Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level Guide

These Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld cheats will help you beat every level of the newest world in the game. Dreamworld currently includes 5 different episodes, and 65 levels. Click on the level that you are stuck on to get the best cheats and tips available!

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Episode 1: Sleepy Slopes

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Episode 2: Funky Factory

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Episode 3: Juicy Jacuzzi

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Episode 4: Aurora Chocorealis

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Episode 5: Lollipop Lanterns

  • Jerri Jackson

    Your boards don’t look like mine

    • Blue Lagoon

      They look very similar though.

  • VJ

    I updated to get more levels of dreamworlds, but won’t go past level 65!!! What’s wrong? its fine on computer but wont let me on my i phone anybody got any ideas please its starting to annoy me big time

  • Ock

    Winning in this game – only by a fluke. Wits will not help. Boring.

  • umer

    Any one help me im use galaxy s4 what is candy crush cheats

  • SLK

    Has ANYONE tried dreamworld level 276 yet??? This is honestly the first level I’ve every felt is unreasonable. Other levels have been very tough, but I just don’t see how this one can be done. Anyone??? Help!!!

    • Mike Jackson

      Level 276 is the reason i will probably remove this game from computer and phone. 300 blues in 40 moves. Impossible. I saw a walkthrough beat it by using the moonbeam 3 times and then getting a ridiculous amount of bombs on the rescreen. This is not only unreasonable it is impossible to even get close. Dumb move as its not even tempting anyone to spend money.

      • SLK

        Exactly. I’ve seen other people complain how other levels are “impossible” and I’ve thought, “they just don’t know how to play”. 276 is ridiculous. I have never paid a dime to play this game, and as far as I’m concerned, if I have to pay to pass the level, it’s not happening.

        • SwissWavey

          I was bitching and moaning about 578 in reality, but that looks like a walk in the park compared to DW276.

          • maor

            they gave you for free the new booster just to pass that level..and i made it in my second try using it i think. if you allready used it and didn’t make it then yeah u will have to buy it to finish the level. but that’s just becouse u didnt had the proper skills to make it with the free ones!

      • ng swee chee

        Level 276DW is impossible. How to get 300 blues in 40 moves? I can’t even get close to 100.

        • dxp2718

          Best I got was 145 (no boosters).

      • Katie

        I too am stuck on 276 and highly annoyed. The best I have gotten is 150/300. I have noticed some levels have adjusted…hopefully this one will.

    • Kathy

      Same here, I don’t think it can be done without spending money on boosters and if that’s the case and they don’t fix it I’m out. The best I could do is about 160 blues, that’s not even close!! It’s a game only, and as addictive and fun it is to play, I think it will turn many Candy Crushers away if this was done to get our money. If it’s just a glitch, here’s hoping that it will be fixed!! I’m not paying!!!!

    • Erin Dunn Carmody

      I consider myself to be a great Candy Crush player and even after 1 time playing this level, I knew that it was absolutely impossible. I’ve tried close to 100+ times now and I can’t get more than 170 blues and that was with 3 balls mixed with stripes. This is the end for 99.9% of us I guess!

    • Denise

      Cannot be done, impossible.

      • Matthew Santagata

        It can be done..without boosters too….I beat it…..third try….as for the next level….the hardest one by far

    • PH

      I beat it, on my third try. The key for me was to match the chocolate candy balls with the color that appears most on the board, but NOT BLUE, and not ones that Odus is balancing. Do that as many times as possible …

  • Michele Bice Gizzi

    Level 276 in Candy Crush DW is impossible !!! Guess it is time to give up this game. There is no way to get 300 blues in 40 moves. This SUCKS

    • Matthew Santagata

      I beat it…..third try….as for the next level….the hardest one by far

  • Dennis

    My wife has this Plays out and without paying . but I can not :(

  • Mikey Meyers

    I think it’s time for this game to go. Dream World 276 is ridiculous. I’ve only broken 100 a couple of times. There aint a shot in hell of breaking 300 in 40 moves.

  • AV

    same here its impossible

  • Kim Taunt

    Dreamworld 276 is physically impossible without paying. The least costing tutorial available is still using one extra moonstruck. This opened the screen up enough to allow for there to actually be enough wrapped, striped, and super candies to wipe out the necessary blues. That tells me that it would be SLIGHTLY more possible with an extra moonstruck near the end. With just one incorporated moonstruck, it is physically impossible though. I’ve been appreciative of the continuation of the wheel for free stuff. It’s helped on some pretty “impossible” levels relying mostly on luck to win, but there is no way I could get enough free extras to beat this level. The most I have cleared is just over 150 blues. I had multiple super candies and wrapped/striped candy combos, and STILL only half way? Yeah. Pretty impossible. I’ve never seen a level like this.

