Candy Crush Level 110 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 3 for Candy Crush level 110.

Level 110 Cheat #2: Reaching the 100,000 point goal – what is going to score you the most points. Next >>

candy crush level 110 cheats 2

  • 3,060 points may be a lot for knocking out a single bomb with 2 candies of the same color, but there are tons of better and faster ways to score a lot of points… so what are the best special candy combos that are going get you the highest score?  It’s hard to find an exact amount of  points scored for each special candy combo since it is dependent on what what is in the way of the path the special candy combo is clearing.  If there are bombs and other special candies that are being cleared, it’s going to be worth more points.  However, it is easy to get a general idea which combos are higher scoring than others…
  • Any one of the following special candy combos in Candy Crush will help you reach 100,000 points in level 110:  A wrapped candy + a striped candy is the easiest combo that will score you the highest points (on average anywhere from 10,000-25,000).  A sprinkle candy + a sprinkle candy will also score you a ton of points since this clears the entire board, but this combo is harder to get since you cannot move them next to each other or they will activate with the candy you move it with.  The sprinkle candy + the striped candy is a great option to score a lot of points as well, but make sure when you activate this combo on level 110 that you have a lot of the same color of the striped candy on the board or it will not score as many points.  A wrapped candy + a wrapped candy is also one of the top scoring special candy combos, but try and position this special candy combo in the middle of the board so it blows up more candies and you get higher points.  Any of the above Candy Crush special candy combos can score up to around 15,000 points (or more) when positioned correctly and if it blows up multiple bombs in the process, so use these to help you reach 100,000 points on level 110.
  • Don’t waste you time activating special candies on level 110 without using them as a combo with another special candy, since it is going to waste that special candy at the opportunity to match with another one.  For example, activating a striped candy by itself is going to score about 1,000 points, when it can score 20x that when used with a wrapped candy.  Striped candies can also be good ways to destroy bombs you cannot reach by matching candies on this level.

Now that you know the best combos that will score you the highest amount of points on Candy Crush level 110, you will be able to beat it in no time.  If you can get 5 of the top special candy combos worth even 10,000 points each (and most of the time they score you more), you are already halfway there, and that does not include the bombs you are forced to eliminate at 3,060 a pop.  Now go give these cheats and tips for Candy Crush level 110 a try – good luck!



  • Lynne Harris

    I made 123,000 points but still lost the level. I don’t understand. I thought I only needed 100,000 points? What else did you need to do?
    This was level 110

    • stupid gamr

      the creators are a holes

    • Bee Rakar

      I had the same experience twice so far…I’m done with it!!

  • Drew Chico

    i need help with level 117

  • Jean Dahlberg

    I scored 223,780 points and the target was only 150,000. Why did I not get “level completed”??

  • Jean Dahlberg

    Also, now my target is 223,780 instead of 150,000. Do I have to now get 222,780 to go on to the next level?? Thanks!!

    • Jean Dahlberg

      Whoops, do I now have to get 223,780???

      • Beef curtains

        Hi Guest,

        No, you will need to get 223,781Or more.

        I hope this helps you get past this level.

        • Barbara Thrasher

          I scored 229,900 still level did not go up

  • MsJuiced

    Level 116 made me cry!!

    • Annette Pugh

      Sorry can u tell me y level 110 wont move up as u at 116 :) thz

  • Annette Pugh

    I’ve score the amount and more but it will not let me move on to level 111 why 3 stars coverd helo plz

  • (ʃ_⌣̀ ) ǝʌol

    I think the level is a glitch at the moment because I couldn’t pass it for 4 days. And just now, my goal was 100,00 and I had only gotten to 80,000 when the game suddenly interrupted my next move and then said Candy crush and got me to 102,730.

  • stupid gamr

    Bombs ruined the game, uninstalled and never again

  • Corinne Hayes

    Well, it appears that I must use all 40 moves and get 100,000+ points for level 110. I have gotten over 100,000 points at least twice, but no “Sugar Crush” even though I still have several moves remaining.