How To Get Free Lives in Candy Crush In 5 Easy Steps!

Out of Candy Crush lives? Follow these steps to get a FREE full set of Candy Crush lives right now! No downloads needed! Keep reading to learn how to regenerate a full set of Candy Crush lives on your mobile or tablet device (whether it’s iPhone, iPad, or Android) OR Facebook for free.

Candy Crush Free Lives for iOS (UNLIMITED!)

Step 1: Go into the settings of your mobile or tablet device, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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Step 2: Go into “General”
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Step 3. Scroll down to “Date & Time”


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Step 4. Switch “Set Automatically” to off and then tap the time and set the clock forward 2 hours.


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Step 5. This will refill 4/5 lives!


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Candy Crush Free Lives for Android 



1. Go to Settings on your device.


2. Scroll down to  “Date & time”

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3. Tap the check-mark next to “automatic date & time”


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4. Tap the “Set time”


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5. Set your clock ahead 2 hours.


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Now you never have to pay for Candy Crush lives again with this cheat!  Simply follow these steps to regenerate a full set of lives in no time.  Just remember that after you advance the clock, do not start playing.  Go back and change the clock back to the regular time before you start playing or else when you switch it back it will make you wait a very long time to generate a life regularly.  Enjoy playing unlimited Candy Crush with this cheat on how to get free lives all the time!


Candy Crush Extra Life  for Facebook

If you are playing on Facebook, there’s a neat trick that can earn you an extra life! When you have one life left, open up Candy Crush in a new tab (keeping the first one open), so you have two tabs open. When you lose your last life in the first tab, you’ll still have one left in the second tab!


  • Stewart davie

    Ive to get 40000 in 60mins but ive been on this game for to long nown cant bear it n feel like packing it in so plz help n i cant manage the cheats bout setting the time bk then to normal time so sum1help me eh plz. S.davie scotland.

    • Mary Wagwann

      Yeah that happens after you delete the game and then download it again connect to facebook and you will have your life’s back without the wait!

    • Marissa Farren

      Stewart go into yor tools and advance the time by 3 hours then open candy crush to the map page you will see you have 5 lives.dont go any further close the app and put your time back the 3 hours but add 1 minute each time you do this or your phone time will fall behind because it takes approx 1 minute to do this. You may find that changing the time messes around with other things on your phone I.e. your alarm if so just restart your phone and it will be fine.

    • janet

      when you do the change the time open candy crush but don’t play it. once open the candy crush get out of the candy crush and go back to setting and change back to the real time. For the solution for the crazy amount of time you would have uninstall the game and connect the game with fb and you will resume the actual game.

      • Not Falling For It

        So many people on here appear to work for Facetroll… er… uh…I mean Facebook…no wait…it was the CIA. yea that’s it. the CIA

        • janice

          Yes i trying already..’success

    • Kelly Partridge

      Stop don’t reinstall. All you have to do is go into time and date set it far enough ahead in days that you get your five live but this is an important but you have to not play yet. You close candy crush go back to date and change it back to today. It will go back to today and you will have five lives. You can. Do this simple trick to get five lives again and again. Keep trying I just passed 530 can’t wait for more.

      • stepson a

        try doing the changes after disconnecting from the internet then reconnect to the internet after you have done the changes

  • Marissa Farren

    I have altered the time on my android phone as instructed above several times now and even though I have changed the time back before playing I still have an extended length of time before my lives regenerate naturally. And I believe it to be adding on 180 minutes each time I do it. So I think king have sussed this cheat out and found a way to prevent folk from doing it persistently. There’s not enough hours in the day. But having said that if you show restraint and stop playing periodically then as long as you reset the time before sleeping then the waiting time should have caught up by the next day.

    • Fran Murphy

      I lost my orig minutes. Had to reload game. I was sent back to 1 and they have to have read
      tips, cheats etc. I feel creepy, like a its wrong to cheat. I know 70 is making me crazy, king
      has all but made it totally impossible to w7in. How’d ya’ll do it.

