Candy Crush Level 104 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 104.

Level 104 Cheat #2: Clear licorice and meringue.

candy crush level 104
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  • Try to remove as much of the licorice as you can before you start using special candies to remove the jelly. Otherwise, the licorice will prevent your special candies and combos from being very effective. This can be done at the same time as you are clearing the first 3 bombs in the level. Don’t worry about freeing the chocolate since it is very manageable on this board with special candies and combos.

  • Ock

    What is the rush of this game? waiting for half an hour until you get one life, and then in the first minute bomb (which is impossible to blow – no moves) explodes, And – you do not play and wait again. Honestly – boring.

    • Aneesah McNamee

      yeah, extremely boring and frustrating. no fun anymore!! 5 lives up in about 3 minutes…. no moves and if u do have one, it eighter resets, or another bomb drops and there is NO way to clear it….no fun.

      • Cindy Wyatt Tollison

        Un-install the game, then re-install it, boom 5 more lives no more waiting, an yes 104 is boring, those bombs is why you can’t concentrate on the jellies

        • Aneesah McNamee

          Ha! Thx for the reply — i understand about re-setting, re-installing, re-setting the board and etc, etc, etc… shouldn’t have to do ALL to play a game!!! I have moved on and now stuck on 123 —and actually not playing much these days. when one wants to play a game – you shouldn’t have to do all that just to play. and yes, it is JUST a game! i would have gladly paid ONE price to download the game and play with reasonable play times … like after the 50th try you have to option to move on….i refuse to pay 99¢ every time …. i have read that some people spend $20 to clear out of a game … good for the developers – bad PR for people who just need a moment to unwind ….

      • Jacqui Hodges

        Im getting so bored with all these bombs it has taken all the fun out of the game !

        • AKM

          I agree! Too many. WAY too many. And yeah, Im bored with them. :(

      • AKM

        Yeah…I truly believe they have made this one WAY HARDER than it HAS to be! I mean, ALL enemies there, in ONE place, in a little space, with SO much going on AND timers ticking EVERYWHERE!? Good grief. Ridiculousness for REAL! SMDH.

  • Deborah

    Sneaky little bombs! Haha. Ya really need to start with the ability to make & drop a horizontal striped candy for those bombs across the bottom or forget it. Just restart. Quick and fun.

  • Linda Morgan

    What is a Moon Scale meter?

  • Lynn

    I’m finding this very tough. i lost all my lives and tried the magic trick of changing the time on my Ipad. I followed the directions given but still ended up with 1400 minutes to wait until my next life. any suggestions? I forwarded the time two hours and then changed it back before playing, and still ended up with all these minutes. Maybe the universe is telling me to back off.

    • debz

      Change it to a month later… then change it back before you play

  • Joseph Picarello

    you see you don’t get it, patents great to calm you down.

  • Troyboy

    If you mess up and change your time too far ahead and wind up with a lot of time to wait another way to get rid of the wait time is to have your friends give you 5 lives , it zeros out the wait time , also , if you are within 3 hours of noon or midnight don’t change your clock 3 hours ahead , go 2 hours or less or you’ll end up with the long wait times .

    • AKM


      • Troyboy

        My comment was a response to telling those on apple devices how to get unlimited lives on candy crush .

  • AKM

    WOW!!! THIS is a hard frickin board here! SMH! Seriously CCS?? Wow! I mean, yall put ALL the enemies right here, all in one place with not evry much time at ALL, to clear them. Your tips sound soo easy…..then you play. NOT so easy – at all! Think this one will end up being the death of me. Whew! ANYONE with some other help for this…please…I BEG you – HELP! :o

  • ArtisteTyk

    Out of all the levels I have passed this has got to be the worst I think. I am so frustrated with it. All the `cheats`don`t work either unfortunately, there`s not even a single new video of how to really beat it. It has become so annoying I feel like quitting if I still cannot defeat this level. Just pure insanity if you ask me.

  • Amanda Steel

    Hello. I’ve been on this level seems like forever. Its really hard and no fun and I finally decided to look at the ccs cheats video and COME ON watch the video the timers on the bombs don’t even move. And the board is NEVER sat up that easy. I enjoy a challenge don’t get me wrong. But this is to much to deal with at once.

  • Dee

    I just won this level. Used jelly fish and started game with striped candy. Board cleared in no time. Takes too long to try and build special candy.