Candy Crush Level 149 Cheats and Tips

Level 149 is a Candy Order level, one of five level types in Candy Crush Saga. Your objective is to clear the orders (10 striped candies, 1 wrapped + wrapped special candy combo, and 99 blue candies) in 35 moves. In order to complete a Candy Order level, you will need to crush a certain number of specific candy colors or types. Some early Candy Crush order levels just ask you to collect colored candies. Others will require you to get types of special candies later in the game. You’ll have to approach Candy Crush order levels very differently from other stages of the game! Use these all-purpose tips for Candy Crush order levels to dominate them and score truckloads of points.

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Candy Crush Order Levels Tips

  • If you need to collect special candies, focus on forming them right away. Don’t bother making any special candies that don’t fill your orders. If you need to make wrapped bombs, don’t waste turns by making striped candies.
  • Making special candy combinations can be incredibly hard. Try to make special candies next to one another so you don’t have to move them together. Plan your moves ahead so you don’t accidentally set one off before making the combo.
  • Be careful when using special candies to fill colored candy orders. It sounds like a good idea to use a color bomb to get lots of candies you need. But this will make it harder to collect more of those candies if your order is still not filled.
  • Use color bombs on candies you don’t need to get rid of them. Then you will have more opportunities to make big combos with candies you do need, since they’ll take up more room on the board.
  • Peg Guerra

    I did all it asked and the warped candy also but it will not count!! Spent extras and it removed the warped in many differs colors and it will not fulfill the requirement! Feel like there is a problem and not happy about extra money spent!!!!!!!

    • Melissa Darlin

      Exact same problem here!

      • Kimberly J. Marquis

        Same here. Have completed all tasks and oh gee guess what….not getting credit for the wrapped candy combo. I even sent an e-mail to King….oh surprise no reply. Plenty pissed off!!

  • Rica Jones

    Easier said than done if you have absolutely no matches to get rid of the chocolate….

  • Jane

    I don’t seem to be able to exit early when playing on my ipad. What do I need to do yo exit early as it’s so frustrating having to go through all the moves.

  • irfan sameja


  • Debbie Burks Parker McLemore

    Not true that you will not loose a life if you exit the screen before you make a move.

    • JudiMorrisonDunham

      Yes if is! I do it all day. I never lose a life as long as I don’t make a move before exiting.

    • Rob Galbraith

      The key thing here is apparently you have to be playing on your phone. It won’t work on your actual computer.

  • Ducky

    Could someone make a cheat for level 49?

  • Terry Arambatzis

    Good tip on not starting IF you can’t eliminate chocolates first & to re-start if it doesn’t combine to bust chocolate on the first move!

    I have not passed yet but I am much closer now! Especially since I just read your other tips! I should have no problem now!

    Thank you so much! I will be coming back in the future to your link when I have trouble in future levels! Good Job!!

    Don’t listen to those negative comments.
    They must’ve not read your instructions carefully, as you obviously know already that your tips work, lol 😉

  • Terry Arambatzis

    Okay! So excited!
    Before reading your second page of tips, I tried the re-start chocolate connection attempt multiple times & not passing the level I came back to your page to see if you had more tips.
    You did.
    I read them.
    I commented on them.
    I went back (& continued what you said to start) but then I added your other tips
    (after I got through the initial barrier of chocolate) & passed after the first try!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great tips!

    • cynthia

      I have had several wrapped that I moved into each other but didn’t get credit. How do u switch the wrapped with each other?

    • EVELYN83

      where are those tps

  • Kathy Johnson

    I have gotten the stripes and all the blue , I have gotten this with the square and the same color stripe, I got two squares together and neither one will say that I got the right order. What the heck do I need to get?

    • Melissa Darlin

      Same here!! I have had wrapped plus wrapped several times but it never give a me credit! Therefore I cannot get past 149!! Ready to throw in the towel!

      • Soncie22

        Wow! Same here, now I feel like an idiot!