      • Ivan Gough

        Hi fran I was stuck on 70 didn’t think I would do it but a week later I got it I kept getting heaps of lives and determined not to pay for anything keep going then all of a sudden they all lined up heaps of satisfaction

    • Manda Hall

      Hi the catch is don’t play the game when you forward the time just log into the map then go out and turn back the clock to normal time , and if it’s says 180 hrs until next life you need to fast forward days , so calculate how many days in 180 hrs go to just the map again then go back and change it back to the right date , I hope it’s not to confusing , hope this helps

  • Charm

    It takes me so long waited for the lives…full lives didn’t appear..please help me…

  • Tracie Stork

    Worked for me on computer without a problem.. yall just aint doing it right

  • Jan

    I changed the year accidentally. Now I have to wait million hours. Suggestions please to get back to normal

    • Janine

      If you do the cheat wrong, you can still fix it back without waiting. So like if you set it 3 hours ahead and go in and start playing before you set it back to regular time by accident, just go back into your clock and set it to whatever is 3 hours ahead of that. THEN go back and click on your Candy Crush app, then DON’T PLAY and go back to your clock and set it back to the regular time and should go back to normal w/ full lives. At least with an iPhone. If you did it a year ahead, set it to 3 hours later a year from now, then go back and set the regular time again. Shouldn’t matter as long as you change the time, open Candy Crush, exit without playing, change time back, and go back to Candy Crush and play.

      • Marina Dolzhonova

        not worked

        • xeekster

          reinstall game

        • Muhammad Taha

          follow steps correctly,
          just set your date ahead, and check again,
          if you still have hours left, increase some more days ahead again.
          Now, open candy crush, check your lives, if found full, don’t play it….. wait for a minute (internet must be ON) and then Exit it, set your date back to actual …and start play again :)

        • dinesh

          1st synchronize ur candy crush app with fb thn go to your phone settings thn application manager thn open candy crush clear all data n cache thn again open candy crush n synchronize with fb…

        • Tilak kumar patra

          it will work

      • ChrisM

        Nice! It worked perfect. Thanks

      • Nalk Uuao

        Great, I went into panic mode for a sec as I played a game when time waz put fwd thn waz shocked to see tht I had to wait 787:45 before renewed lifes but after following ur instructions it back to normal ;),,, no more money wasted on buying new life….. (^-^)

      • Forest

        I’m doing what this says but as soon as I change the time back to automatic and open candy crush it changes back to zero lives and 2260 hours

    • Chelsea McKinney

      All you had to do was uninstall and reinstall it…….

    • Kelly Partridge

      Go into time and date go past the date you went on open candy crush you know you went far enough if you get five lives. Then close candy crush. Before you play at all and go back. To date and time to change it back to today then play candy crush

    • Muhammad Taha

      just set your date 3 to 4 years ahead, and check again,
      if you still have hours left, increase some more years again.
      and then open candy crush, check you lives, if found full, dont play it. wait for few minutes (internet must be ON) and then Exit it, set your date back to actual …and start play again :)

    • Robin Marling

      It’ll fly by before you know it. lol.

    • nsmiller


    • Utkarsh Kaushal

      If a situation comes that we have to wate millions of hours follow these steps
      Go to setting date and time and untick automatic date and time
      Set the daye to 30 years after save it
      Open candy crush saga there will be full lives
      Again go to date and time and set automatic date and time
      If The situation comes again follow the same procedure it also happned with me and it worked

  • Kristy

    Such a cool cheat!

    • Kandi Brown

      Go to your settings, manage applications, candy crush app and clear data. Go back to candycrush and login to Facebook and there are your 5 full lives without the wait. You can only do it if you sync your fb and candycrush together. If not, it will start u from level 1

  • Jeffry

    Can i use this cheat to unlock level without waiting 24 hours or ask hep from others? Example like i reset time 24 hours ahead from current time…

    • Samantha Cara

      yes! you can!

  • Ray.

    I am on level 153! It seems impossible! Hints?

  • Lene Smitt

    Twice I have been told”yae, you have passed level 65″, but when I press Next, it sends me back to do level 65 again??? What am I doing wrong?

    • terry dewitt

      you have to open a new level…it should tell you to ask friends for help…just pay the.99cents and move on!!!!!

      • Str8jacket

        You can choose the “play quests” option and play the three bonus levels to access the next stage but you have to briefly deactivate FB to do it. Then use the time cheat so you don’t have to wait the 24hrs for the next one. Save your money!