    • Sandra Bale

      I have friends that have passed that level Kim, dont know how mind you, been stuck on it forever.

      • Kim Taunt

        I finally passed it. It took forever, and very little skill compared to the amount of luck.

        • Sandra Bale

          Well done, it was logic in the end, not doing the obvious. xx

  • Jirina

    I have passed level 276 in dreamworld without paying or boosters!!!! I think they fixed it. I had combined two chocolate candies, which pretty much opened the board. I had lots of chain reactions that went on and on and finished with 5 moves to spare. I am so glad that they fixed it! Good luck!!

    • Sandra Bale

      Hi Jirina, Im on 276 the odus one, no chocolate candies on this, i have done that level on the other one.

  • AV

    Yes I did it !!!!!!!

  • Jon Kalna

    Hate to switch topics but can anyone give me sound advice on level 272? I have tried all different ways to beat this one but it is nothing like 272 in the regular world and the bombs are hard to avoid. Most amount of items I got down was 4 and 4 with no moves left and of course u have to mind odus! Whatever advice anyone can give would be great thanks!

  • Sandra Bale

    Im Stuck on 276 bloody owl.

  • Sandra Bale

    Hi just completed the Devil level 276, big tip, clash the rainbow drop with any colour bar blue, if you clash with blue you dont get anymore blue come down, any other colour you do, good luck. xxx

  • Sandra Bale

    I have completed the level 276 , the knack is to clash the rainbow drop with any colour stripe, but not blue, as no other blues will come down, hope it helps. xx

  • Jon Kalna

    Guess no one has any thoughts on DW 272 or I am just not that good that I can’t get 5 and 5 go the items to drop lol

  • esme

    Stuck on 302 level any advice PLEASE

  • Cristina Ocampo

    I will probably just try to get the free boost and try to use it on 276 dream world or wait until someone pass it and watch it on youtube. I tend to pass a level after a hero did it first.

  • Cristina Ocampo

    btw they increased the moves to 45

  • Abdul Sheik

    Its crap level i dont know the guy who created the 276 level do he have brain 300 in 40 moves

  • Helen Knight

    Can anyone give me any tips to beat DW level 272 please?

  • sulekha patwari

    Its just impossible to complete the level 276dw please consider

  • Loretta Passafiume


  • Loretta Passafiume

    256 dreamworld ???

  • Matthew Santagata

    I beat 276 on my third try……..but 277 is hard as fuck…..the same colors every time, even when they fall its still the same pattern and I can not figure it out….I am waiting for more levels on the regular one to open up

    • Scarlett

      OK, I passed this one month ago, but it was so hard that when I finally made it through, I copied the steps down and sent them to a friend. I’ll copy them here. FYI – when I was playing this level, the exact same colors and pattern came up EVERY time and everyone i talked to said the same thing, so as long as you have the same patterns, this will work for youl

      My game came up the exact same every time with Otis falling over green and orange. If you have the same game showing up for you, there are 6 columns. There is a purple one in the first column, bring it right to the second row to make a striped candy. Then go to the 5th column and pull the green candy over to the 4th row, crushing the green and bringing the blue down to the bottom. There is a blue on the bottom row, bring it up to the second row, crushing a column of orange. The on the top row, you can crush the purple and on the third row you can kill the green
      In the first column, bring the blue from the second over to create another striped candy. Bring the purple down to crush the bottom row with the striped candy. Then the red in the 6th column. From this point until moonstruck, you just want to avoid killing orange or green unless you can crush equal amounts of each until you get to the moonstruck. When you get to the moonstruck level, there should be one blue candy stuck on the column where the wrapped candy was. Do NOT try to crush. Once it is gone, then timed bombs will begin to fall. After you get back to play, just create as any wrapped as you can
      Good luck

  • Jennifer Higgins Thornton

    anyone at Dreamworld 380 yet? Keeps saying I need 1 more jelly but as far as I see, I got them all? Suppose it doesn’t really matter since it’s the last level at the moment, but it’s very frustrating!

    • vicpalo

      Same thing happens to mee, I think there is a flaw

      • Bill Leathem

        multiple times…three stars…cannot find the one remaining…same problem…they will fix it sometime

        • Scdist

          I recently received a response from another player that they are working on fixing it. I’ve completed it more than 7 times now and still waiting for the correction.

