Candy Crush Level 125 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 125.

Level 125 Cheat #2: Save special candies and combos.

candy crush level 125
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  • Make as many special candy combos as possible in order to beat level 125. When you get a special candy combo, do not activate it right away. This is because the licorice and meringues may be blocking the jelly. Also, you should optimize the position of your special candy combos. If you have a striped candy + a sprinkle candy, don’t activate it until you have a bunch of the same-colored candies as the striped candy on the board. If you have a sprinkle candy + a sprinkle candy, which is the best combo for level 125, wait to activate until you clear most of the licorice and meringues so you hit every piece of jelly on the board. A wrapped candy + a striped candy can also be good, but won’t reach the far isolated jellies on the side and bottom of the board if you have licorice in the way.

  • Jessica Brlansky

    I get down to the last one or two jellies and I run out of combos. Help.

  • Shirley Cashen

    First of all, u can never clear all the licorice because it keeps on forming.
    Second, u cannot save your special candies and combos because as they drop they r often exploded and
    Third, just when u think u might get somewhere u re told u r out of moves and the board resets itself and there go your special candies and potential good moves and then before u know it u really r out of moves.
    Good luck with this one and hopefully u can drop some better cheats.

    • Dave

      I agree been on it over a week now easily my longest time, I have often had two or three days but never this long, I have gotten three stars several times and come close but never enough, nightmare level!

    • bob

      that doesn’t make any sense Mr Winkle, you can’t get rid of licorice!

  • Judith Perfect

    Twice recently on level 125 in sheer desparation I have bought more lives. On both occasions I have played three games and then run out of lives. Each time I have started the game it says my lives are full and show 5, I have been on it a month now and am starting to feel like giving up!

  • Jean Lyon

    Just want to say thanks for these tips. First try after more attempts than I care to admit over a period of at least two weeks, and it worked! I got through it at last! Yay, now on to some even more frustrating levels….

    • Sandy

      I used to have friends’ icons I could see around me. They are long gone ahead of me. What gives? How did they do it?

  • Joyce Casalicchio DiSanto

    you notice they don’t show a video to help. because they can’t even get this’s very frustrating..for sure

  • CharlesCrawford

    This is a monster. After dozens of goes I did it.

    I tended to get close by starting at the top sides rather than bottom. You do need to shift as many licorises: that makes the bigger later plays have more effect. Don’t get hypnotised and waste moves – you have to free dozens of squares so make every move count (especially keeping an eye open for freeing the odd corners at top/bottom).

    You’ll only do it after all that by getting a Five, then combining that with a stripe. So save any Fives and manoeuvre to get stripes next to it. And if you have a (say) red stripe next to a Five ready to go, see if you can drop in some more reds before blowing everything up

    Good things come to those who wait..!

  • Sandy

    So annoying. About 3 weeks ago was when I started falling asleep playing this level. When does it end?????????????????????

  • Sean Graves

    I have wasted 144 lives on this level and I still can’t beat it. I am starting to think the game is rigged to frustrate you to the point you pay. No candy combo seems to help clear the level. One time I actually made the super candy and cleared 3/4th of the board. I had 41 moves remaining and I still lost with a board full of special candies on it.

    • KomradCal

      That’s exactly the case. They make no money if you don’t pay. Keep in mind, this is supposedly one of the ten hardest levels in the entire game. Those “corner” squares make it a bear to win. Once you get through it, it’s back to smooth(er) sailing!

      • Sean Graves

        After watching my wife play the game I learned to resist making obvious moves on the board. Special candies will be created by themselves by creating a Cascade effect. Start on the right of the screen and go left, middle and then left again. The more unpredictable your moves are the more likely you are to pass the level. Play the game loosely and get your mind on making special candies.

    • Peggy Williams

      Me too

      • Sean Graves

        After watching my wife play the game I learned to resist making obvious moves on the board. Special candies will be created by themselves by creating a Cascade effect. Start on the right of the screen and go left, middle and then left again. The more unpredictable your moves are the more likely you are to pass the level. Play the game loosely and get your mind on making special candies.

      • Sean Graves

        I’m on level 341 now so keep plaYing

    • Roxie

      Me too!!!

