Candy Crush Level 103 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 103 Cheats

  1. Clear the chocolate first
  2. Keep an eye out for the bombs
  3. Use striped candies and special candy combos
  4. Level 103 Video Walkthrough
Level 103 Cheat #3: Use striped candies and special candy combos Next>>

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  • Striped candies will help you take out several jellies at once. You must use special candies and combos to remove the jellies because of your limited moves on this level. One sure-fire way to beat this level is to make a color bomb + striped candy combo. This will usually take out nearly 100% of the jellies at once.

Keep these cheats and tips in mind the next time you attempt Candy Crush level 103 again. Every tip listed above is relative to your specific board and moves you make every time. Use your judgment in context with the tips above to see which strategy works best for you. With these cheats and tips you should be able to get through Candy Crush level 103 in no time – good luck!




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  • Lynn

    I tried the changing the date on my i pad and ended up with a huge number of hours to wait until I get some more. is there any remedy at this point? I went ahead two hours as suggested and then turned it back before playing, but I still messed up somehow.

  • jeannie

    This game is supposed to be fun. It’s starting to feel more like a job than fun. I.know there should be a challenge too but some of these levels makes a person want to delete this whole game. For instance putting that one bomb in this level is quite frustrating.