Candy Crush Level 109 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush level 109.

Level 109 Cheat #2: Use striped candy and striped candy combos to remove the trapped jelly Next >>


  • The only way to clear the trapped jelly is with striped candies or combos. This will take some planning and luck to align your striped candies with the jelly. Combos are very helpful here.  A striped candy + color bomb candy can help you clear the jelly all at once. If that seems too difficult, a wrapped candy + striped candy is your best bet!
  • The one benefit of this board is the shape–striped candies are very easy to form!





  • Kristine Stewart

    Why can’t I use my gifted extra moves on my phone

  • Tiffa Whittington

    Don’t accept lives until you are out of lives. I only use my phone.

  • amy

    Why cant i use the extra moves??

  • Mike

    Level 109 is the reason why I don’t play Candy Crush anymore. I mean, really…what retard sits at their desk all day designing game levels that are so difficult they’re not even fun to play? Games are supposed to be for entertainment, not frustration!!!

    • Beef curtains

      Hi Mike,

      What we are finding is that this level is really baffling the retards.

      What we suggest is, when you are back in your classroom for children with learning difficulties, is to ask your class tutor to finish this level for you.

      • Elizabeth Claiborne

        There’s no reason to be nasty. You never know who you’re making a fool of yourself in front of online – the Candy Crush frustrated may well be a Nobel Laureate. This game is 2/3s a casino, you need to be dealt good cards to win. Or a screen, but skill only works with a good draw.

        • Sherri Trunk

          Elizabeth, I always have problems with this guy, Beef, on here. He is like this with everyone. Its sad he has nothing better to do with his time. Too bad they can”t just remove comments like his!! He is just a miserable person.

        • Dantp

          No need to be nasty? The guy he is talking to is the one who was branding people ‘Retards’ in the first place.

      • Sherri Trunk

        HEY DICK-WAD…..Ive dealt with your sarcasm before on here Beef. Why dont YOU go back to kindergarten…you are acting like one. If not worse. People like you should not be allowed on these sites. You are a complete jerk who has nothing better to do with his time!! Wish I could report you.

      • Bluismycat

        I really feel sorry for you Beef. That chip on your shoulder is SO big! Hope you can get rid of it one day?!? You might actually then become a nice person

    • Sherri Trunk

      Mike, I totally agree. I have been stuck on this level for awhile. It is all pure luck. Most of the time the bombs explode right in the beginnng. If you dont get those stripes you are DONE. IGNORE BEEF (below) he is just a troll that is on here often making sarcastic remarks….

    • Sid Berry

      I am the retard. I am also intelligent and really like to exercise my brain cells which obviously you have a lack of.

      • Mike

        Actually, I’m a CAD automation programmer in R&D at a leading semiconductor company, so your blind assumptions about my intelligence are actually incorrect. When practically every move ends with “No more switches. Shuffling.”, or only one possible switch exists on a move and it’s SO not one contributing to completing the level, or a level requires “special” candies but you cannot make one if your life depended on it due to crappy candy drops, etc – the game becomes more of a frustration and less a form of entertainment. Success at this game is dependent on luck rather than skill (unless you’re one of the fools paying money to advance), and I don’t put faith in “luck”. If I make all the “correct” moves during a game, I should not end up losing the game (that’s poor game programming). That’s why I play Freecell – a game where I can maintain a 100% winning streak even after over 2000 deals. See ya….

        • Dantp

          Mike you’re embarrassing yourself. Do you realize for every level there is somebody like you throwing your toys out of the pram? And 109? I’m on 300 and haven’t payed a penny.

          Also, calling strangers ‘retards’ is not only offensive to people with special needs, it’s pathetic.

      • Bluismycat

        Well if you are the guy that designed the game then congratulations for making yourself a hell of a lot of $$$. But if you are honest with everyone you will admit that Mikes points are MORE THAN valid. On so so many of the levels the game just deals out crap for many many lives then its like “oh ok this guy has spent enough $” or “oops I slipped! I accidentally let candies fall that actually let the player get through this level! No matter I’ll get him/her next level :-) ”.
        Yes Sid you made a hell of a lot of $ but so do pokies! The difference is the people who have the pokies in their premises actually admit that they are there to take your $…you should try that little bit of honesty Sid…it won’t effect your bottom line.

