Candy Crush Level 108 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 108 Cheats

  1. Use special candies and combos to score points fast
  2. Get rid of bombs quickly
  3. Let the timer run out
  4. Level 108 Video Walkthrough
Level 108 Cheat #3: Let the timer run out Next>>

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  • Once you reach 14,000 points, feel free to stop and simply let the clock run out. This is a great cheat to beat Level 108. If you don’t make any moves, you won’t set off any bombs and you will automatically win the timed level once the clock reaches 0. Wasn’t that simple?

Keep these cheats and tips in mind the next time you attempt Candy Crush level 108 again. Every tip listed above is relative to your specific board and moves you make every time. Use your judgment in context with the tips above to see which strategy works best for you. With these cheats and tips you should be able to get through Candy Crush level 108 in no time – good luck!