    • Jenn

      U have a glitch… If opening n exiting n refreshing Facebook doesn’t work than delete app n reinstall and u will be back to your game, hopefully done w 65 and on 66… Maybe u will have to beat it 1 more time if the game is glitching b4 giving u credit for completion of level… But it should fix the glitch

    • Anna Cowan

      You sometimes need three stars to go onto the next level. when you’re on the level you need to get three stars in, in the top right corner will be written “target score”- you need tl beat this.

  • Amit Patel

    what do to wen u play from laptop on fb directly ??

  • Sharleen

    I am using my Laptop to play candycrush via FB… how do I get free lives?

    • Jenn

      Ur gonna have to change time on computer… But if u have auto updates n stuff set… Ur gonna b screwing w it, so make sure u set it back as soon as u see the lives appear in game … Go back n correct time b4 playing. 😉 it still works

  • Ashmita Adhikari

    how to cross to next episode without asking help from friends or without connecting to net….play quest options is not available…please help…..tq

    • GingerSpice

      You have to sign out of facebook, then you can play your quests

  • Aashwin Trivedi

    Thanks Samantha Zerman… I will definitely use it some or the other time.

  • Shyam Shrestha

    Is there any cheat or trick to complete level 323 on laptop??? plzz reply!!!

    • pooja


      • pooja

        i have too many tricks of candy crush..just mail …. if u want

        • Heather Wiser

          Hey do you a have a cheat to get past level 57 LOL?

        • lynnette westphal

          Pooja, I sure could use some of your tricks if you could send me some please. Look me up here, send me a friend request.

  • Dhawal

    cheats for moves & powers…. can any one help

  • Squall Leonhart

    This full life trick used to work but anymore.

  • Dj-Ice Live

    yea when the time gets around 6701552mins lol i just delete and reinstall the app start fresh :)

    • BlueMoon67

      does that take you back to the start at level 1?

    • Str8jacket

      Read my above post. It will help you.

  • Jenn

    So I did it 7 /8 times… It doesn’t matter how many as long as it enough to have enough time to fill ur lives… I was going 2-3 hrs ahead at a time… So, I didn’t read the end, as I dusted this trick for other games and just went for it…. So I DiD not setmy time back b4 playing again… When I reset the correct time on my advice I have 400 minutes until another life. But I closed it on ipad and went back on 4 hours later, after playing the synced / same game n progress on my phone. It said I only had 1 hour to wait now. N all good, back to normal! From now on I will reset b4 playing bountiful don’t u can just do it that way
    PLUS… If you have another device… Download n sync game thru Facebook!!! U can turn off 1 device (close out game) and switch to the other for full lives and the go back n forth. Plus u can play quests on phone version instead of wait for tickets unlike my iPad where its wait or buy tic only! HAVEFUN FELLOW CANDY CRUSHERS!

  • terry

    I am on my Galaxy. Before they took the free booster wheel down it worked great. Now they have put it back and when I spun the wheel I landed on the fish. However, when I started my level the free fish were not there. Where are they?

  • Goober Peas

    I find it hilarious that you people are so obsessed with a game that you would cheat. Use your lives then go on with your real life. Lol. No shame in waiting. It’s just a game.

    • Str8jacket

      Is this what you mean by real life? Commenting on a Candy Crush website?

      • Goober Peas

        Sorry for the late response, busy with real life and all, you know. But hey, if you take it out of context to justify all the comments you make. Go ahead. :) You missed my point.

  • Angela Russo Wilson

    How do you get more lives if you are on the laptop; playing through Facebook; without waiting? And how do you reset the board until you get one that looks good; without losing a life? I can’t figure out how any of this stuff works for the laptop

    • Srikara Sridhar

      when u get life from friends , click on accept button as many times as u can before it disappears (i advice u to do it from the last one as the other requests might not come in the way as the previous disappears) :)

  • Sandra Bradley

    ooooo ek

  • Kat

    I accidentally set it back for a few days and now I have to wait 38880 mins. How do I change it back. Also, if I wait for it to load, will it go back to the normal time of 30 mins?

    • Str8jacket

      After advancing your clock up three hours, go to Candy Crush, watch your lives go from zero to 5, then without touching anything on ur CC app, go back to settings and switch the time back. When you go back to CC you will still have the 5 lives and it wont make you have to wait a million minutes. This also works for train tickets but you have to deactivate FB.