  • Ank Lucas

    You dan also use the coulorboms. When you combine them with a candy that’s he same coulor as a bom. Wait for a board that has two bombs in te same coulor. Ten use a colour bomb and you will get rid of two bombs at the same time

    • Sherri Trunk

      Using PC here. You lose lives if you back out of a board!!

  • jeff brave

    I have tried more than once to back out and I always lose a life!
    Kathie not Jeff

    • Sherri Trunk

      You cant back out if using PC.

  • Emma

    You really are the person who made Candy Crush?? Thank you!! Best game ever!

  • Maria Bowmer

    Very hard , I have all but quit.

    • Denise Mayne

      You can google how to beat levels of candy crush. when you get to the links go to the second one that says candy crush. Then go to where it says level 109 cheat #1 click on the word next. After you do that. Click on level 109 walkthrough, it is a video that will show you how to beat the level. Hope this helps. I have beat many levels that are hard by doing this.

  • ariendal

    I understand your frustration Mike but one thing you have to remember is that these games are made to make money. They suck you in with easy levels at first and then get harder so you spend money on bonuses. Otherwise why else would they make a free game. Its not out of the kindness of their hearts. If the game is becoming not fun then don’t play anymore but keep in mind every free game is going to end up the same way :)

  • Andrea Brooks Campbell

    OMG, maybe it really is just luck of the draw…I just completed this level in two tries with 18 moves leftover! Scored 255 some thousand points. I’m a SAHM with only two years of college and, honestly, probably only average intelligence. The tips I read here really were helpful. Concentrate on the lower end of the “board”, trying to get Color Bombs (or, I like to call them “Sprinkles”) and/or stripes to knock out those first two bombs. It works, or, at lease, it did for me! Thanks for the tips. I NEVER pay actual money to play games online…NEVER!

    • Andrea Brooks Campbell

      Oops, I may only be of average intelligence, but I’m NOT an idiot. Made a typo mistake, that was supposed to be “least”, not lease. The “e” and the “t” are close on the keyboard. :-)

  • Danielle Stay Strong Talley

    No matter what your professional background is, the levels will either be ridiculous to conquer or easy to get through. It’s mind over matter. The creators of these games know what there doing and know people will be frustrated. Stop playing for a day or more and keep trying. Good luck!

  • Marie Giardina

    My “two cents”. First, I think Candy Crush is not only fun and entertaining but also a good way to exercise your brain cells. After all, what’s the fun of playing a game that doesn’t challenge you in some way? If something is too difficult there are many other games in which to choose from. So move on graciously without the belly-aching. Second, many of my friends have cleared this level with high scores. Most of them do not “pay to play”. Finally, name calling is immature and offensive. Grow up.

  • Tracy Furrer

    I am on Level 109 right now and I bet I have lost 100 lives since starting it. It is impossible to win unless you get the striped candies or the special one. By the time you do, time is up. You need to give more time or make it less impossible especially after trying so many times as I have. Your other games are just as bad. Such as Pepper Panic Level 48. How can you win when you cannot get all the colors, and nearly every time I play, it has to shuffle at least 4 times. I wouldn’t pay a dime for these games. They are suppose to be entertaining, not difficult. It is not like you win anything except the level if you get it. Please make some changes.

  • Angela Johnson

    109 is why I am quitting Candy Crush. it isn’t fun when 90% of your success is determined by how the candies fall.

  • Anita Curreri

    I always reset my board till I can start with a striped candy or candy sprinkler.I have ccombined MANY combos, horizontal and vertical and sprinkler. NOTHING touches the side candies or bombs! They keep counting down and exploding. I’ve read hints several times and horizontal candies are supposed to get rid of the bombs and side candies. WHY isn’t it working?