      • Sean Graves

        I’m on level 341 now so keep playing

  • Judith Spalla

    on my level 125 dreamworld my game starts with 21 moves!! The video looks like 50 moves!!!! How many moves do others have. I’m serious I only get 21 moves! Any ideas on how I can fix that problem?

    • Sean Graves

      You are on dream world not candy crush

  • Andrea

    “When you get a special candy combo, do not activate it right away”. Easier said than done. What if you keep getting a rubbish board and have no other moves to make so are forced to use your special candies because the board does not reshuffle unless there are absolutely no moves to be made. Somehow, the board always manages to force me to waste my special candies because there are no other moves to make. And then I have none left when it counts. And no, resetting the board doesn’t help. I’ve honestly tried resetting it about 50 times now, it’s always terrible. You just can’t work with it. Just then, the board started with a sprinkle candy only a single move away and I thought, finally a good board. And within the next two moves, there was no other move to make on the board so I either had to waste my sprinkle candy or end the game. I ended the game. I’m not giving King the satisfaction of screwing up yet another one of my games and causing me more frustration. Oh and don’t you love it when you have a sprinkle and a striped and there is one candy separating them and no matter how many ways you try and shift things, you can’t get them next to each other. So surprise surprise, they go to waste along with all your moves, obviously because King wants you to buy the power up to switch two candies. Such a money making scheme. And like someone said, even if you are lucky enough to score a sprinkle & striped side by side and activate them, you still don’t have enough moves to finish the game. One time I was that lucky, it wiped out a fair chunk of the board and I thought, “right, this is it”. Still have 40 moves left, only a handful of jellies, easy peasy. WRONG. This level is deceptively impossible unless you’ve been dealt that very rare good hand. It all comes down to luck with this one, skill has very little to do with it.

  • susanmarci

    I agree too.. I’ve been on this legal a long time…I’m getting frustrated with it… I wish I could get passed it….

  • Michael de los Santos

    Ok just beat this level. I have been trying for weeks and was about to quit! I let it rest for about a day, and then did the daily spin. Received the color bomb, candy with colored dots and used it immediately! I waited to combine it with a stripped color candy. Once a color candy was next to it I tried to match all other combos to maximize the effect with more of the same color dropping down. Once there were no other options I hit the color bomb with the stripped candies to take off as many. It worked hope this helps others!

  • dotag69

    It took me six (6) weeks of playing several times a day to finish level 125. I did nothing special. I finished the level by dumb luck and nothing else.

  • Barbara

    I just completed level 125 after complaining yesterday that I couldn’t get through it after almost three weeks. Go figure. I really had to concentrated to clear the jellies. It doesn’t have anything to do with the licorice.

  • Jesse Hutson

    Going on 7 weeks now. There is no strategy, only dumb luck. This level is so rigged, its not funny.

  • Sherry Robertson

    First of all there is no licorice in Candy Crush. Licorice is black. The red candies are jelly beans. Licorice is ALWAYS black even in Twizzlers.

    • Susan Weistling Croley Gardner

      Yes you are right licorice is always black but there are licorice candies in the game, they are the black swirls

      • Sherry Robertson

        I have not seen those yet.

        • Susan Weistling Croley Gardner

          They are on level 125 all around the edges alternating with the meringue.

  • barb

    Got sugar crush on level 125, everything cleared. Thought i had won this one after 5 wks. Would not move to 126. Level 125 blinks and a train and an ugly green bird appeared. Didn’t get to see my score, assumed i had win. Said i must purchase or ask friends. Don’t want to. Didn’t offer me any quest to play as other levels. Thought if i replayed it may help but the score to win is now 145,000. Before it was 80,000, also the free prize wheel is gone. I see no way out of this. Can’ t get any help from King.

  • Sandra

    I have won 125 couple times…but I am still locked out of 126!!!!????? What does it take to move onto 126???

  • poorolrich

    Wow!! after 73 tries I finally passed #125–I just got lucky and got some color bombs and then waited to match with a striped then tried to get more of the same colors on the board before combining. I did play for striped/color bombs rather than exploding jelly’s etc Got lucky–yes, mostly luck–good luck to the rest of you folks