like I might need to use one of my “moonstruck” boosts. This type of boost is the one I like as you can select it “on demand” when you have nearly finished the level so know you have a good chance.

  • cvatigger

    I’ve been stuck in this level for 3 weeks and am completely over it. I’ve tried everything and gotten to within one ingredient only to have no choice but to let the owl fall because there are no other matches. GAMES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUN NOT FRUSTRATING

  • Tammy Harper Christner

    Actually it is 3 of each fruit to bring down. Only two fruits fall when I have one move left I get moonstoke. Still no more fruits. Something wrong somewhere.

  • Rianne Olde-Keizer

    ONE time I FINALLY got all fruits and then I did not get enough points!!! WHAT this is impossible!!!!

  • g bum

    so… despite having to maintain balance on a super super sensitive Odus… pretty much total of 3×3 of a color will kill Odus. do a 1×3 and Odus already won’t shut up. THEN, you gotta deal with breaking through the barrier AND the chocolate… and hope all this time, you got good drops. AND you have 5 items that you need to bring down… all in just 40 moves, WHILE maintaining balance, using up your moves to break the barrier and stop the chocolate AND when there’s a helpful move, you can’t because ODUS won’t STFU!
    I’m surprised the a**hole team didn’t add chocolate turbines and a double jelly spot with triple cream barrier around it at the very top corner. As if this level wasn’t already ridiculous enough. I understand making levels “challenging,” but this is just a ridiculous level.

    This game pretty much relies heavily on favorable drops and not so much skill. The game is not challenging. It’s just hope… and the developers know that… and they design this game to crush your hopes, but the glimmers of success refuel that hope, only for it to grow again and feed this stupid game.

    I can only imagine the next world after DW-55 is probably full of this nonsense WITH chocolate turbines and triple cream layers and prolly moonstruck will instead be opposite–it’ll scatter all the colors lolol. Or maybe moonstruck will create more crap… it’ll scatter the chocolate that you’ve worked hard at destroying… maybe moonstruck will scatter the colors and repair jellies for 3 rounds instead of help you for 3 rounds.

  • g bum

    i’ve never had to go over 15 lives on a level. this level has taken 60 so far and no I’ll never for pay for this a**hole game. They changed that whore Odus’s sensitivity, but the level is still ridiculous because you have to drop SIX items and they take forever to come out. AND you still can’t really use special candies because Odus is still too sensitive… so you have to be super careful by making smaller moves… all within 40 moves, while wasting a good 10-15 on destroying the barriers and chocolates. There’s not enough SMALL moves to bring down 6 candies. As usual, people that DO get through this level happened to luck out and get nothing but favorable drops where their moonstruck just kept going and going and going in a huge chain combo until all the idiot fruits fell down.

  • liz

    I’m also playing dreamworld cos I’m stuck on Candy Crush Level 181. Was really enjoying dreamworld and thought Odus so cute………… until I got stuck on level 54. As the above comments say, it seems impossible, and Odus keeps falling off the perch.