  • Karen Kirkpatrick

    A much simpler way:::::::all you have to do go to settings……apps…….candy crush……delete data………sign in game through facebook……and wala……there you have 5lives……..simple and works every time……on an android system that is…..not sure about other ones

    • Nicolette Luna

      I agree. This is the same thing I did…..delete data..then sign in thru fb

  • pooja

    if anyone wants cheat code of candy crush just send mail on

    • Pratik Padhiar

      Pls send me cheats on this id.

    • Melanie Fleury

      ‘re: free lives,I cannot chg time on either of my Kindles- it’s automatically done thru wireless! So I tried chging time Zones & that didn’t work either!! HELP!!

      • stepson a

        Can you turn off your kindle wireless connection? if yes try changing when you turn off connection then once you have done the changes turn on your connection

  • Jenny

    been doing this trick for ever :)-

  • Loretta Vance

    How about extra moves, any cheats for that?

  • Loretta Vance

    You can also get more lives on Candy Crush by opening 5 tabs.

  • Durdana Faraz

    How to unlock level 66

  • Str8jacket

    Also, if it’s not a timed puzzle, you can open the puzzle and see if you like the lay out. If not tap the gold button on the bottom left corner, then the red button and go back to the map screen without costing lives. I never start a puzzle if my first move does not make a special candy.

  • Simlover00

    this does not work at all. i had one life left so i opened up a new tab but in the new tab it said i had 0 lives. this “cheat” doesn’t work at all

  • rej31

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I used to change date(days) in my tab and now it’s already in January 17, 2038 and i can’t set the date for January 18 or so!!! even if i return it from the original date and time… so now i can’t play my candy crush anymore!!! huhuhu… can someone help me with this? thank u in advance…

    • stepson a

      turn off your wireless connection do the changes then reconnect to the internet and play

  • Vicki Alpaugh

    Is there a reset button or do you quit then go back?

  • crystal

    My candy crush is stuck and it won’t re generate new live because I did this trick and I am not on face book so I will lose my levels

    • stepson a

      Turn off internet connection get your lives change back your clock and reconnect to internet

  • Bhat Owais

    I changed the time in my Android phone n set it 2 hours
    ahead n I got 4 lives but since then the DATE AND TIME SETTINGS are not opening n my phone is stuck 2 hrs ahead. QUITE IRRITATING N FRUSTRATING! PLEASE HELP

    • stepson a

      disconnect fron internet do the changes then reconnect to the internet
      your clock is managed by the wireless connection

  • Michelle Brown

    All I do is go into my Settings and Click Date in Time and find my Calendar and move the date up 1 day a head. Now go back to CCrush and check to see if you have the lives

  • Muhammad Janjua

    hi how to unlock level 36???? anyone can help me

  • virginia

    I have completed #80 with a very high score and 3 stars. Showed that I was moving on but when I triedI could not and games states I have to have a friend give me the ticket to go on. I even had friend to give me the ticket and I still can’t move up. Please help!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      When is the last time you updated your game?

  • Marcio Resendes

    Last time I did the time trick it penalised me for it. Once I went back to fix my time I noticed that I had to wait like 150 something hours (week) till my next round of lives. Be aware.

    • stepson a

      Do the changes whilst disconnected from the internet then switch back on you internet connection

  • bala subramanyam

    thanks dude. it worked in bluestacks

  • Benny

    To avoid waiting for “millions” of hours once you have done the trick, there is a slightly altered version I came across (for iPhone)

    Once you have used your 5 lives:

    1 – Close the app properly (double tap the home button and swipe upwards on the app)

    2 – Then go into settings and change the time to 1 day ahead

    3 – Open Candy Crush, check you have 5 lives – DO NOT PLAY ANY LEVELS

    4 – Repeat step 1

    5 – Go back into settings and set time and date automatically

    6 – Open Candy Crush again and you will have 5 lives

    You can repeat this as many times as you like and even after using all the lives you won’t have to wait for a ridiculous amount of minutes once you are back in real time.

