Candy Crush Cheats – Jelly Levels

Candy Crush Saga  is here to help you with all jelly levels and objectives of this addictive app game for Android and iPhone. Our site is committed to providing a complete Candy Crush Saga walkthrough for the jelly levels, order levels, target score levels, ingredient levels, and timed levels, including ways to use the Candy Crush booster and power-ups. Here we will cover how Candy Crush Saga hints and tips for the jelly levels for Android, iPhone, and Facebook users of this game.


Candy Crush Jelly Levels Hints & Tips

  • Objective: To remove all jelly tiles from the board.


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You can remove a jelly tile from the level by making a match over the jelly’s square. Focus on matching the jelly tiles first before you move onto other candies on the screen.

Note: Beware of the jelly squares at the top of the field, and jelly squares in odd corners of the board. These are more difficult to match 3 candies in a row, and you don’t want to run out of moves with those tiles remaining.

  • Jelly Squares and Stone Squares: Some levels will have both stone squares and jelly squares. It is important to remove both, as both are equally important to passing the level. For stone squares you must make a match next to the square and it will then break open and can be used.
  • Jelly levels are denoted by blue icons. candycrush70
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Boosters That Can Help You With Jelly Levels:

  • Jelly Fish Booster
  • Shuffle Candy
  • Coconut Wheel
  • Color Bomb


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  • lilly

    Level 33 is a fucking piss take!

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    the number of moves are okay but how can you get rid of the jellies if you can’t see ‘em? i can’t move on to next level with this! Gggrrrr!!!

  • Abby

    well I don’t wanna buy anything i wanna know how JELLIES BECOMES VISIBLE!!

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    I read how to cheat the time by going to my date and time and setting it ahead, I’ve done it so much that now my phone won’t let me set the date for November , it switched back to the current date, any suggestions?

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    how do i complete level 72

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    How do you do level 45

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    My envelope is struck. What do I do?

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    I can’t compete level 104.It’s sooooooooooo hard because the bombs always come down

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    How do you go past level 50 to level 51? The train is in the way!!

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    i clear all the jellies on level 23 however it doesn’t register with game. what is going on?

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      I’m on Level 21 and when I make a match, it doesn;t give me my points, just enuf to lose and if I buy x-tra boosters, they take my money but don’t give me my booster. Game is a total rip off, but I am beginning to get hooked.