Candy Crush Level 130 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 130.

Level 130 Cheat #2: Match striped candies vertically.

candy crush level 130
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  • The trickiest part about collecting all the orders on Candy Crush level 130 is not creating the striped candies, but being able to place them next to each other in order to swipe them together. The easiest tip to place these candies next to each other is to create candies above or below each other. It is much harder to match these candies next to each other when they are to the right or the left of each other – this tip applies to any Candy Crush level where you are trying to get 2 special candies aligned next to each other. If you’re really having a hard time getting them next to each other on level 130, you can always aim for bringing them all the way to the bottom row to match them, but this tip can waste a lot of moves if you attempt it every time.

  • wick
    Candy crush cheat sick

  • wick
  • hawiitropicalcoconut56

    guys do ya know how to get of level 79 xxxxx

  • Joanne Donaldson

    I don’t understand 130 do u get the red green or blue
    Or leave them out and get yellow& orange in stead am confused x

    • leticia

      just cross any stripe candy with another stripe candy

      • leticia

        blue with red stripe or any color just cross stripe candy together

  • VCTurnbull

    Is there a tip for game 133

  • VCTurnbull

    I’m so mad. I spent almost $ 30.00 bying extra moves before
    I found out it’s not possible to win it without the tips how to get the candies in order. I won’t buy another extra moves deal.

    • Eric

      You should look into hacking the game. You can replace the configuration files to get unlimited lives, candy hammer, etc. All without jailbreaking or rooting your device. If on a iOS product, google “Candy Crush iFunBox”. Not sure what the process is to hack Android apps.

      • Becky

        Why would you want to play a game without any need for strategic playing? That just takes the fun away.

    • Beef curtains

      Your parents should lock down your device!
      Children these days are spending to much money on this game.

      If you are finding a level too difficult, have one of your parents do it for you. An adult is more likely to complete the level.

      • Xaiver Smythe

        Why is an adult more likely? Most adults are as stupid as most kids.

    • Dian Flesher

      never, ever buy extra moves. it’s not a matter of life or death. the whole idea of these games is to make money off those who are impatient. have patience, look over the board carefully before making each move.

  • Marissa Farren

    People who pay for extra stuff on candy crush want their bumps felt. Cheat the time on your device by 3 hours then open the game to the map page you’ll see full lives now close the app and put your time back to normal and then you have all the free lives you could ever want. DONT BE A MUG!!!!

    • Barbara Ann


    • Luna Hobbs

      But after you log off from the game and then go back your game start from level 1. That is what is said in you tube.

  • Megan Daley Wallace

    So how many striped candies do you have to get together in level 130? And are you supposed to get them lined up together and then make them go off? Thanks, I’m going crazy here!!!

    • Jean Yedloutschnig

      Megan, you are not alone. This level seems almost impossible; although, we know it can be made.

      • Blue Lagoon

        I managed to finish this level after 7 attempts, it’s not that difficult.

        • Soncie22

          That’s nice but it would be more helpful if you educated those of us unsure of the goal than to simply day you did it after 7 attempts..especially as there are no clear directions on the goal

          • Jessica

            Try you tube for hints. I would think blue lagoon got lucky on this level just as I did.

          • Lisa Johnson

            I just keep trying and the moves just fly by

        • Maruf

          how did you do it?

  • thanh

    my mum love candy crush
    she soooo good :)

  • thanh

    i’m not bad but best of all my mummmmm!!!!!

  • thanh

    make me just want to try again and again and again and again

  • Beth Cook

    WORTHLESS tips AGAIN. I don’t even know why I bother clicking on your “hints”

  • Janice Joseph Stramat

    leval130 has just about driven me mad!!! The directions make no sense. Now you tell me match stripes only to win!! Holy shit.

  • Jean Yedloutschnig

    Blue Lagoon, I am still having difficulty with Level 148 in Candy Crush Saga. I am just about at the point of giving up. I’ve tried hundreds of games on this level and to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Blue Lagoon

      It most probably fell well for me on 148. I know your pain as I have been there. Try looking on you tube for some ideas.
      Wait until you get to level 169, then you will realise how painfull this game can be.

  • suze

    This level is the one where I nearly cracked and bought extra moves! I have been on 4/5 sooooooo many times. I fear starting to buy from King to play this game like I fear hard drugs. Just Say No. The tips work, eventually, just keep on in there folks

  • Marissa Farren

    Have you tried ? I did say device not pic and don’t shout it’s rude! Barbara ann

  • Teresa Balazs

    I just passed the level after 3 tries. The striped candies do not have to be in the vertical position. They can be arranged horizontally. When you have any two striped candies together, click on them.

  • Ray

    Where is the exit button they talk about?

  • Mitch Stokely

    To win this level, match 1 striped candy with another striped candy of the same color, then cross them together. Do that 5 times. Hope that helps. No one on here seems to know how to explain that.

    • Aiman Aijaz


    • Jed de Venecia

      Yay! you’re right! thanks!

    • Christine Healey

      Any two striped candies work – they don’t have to be the same colour. It’s a lot easier than it seems from the guidance or the discussion.

    • Whell Hung

      Fuck. Finally someone explained it. Thanks

  • Shirley Cashen

    I’m very annoyed as I’m lining up the striped candies and when they go off the counter is not decreasing…wtf?

  • Shirley Cashen

    No sooner did I express my difficulties than I beat the level….with a little help from a lollipop hammer!! Yay!

  • Tersia Conradie

    At last!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Extremely LUCKY !!!
    got it on 1st go. No buy ins

  • Isolde227

    Wow, once you get the hang of it, level 130 is surprisingly easy after all. Simply match two striped candies and do it 5 times. That’s it.

    • Christine Healey

      Got it in three goes, once I knew what was required. Perhaps King could consider doing a bit of plain English instruction? I’m very thankful this site is available as I now have to find out what this new ‘lucky candy’ bonus does …

      • Christine Healey

        When I went to the next level – which is pretty easy – I didn’t think to untick the lucky charm booster, which had been ticked automatically. So that was a bit of a wasted resource.

  • Dave Smith

    I think people are over-thinking this level, it’s actually very easy.

    Simply create a striped candy and then combine that striped candy with another striped candy. You need to think ahead so you can create chances to combine the candies and there are times when you have to sacrifice a striped candy in order to create more that are better suited positionally.

    I completed this level with a 3 star rating on the second attempt, it must be easy because I’m a thicky.

    • Christine Healey

      Oh dear lord, I thought I had to line up 5 striped candies then swipe the lot together. I’ve just come here to find out why swiping 6 in a row just changed the countdown from 5 to 4. Thanks, Dave, for that nice clear explanation.

  • Jennifer

    I’m lost. I made striped candies and I swapped them. Nothing. What is the purpose of this level? What EXACTLY are we supposed to do? Must it be vertical with vertical and horizontal with horizontal? Have to admit this is one of the most annoying levels EVER!

  • Aiman Aijaz

    do we have to cross a vertical stripe candy with a horizontal stripe candy….or any stripe candy with another stripe candy….

  • Lizbet

    I did this level in 2 tries. The first time, I needed one more. Not so hard, in my opinion. The previous 2 were easy too. I guess a handwirnger is coming up soon!!! 125 was AWFUL.

  • Diana Tredway

    but it say 90 blue…20 red …40 green or something like that. you are saying any striped candy?

  • John W

    strategy will work YES however there is no possible way to win on strategy alone, luck is a must !

  • Chad Hatten Houston

    chad hattem