Candy Crush Level 117 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 117.

Level 117 Cheat #2: Make vertical striped candies.

candy crush level 117
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  • You need to get through the bottom layer of meringues and chocolate in order to get your ingredients all the way down. Try to build up striped candies or use striped candy combos so you can clear a path quickly. Remember that the chocolate will multiply once you break through the meringues so you may want to have some striped candies set up already before you break the meringues. Once you have removed the chocolate, it will disappear and your ingredients can drop straight down.

  • Beth Cook

    These “tips” were a total waste of 2 minutes of my life. Thanks for NOTHING

    • Beef curtains

      Hello Beth,

      2 minutes in the life of some one with learning difficulties like you is like 5 hours. I hope this helps.

    • Guest

      Isn’t playing Candy Crush and worry about wasting your life sort of like an oxymoron?

    • Dr. K

      Isn’t playing Candy Crush and worrying about wasting your life sort of like an oxymoron?

    • dotag69

      Playing this game is kind of wasting your time anyway.

      • ms. a

        So is playing any game. There’s a lot of things in life that are a waste of time, going to the beach, reading a book, watching sports. We all like to relax in our own way.

        • dotag69

          Reading a book is not a waste of time. Not ever.

          • ms. a

            There’s a lot books out there that people spend hours of their lives reading and being taken away into a story. I love to read to but if I pick up a book I can’t put it down. Then I feel like I’ve wasted many hours of my life, where I could have been more productive. I have a friend who does nothing but read books. She wastes so much of her life. So many people think that because a book was around before other media it is more respectful and not a waste of time because it’s been the “way ” for so long. They are book snobs ” Oh I’m reading a book.” Like they think they are better. I don’t know how reading a story makes you a better person unless it’s informational. I like reading books better than movies because you imagine the places the way you like them. Then the movie sucks because it’s not the way you imagined it. Candy crush is just a way to relax and try to figure out how to win, and that keeps your brain active. The good thing about candy crush is you run out of lives! So you have to get back to life! It’s just another form of relaxation. And if it’s so bad why are you here?

  • Kate Wade

    I agree with Beth.
    1.Exiting out and reloading the board you will lose a life.
    2.The next ingredient falls with 25 turns left.
    3. I have played this level about 50 times now and have NEVER had a start with the first ingredient in a center column.

  • Angela Russo Wilson

    How do you reset the board without losing a life; when you play this on a laptop through Facebook? No matter what I try to do; without clicking on the game itself; I lose a life and can’t try to get a better looking grid.

    • Bilal Agha

      Yes very right..and unfortunately with having a blackberry phone it is good if you stick to laptop

  • Jeremy Brown

    Great cheats but umm they don’t help when you just get a mess of candy you can’t crush also chocolate piled to the top of the board… pissed off once again cuz your wasting all your moves and you know you lost another damn life…

  • konaque

    I’m so disgusted with this level, I’ve decided to play reverse Candy Crush. I try to get the lowest score possible, with the most chocolates. Try it. It’s a challenge. You have to avoid striped candies and play mostly the top of the screen.

  • indypack

    Yeah, you can’t exit the screen without losing a life. This tip is totally false!!

    • Joan

      You don’t lose a life if playing on a tablet but you do on computer or laptop. You can get more lives on a tablet by adjusting your clock forward 3 hours and bingo there are 5 new lives. Just remember before you start playing you adjust the clock back to the correct time!

      • indypack

        Thanks for the tip. If I had a tablet. :)

        • April Walsh

          If you play on your phone, you can keep refreshing the board as well (also the clock thing works on mine, but only if you have a phone that allows you to adjust the date). But yeah. Seems it won’t work on comps.

      • Lisa C

        Thats cheating plain & simple. A game is for fun & trying to beat it by cheating sure cant make you feel like you conquered something the honest way. I think this level should have more moves bc if u r unable to make striped candies it takes just about the 40 moves allowed to bring the ingredients out & once that is done you have to fight the chocolate & b4 u get thru that u r out of moves. However, I am determined to overcome it by playing the game to the best of my ability & I WILL CONQUER THIS LEVEL. Find something else to do while you wait for more lives. Sorry but I keep seeing that suggestion & I cant fathom the logic if any, behind CHEATING! I do use many suggestions others players post but not cheating. I love playing the game but come on.