    Hope that helps :)

    • stepson a

      Benny, some devices are sensitive and if they disconnect from the internet first do as you say then reconnect to the internet they may not get those rediculous minutes

      • Benny

        Oh sweet. I’ll give it a shot. Cheers

  • Naropa

    Totally worked. Very elegant solution

  • Deanne

    Does this work on Kindell

  • Prabh bir singh uppal

    To get everythig normal in your Game TIME WAITING + Mobile TIME
    and need five lifes in chandy crush sega.
    follow these steps:-
    1)To get Five lifes in candy crush:

    1. change mobile time by go to settings, then go to date and time.
    a) unmark automatic update of date and time.
    b) change time 3 hours + plus to present time to get full five lifes.
    eg:- 4:00 pm -> 7:00 pm
    eg: if date is 16-march-2014 set it to -> 17-March-1014 of same time

    2. Then open game and open any challenge level .

    3. Minimize your present game with challenge opened.

    4. now go to
    a.) settings
    b.)Date and time.
    c.)Set the time to be automatic update. or mark on automatic update of date and time.
    c.) Set original time.

    D.) Open game again you will found five lives and normal time wait after ends of lifes.

    e.)Repeat the procedure to get unlimited life and Enjoy the Game.

    BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!


  • Nunya Bizzness

    Will someone please tell me how (if even possible) to get the unlimited lives by changing the time via Kindle Fire HD?? It just doesn’t seem to work because the Fire only has the time zone option – and I’ve already tried changing my time zone to a country that’s a few hours ahead of the U.S. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! :)

  • Nunya Bizzness

    Will someone please tell me how (if even possible) to get the unlimited lives by changing the time via Kindle Fire HD?? It just doesn’t seem to work because the Fire only has the time zone option – and I’ve already tried changing my time zone to a country that’s a few hours ahead of the U.S. ~~*ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! :)*~~

  • Sundar Sukumar

    Guys.what about in fb?i mean in my lap for five lives unlimited?

  • Imranul Haque

    great…it worked…

  • ming

    There is another way. For those of you who CAN’T manually change the date and time on phone (I have the Virgin Mobile LG LS720 OPTIMUS F3), just make sure you are synced to Facebook so progress is saved. Then go to SETTINGS, then APPS, click on Candy Crush, and CLEAR DATA. A warning prompt will appear but just CLICK OK. Then go back into Candy Crush. You will see that you are at Level 1. No worries, just sync with Facebook again and you will have 5 new lives at the last level you were at. I notice that it ‘resets’ the difficulty sometimes since cache is cleared and I get a lot of combos in levels that have ? Candies. Hope this helps some of you!

  • unknown

    i actually forgot to reset the time and now it is showing 185 min what should i do knw? plz urgent

  • Jennifer Adamson

    Uninstall and reinstall the app, 5 new lives

    • Anthony J Leavy

      resets the game

  • Roberta Fearn

    I went in and used the time settings on my phone so I didn’t have to wait between quests. I forgot to go back and change the time so now I have 96,000 hours to wait. OMG
    Is there any way to clear that time out without losing where i am in the game. I do not use Facebook or share with friends.

  • Roberta Fearn

    I have the Casio Commando phone and it wont let me set it ahead a year. It just wont hold the date long enough.

  • bryan

    I know a different way to get lifes if your on laptop or computer

  • bryan

    when you have no more lives and some one send you one, when you click accept you click really fast on the same life to get 5 in sted of 1

  • bryan

    tell me if you get 5 lives

  • sagar

    it worked

  • Nicolette Luna

    It worked!! LoL Thanks!

  • Kathy

    Thanks for the tips im super hooked on candy crush and this is a real time saver !!! :)

  • Jewel Foster

    I have been playing this game for a couple of years and only have 2 gold bars. How do you get more gold?

  • Anthony J Leavy

    Does not work!!

  • Anthony J Leavy

    how the hell does this work?

  • R Warist

    Hey, You !
    Thanks For Posted Cheat …. ^_^
    I Get Full Live Again !!!

  • Justine

    How do i get free lives on my laptop

  • loveexina

    Does this really work for iPhones if you use it correctly like it says?

  • starr

    i did what it say to do and it work!

  • Jacob Haule

    Its easy just open three facebook accounts where you befriend each account, hence when they say out of lives ask for friends, ask for Facebook friends, log out, log each of the three accounts and help, get back to your original playing account accept the help from the three accounts n u done.

  • Zhedrick

    This Is The Best Cheat

  • Ker Bear

    I’ve been playing candy crush since March 2014 & have been changing the date ahead 1 day when I needed more lives. As of today, when I change my date ahead it reverts back to todays date right away. Any ideas why this has happened & what to do to be able to Change the date again?