          • Jennifer Higgins Thornton

            They fixed it!! But that’s the last level.

          • Bill Abbatematteo

            That happened to me a few times, and then with a few moves to go (with all the jelly cleared), I got a color bomb and switched it with a stripped candy, which cleared the board again, and the game said I cleared all the jelly. Looked like it was a flaw, but that last move did “clear” the board for good.

    • kklynns

      I am having the same problem!! Driving me nuts? Anyone figured it out yet?

  • elizabeth monteza

    candy crush staff level 380 is impossible to finish, what kind of level is this clearing all the block and then what?? then you have to use fish to finish it??
    and i already did use the fish, fish go thru the chocolate spinning.. sadly still not finish it. this is so wrong.. fix it fix it fix it. like level 276

    • Scarlett

      I heard that someone had reported this level for a hidden jelly under the wheel that is a glitch, but it is still not working for me. I’ve technically won it with 3 stars at least 6 or 8 times, but it keeps telling me that there I have one jelly left!!! Too frustrating.!!

      • elizabeth monteza

        same here Scarlett i have finish it many times..

        • Scarlett

          UGH!! I’ll just check it out every now and then to see if it gets fixes. I’ve made it to the end of Candy Crush and Dreamland, so I guess I should just walk away instead of waiting around for them to fix it, but I know I won’t – can’t leave this last one hanging!!

      • kklynns

        Me too!! what the heck is going on?!

  • Scdist

    Thought I completed Dreamworld level 380(last level) at least 6 times but it always says that there is 1 jelly remaining. Where’s the last jelly, camouflage? I even had as many as 23 moves remaining in trying to find that last jelly. Anyone who can comment?

    • Scarlett

      They are supposed to be fixing it, but it’s been a week with no fix yet.

  • Scarlett

    Where’s the wheel? Everyday I click on the wheel, get something free, and use it when I need it. Now it is gone!!!! What happened?

  • Bill Abbatematteo

    I did do 276 but am stuck on 383 in Dream World. To finish 276, I think I had to get 2 or 3 color bombs, and switch them with a stripped candy. I eventually completed it with 3 stars. You think 276 is unreasonable, wait until you reach 383. Odus will fall off the moon with just one move. I’ve been stuck for weeks. If their solution is for the player to keep the game going by buying credits, then forget it. I will remove the game.

    • Terri

      I’ve also been stuck on 383 for quite awhile….I just keep trying

  • Bill Abbatematteo

    Has anyone gotten the “Jackpot” on the bonus wheel? I’ve been playing the wheel for over a year and haven’t hit the Jackpot yet. Odds are that I should have hit it at least a few times by now.

  • Huh?

    How come I can’t get a free daily spin anymore? It keeps telling me my Facebook session has expired, but I don’t even have a Facebook account. I’ve been playing this game for over a year and was always able to get a free daily spin. What changed?

  • Marieke van Rooij

    Level 276 is terrible in the Dreamworld. I’m about to quit this game. Not funny! I have the same problem in level 677. Boring and annoying levels. Time to quit.

  • Eileen Rogean

    Ok, so I have made it to level 463 on dreamworld, on facebook site. There have been many difficult levels but to my mind level 463 takes the cake for most unreasonable & impossible to complete. In FIVE moves you have to clear the jelly from a 9 x 9 board, all spaces filled, some with triple hit candy. Now what in the world were they thinking when they created this level?
    Disgusted I surely am!

  • Bucinka

    What’s the trick to DW256, anyone, please?

    • Bucinka

      Never mind; I got it through a shipload of stripes and some dumb luck. Note to self: Don’t waste a hammer on an empty jelly….

  • MsJ

    I beat ALL the levels on Candy Crush!!! YAY!!! So all that’s left to do is conquer DreamWorld. Level 237 is giving me the blues! Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Lori Bassett Galvin

    How many levels are there???? I just started a while ago.. only on level 40 something…????

  • tendedsage

    Does anyone have tips for dreamworld-level 237? If you do, please help! This seems darn near impossible. Thx!

  • tendedsage

    Weird, on my android tablet I have to get 250 blues in 60 moves. That is B.S. you all have to get 300 in 40 moves. I guess the I thing to say is that is one of those levels based on pure luck. Cappy answer I know. You can also reset you board to try to get what appears to be a good board. Good luck.