Candy Crush Saga Cheats Ingredient Levels

Candy Crush Saga guide for challenging ingredient levels. In a Candy Crush ingredient level you must bring down the special ingredients to the bottom of the screen to make them disappear. This Candy Crush Saga Guide will help you with Candy Crush hints and tips to get rid of these bothersome fruits on your board!

**One of the main things to remember with Candy Crush Saga ingredient levels is that the main focus is to push down the ingredients towards the exit holes (marked by a green arrow 

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How to Bring the Ingredients to the Bottom in Candy Crush

1. Notice how many fruits you need to bring down.

On the left or top side of your screen there will be the fruit or nut icons with the number of ingredients in that level that will need to be pushed down. Not all ingredients will appear on your screen at once, sometimes, only after you push the first round down.


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Candy Crush Ingredient Level Tip 2: Remove the licorice swirls at the start.

In later levels to unlock the locked candies and prevent ingredients from being blocked, you’ll need to clear obstacles or blockers, this will allow the cherries to exit at the bottom.

Candy Crush Ingredient Level Tip 3: You may have to sacrifice.

Sometimes, special candies will prevent you from bringing ingredients down–don’t mind not using or losing some of your special candies in order to bring down the ingredients. That is okay since the objective of the level is to get rid of the ingredients primarily.

Candy Crush Ingredient Level Tip 4: Striped Candies are Best


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Striped candies are your best bet for ingredients. Since a striped candy clears a whole row or column, they are an incredible asset when playing an ingredient level, as they can easily drop down an ingredient from the top to the bottom.

Candy Crush Ingredient Level Tip 5: Position Ingredients

If you can avoid having the ingredients on the very left side of the board when there are less tiles than the other rows this will be for the best. That position on your screen makes it more challenging to get rid of your ingredients

  • Lilia

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      me too, it’s driving me nuts (pardon the pun)!!

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    It works

  • alan

    Why do you guys say it doesent work you are not looking right :%

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    LEVEL 315!

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  • Sandra Meador

    I can’t grasp level 95. I don’t know how to get the fruits to the far left or right columns – been trying over a week now.

    • COMALite J

      The portals (which work similarly to the Portal games) at the bottom squares on the main board get them to the top of the side boards. A tip is to use horizontal striped candies lined up with those columns to clear out a row in each — they do affect the side boards!. Of course, combining a Striped + Wrapped can really help out here, as can Color Bomb + Striped.

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