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Candy Crush Saga


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Candy Crush Saga is going to have you match candies and create special combos to complete the objectives of each level. There are over 400 level for Candy Crush Saga on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, and Facebook. Plenty of fun and colorful graphics with easy gameplay and fun to play. You can also compete with your friends on Candy Crush Saga, and sync your mobile device accomplishments with your Facebook account and vise-versa. Candy Crush is one of the most popular games currently online and via mobile and tablet apps by And if you find yourself stuck on any level, checkout these Candy Crush Saga cheats and tips!

Pet Rescue Saga


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Pet Rescue Saga follows in the same style of Candy Crush Saga. In Pet Rescue Saga you will be given a puzzle with different colorful blocks that much be connected. You must match two or more block of the same color to beat the level and rescue all the pets. You will also receive other features to help you rescue the pets and complete your objectives – rockets, paint pots, bombs, and other helpful accessories. has released over one-hundred levels for Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook, Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. And if you find yourself stuck on any level of Pet Rescue Saga, you can check-out these Pet Rescue Saga cheats and tips!

Papa Pear Saga


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Papa Pear Saga is one of’s newest games. In Papa Pear Saga, your objective is to make each Papa Pear shout bounce all over various objects placed in each level to gain as many points as possible to ensure you complete the objectives. One of the most important objectives in Papa Pear Saga is to land the Papa Pear in one of the 3 or 5 buckets below to light them up. Papa Pear Saga has over 100 levels in this exciting Pear game for Facebook, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android. And if you find yourself on a tough level, checkout all these Papa Pear Saga cheats and tips!

Farm Heroes Saga


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Farm Heroes Saga is one of’s most popular games for Facebook only. In Farm Heroes Saga, you will have to stop Rancid the Raccoon from destroying Happy World Farms. You’re going to play through over 100 levels, where (like Candy Crush Saga) you will combine and match strawberries, carrots, and other fruits and vegies. Since Farm Heroes Saga is designed for Facebook, you will be able to compete with your friend’s scores and see who can stop Rancid the Raccoon first! If you need help beating a level of Farm Hereos, check out these Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips!

Bubble Witch Saga


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Bubble Witch Saga is one of’s first games. In Bubble Witch Saga, your objectives will be to help the witches rid themselves of dark spirits that are taking over the country. You will travel the realm and gain potion challenges to free the land place by place. You can also take on these challenges by yourself, or with the help of friends to see who gets the highest score. Bubble Witch Saga has over 500 levels in this puzzle extravagance for Facebook, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android. And if you find yourself stuck, checkout all these Bubble Witch Saga cheats and tips!

Pyramid Solitaire Saga


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Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a new branch of games from In Pyramid Solitaire Saga, you will be matching card that are either higher or lower than one another. The goal of Pyramid Solitaire Saga is to get all the Golden Scarab Cards!

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  • Halita Ann Lee

    I looked at the chest sheet for game 100 the video there is of the first game

    • Jessica

      We’re not sure what you mean by “chest sheet”

  • Nicole Maxine

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  • Mary

    Okay I’m on level 83 of BubbleWitch2 Sauga to level 83
    it says defeat Morgana it cannot be played once you clear the bottom bubbles it will not go down so what do you do