        • Kenny Kenny

          come on yourself, what is the big deal of getting more lives?? And is it really cheating? if you buy more lives it’s ok … right? And by the way this is not some teenage text site, learn how to write proper English instead of your text junk. by the way, have you beat the level yet ?? :)

  • suze

    Some people want tips that give them some sort of miracle. I find the tips good for setting my focus when I am stuck on a level. This one is a challenge but I know these tips will help me eventually!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      I hope they of help to you Suze! Good luck

    • jeannie

      I agree Suze. The tips have helped me a lot. I just got to this level and knowing to keep the ingredients in the middle 3 columns is already a help.

  • Trish

    This level frustrated me to no end until I realized that I just had to focus on clearing only the middle section where the three exit portals for the fruits pass through. Even when I saw four or more candies stacked together (off to the sides) I had to resist the urge to bring them together because doing so would cause new and existing fruit to move to the side where they would be trapped. I tried to only focus on clearing the three portals to control chocolate flow, then tried to put a bomb in there to prevent chocolate from spreading. I finished the level within minutes once I realized this was the most viable strategy. Best of luck to everyone!

    • Kenny Kenny

      but what do you do when the ingredients start on the sides? it seems almost impossible to move them left or right. so many times have i got them to the bottom and unable to move them to the 3 center columns. and sometimes you have to move them twice! any advice on this would be much appreciated, thanks

  • bobobloblaw

    I tried over and over and thanks to your tips and the comments I just beat it in one try with the top score among my friends. Thanks!

  • khalil

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    interested email me at

  • dotag69

    You reset, you lose a life. Every time. So, this tip is useless.

  • dotag69

    If you reset, you lost a life. Every time. That tip was wrong.

  • mitchellvii

    Ok guys, this level is hard but the method to defeat it is simple:

    1) Make sure your first condiment appears within the middle 3 columns. If it does not, hit back on your phone and restart the level until it does, this will not cost you a life.
    2) Condiments appear after the 26th and 11th moves. Make sure you have saved at least one vertical move in the middle 3 columns for this timing so that condiments will always appear in the middle.
    3) If you are going to break into the chocolate early, do so at the edges. Chocolate growing up the sides does not matter. It is the middle you want to keep clear.
    4) If you get any vertical stripe candies in the middle 3 columns try to save those for when you can take out a condiment in the same column. If you are lucky enough to have two condiments in one column, you can take out two with one candy.

    So, this level is still very hard, but NOT impossible if you follow this advice.

  • Dingetje Dingeling

    – only start the board when ingredients are in middle column
    – you cant reset board without losing a life, either on phone, pc or tablet
    – after 11th and 26th move a new ingredient comes, be ready for it and make sure you can crush some candy for it in the middle or ur screwed.
    -like most, this lvl is made to buy boosters, fuck that. Have patience and most of all luck and u will get it.

    took me 56 tries.

  • mika

    cool totally helps

  • Guest


  • Methuselah

    It is possible to play the level if the condiments are left or right of the 3 centre columns.. But can only really be done in the 1st move, that being a move that will cause them to fall toward the centre, Anything after that is damn near impossible.. I played lev 117 again today, & finished, 1/ with 20 moves left over, & then 2/ with 23 moves left over.. Soooooo frustrating, it still would’nt give me more then 98,000 points.. This has got to be the worse level so far.. & I’m up to level 170, with 3 stars on all except levels, 117..139.. & 158.. A few extra good tips here though, i hope they help..

  • Ben Diaz

    oh please people! Nobody here, including you, got to level 117 without showing some perseverance at this game. There is no magic cheat code, but applying the tips together with the law of averages will work out in your favor eventually. Also, don’t forget about the daily spinner wheel to get some free items to help you out.