  • Deidre harrington

    My mother is 78 loves candy crush – her granddaughter has tampered with her iPad and candy crush game- she now has to wait over 5 million minutes to get any life’s back: that’s over 10 years…is there anyway I can revert this catastrophe without deleting and then reapplying the game!

  • Ana Anica

    Candy crush free lives on FB -Just make fake fb profile, add
    it to your friends and you can through that profile send as many lives as you
    need to your real profile. It just take a minute: log out-log in-log out.

  • Lisa

    If you have facebook account, log in with your facebook account. If not create an account uniquely for Candy Crush. Then delete and reinstall the game.

  • Ammad

    yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wow thanx thanx thanx :)

  • Faye Green

    That is all well and good, but you didn’t mention for laptops. I need infinste lives and tools.

  • George Mills

    how do you get the lives people leave for you

  • Bernice Wynn

    How can I change my setting to untimed on Canday Crush Saga from my laptop

    • agnesberou


  • rahul

    Open candy crush from app manager in ur phone
    Clear data of candy crush
    Now open candy crush game and connect to ur facebook
    Ur candy crush level will be same after connect to facebook
    Now u get five mor lives. :p (Y)

  • dhaval

    Hii everyone…is there anyway to get unlimited colour bomb,candy,or bomb…..

  • Shereen Sikandar

    i have to wait 3987854 minutes in candy crush plz help me

  • Melissa

    What can you do when the years have been advanced to 1st Jan 2038, which is as far forward as the iPad allows you to go? I have millions of minutes to wait for lives and cannot seem to get it to go back. Any suggestions?

  • susan

    I always just move the day up. I don’t touch the hours. If it is we’d I move to Thursday. Then when I run out of those 5 lives I go back to date and time and move it to Friday except after going back to candy crush and I see my 5 lives again….before I start playing I go back to date time and put it back to the right day which is wed in this case. So I can move it forward 1 day…play my 5 lives…then again and before playing the next 5 lives put it back to correct date. Been doing this for a year. The reason I put it back is because for some reason if I keep moving the date up suddenly I get the million hours things…so I just stick to twice before resetting

  • Michelle C

    There is a easier way to get 5 lives on andriod specifically galaxy s3 and note 4…instead of doing the time cheat above go to the settings …go to the app manager go to candy crush saga click and then clear data click ok and go back to the game connect to fb you should now have 5 lives you can do this as many times as you want… umlimted lives with having to change the time. Good luck.

  • Guest

    Accidentally changed date by 15 yrs. Now have to wait 469,648 hours or 19,568 days to play. Time change is no longer working. Not logged into facebook. Guess reinstall will have to do.

  • Guest

    Anybody having these issues on android… There is a fix.. First off turn off all Internet access which includes 3g 4g WiFi etc.. Then close your candy crush app and change your date to 11:59 am. Wait one minute!!!! That’s a very important step. If you don’t wait the minute then it time to wait for lives will only increase! Once the clock strikes 12 pm then set your clock all the way to 11 59 pm.. Problem solved.. Then open the ccrush app and your lives are full.. Once done go back to clock and set automatic date and time zone. Then once you loose a life you should see normal waiting time.. Turn all Internet back on after all these steps! That’s it

  • HaRis SyEd Proud Bunker

    If u have to wait for long time say 1000min then one more thing can be done ask your friend on facebook to gift you life when it become full 5 live your year long wait come to end

  • Amanda Tribbey

    I have done this allot and I tried it again and when I set my clock up 2 hours then go to the game it says I have to wait like over 300 hours, when it should be given me life’s when I go back set time back it goes back to have to wait like 20 min I had to wait 120 now it at 20 what’s going on

  • Aftab Khadim

    how i set computer game??

  • konark

    I have one crack!!!!! If you are playing the downloaded version in your android, you may clear its data in the app manager. When you have done this the life bar will be replenished to 5 but you will start from the first level. For you to get on the level you were on before, you must connect it to your Facebook account so that your progress, which is saved on the server, can be loaded on your devise. Try it out it is fully tested by me.

  • sdf

    This is awesome. It’s free for the developers to create these games, so we should definitely never give them money for making things we enjoy.

  • Rebeka

    what about computer?/?

  • RGustafson

    Did the latest update take away this cheat? I’ve done it many times in the past but now it does work.