Candy Crush Level 137 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 137.

Level 137 Cheat #2: Move ingredients to green arrows.

candy crush level 137
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  • To get the ingredients to the columns with the green arrows on the left hand side, you have to move them through the portals that have the white dotted lines at the end of them. These portals will move the ingredients to various columns of the board. The blue portals will always transfer to purple, and the purple will always transfer to the blue. Here is the direction of the portals that move the ingredients:
  • 1st chamber/portal: Top 3 columns
  • 2nd chamber/portal: Right 3 columns
  • 3rd chamber/portal: Bottom 3 columns
  • 4th and last chamber/portal: Left 3 columns

  • jin patricia

    level 125 plss

    • Binkyblue


      • tit

        Fucking cunt

  • nettie

    On level 137; Once a nut or cherry falls in the 4th space across, in the right set of columns. I cannot find a way to move it out, is it possible? Thanks

    • city of sails

      same with me

  • Deborah

    Wow thanks! Your tips on lv 137 made it a piece of cake 😀

  • Millie Moore

    I don’t understand … don’t see any green arrows. explain.

    • disqus_Gf76m0Cqd9

      on my iPad i can see very tiny green arrows at the bottom of the columns…look closely

  • Sylvia Sigrun Herchen

    I find the “tutorials” very helpful, at least so far. 70 was very difficult, and took a lot of patience. I tried for three days to clear 137, then after reading the 5 tips I cleared level 137 with one try. was it luck? only partly, also it takes using the suggested tips correctly. I find playing the game on the Iphone is easier than the computer; has anyone else noticed that?