        • Sandy Kuhn- Kolhagen

          Me too! I’m about over it!

        • Joyce Casalicchio DiSanto

          me too, same
          thing here twice

    • Joyce Casalicchio DiSanto

      it cheated me 2 times in a row. I had everything and a high score of 240K+ and it said you need 1 more combo,. so I purchased 5 more turns twice and it did the same thing, with me getting wrapped candies. not fun anymore just frustrating. you should be able to pass at least once. and this would be my choice.

    • Stef Endres

      Love how the admins of the game come here and say its totally not rigged. Everyone says they get whats needed and it doesn’t let you pass anyway. I am stuck here and have been for wks. no matter what combos I do. I am ready to play a game that is fun that is winnable. Admins forgot this is a game when they make it fun again I may consider playing.

      • Kathy Johnson

        Yeah, stop playing for a week then all of a sudden you get through the level. I moved to the soda game, it is a it more fun

  • Sandra Natowich

    Follow the directions exactly, if there are not enuff candy matches touching the chocolate, go back and start again until you get the right match. It should be two candies at the top, one candy of another kind and one you can move into place to match the top two. Keep getting the chocolates til they are gone. The trick is to have enuff moves left to maneuver the two wrapped candies into place. Getting that done and a candy bomb to get blues with should do it. On the sixth try, I went to the head of the class with 132660 woo hoo!!

  • KarenCanfieldMaskens

    I am done on this level… I hate it. Too few moves..chocolate AND switching wrapped candies?

  • Jh root

    This level is a bear, I am almost ready to give up on candy crush, they give you no breaks to want to go on. This game is not for everyone, unless you want to pay money to reach the goal.

  • Jh root

    Went back and tried every thing you said, I can’t even get out of the barn. Use all moves to get the stripes, wrapes and choc. Don’t know what else to do.

  • betty james

    same as kathy i have gotten all blue and stripped candy but never seen the special chocolate . how do i get it

  • Sybil Hodges Taylor Hood

    How do you swap wrapped candies? I got them side-by-side but of course they exploded instead of “swapping”.

    • JudiMorrisonDunham

      They don’t mean swap them to leave them tgere. You want them to explode and cause cascading; that’s the objective.

    • Nancy Grosskopf

      If you bang them together they will explode and give you your third combo. You only need to do this once.

  • mfp2waoe4

    I can’t stand unwinnable, badly designed games. They should at least give you a starting board where the level is mathematically solvable. But that would cut into their profits from people who buy extras (not me).

  • Ed Dubee

    I like this game candy crush saga I find it very frushtrating as ever so I will just keep plucking away that is all you can do is move on no matter what it is …..good luck people.

  • Soncie22

    Sadly, the hardest part for me about this level is not clearing the chocolate, I’ve done that, nor is it clearing all the blue candies, it’s creating the wrapped candies necessary to complete this level..Sooo, anyone willing to provide me with the necessary steps to accomplish the goal will be my favorite candy crusher of all time.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Creating wrapped candies is one of the trickiest specials to create. Sometimes it’s about luck and sometimes it’s about giving up on trying to create other specials for a couple moves so that you can create wrapped candies. Perhaps try and focus on wrapped candies and let the striped candies form on their own.

  • JoAnne

    One move and the chocolates are all filled up so I exit that frame and start over. Can’t win that way. What’s the answer??? HELP!!!

  • JoAnne


  • JoAnne


  • JoAnne


  • JoAnne


    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi JoAnne, still having trouble with the chocolate? Focus all of your early moves on them when they are still at the minimum. Clear them all and they will cease to regenerate.

      • janhk

        HELP! I got to the end…I only needed 1 striped candy to finish level 149 and had no moves left so I broke down and purchased 5 moves. I’m playing on my iphone5…the pink purchase screen froze. It charged me for an additional 5 moves (total 10) BUT IS STILL FROZEN! I can’t play! What can I do to finish this off. If I close it out, I will lose the moves I purchased!!! HELP please!!!

  • Jennifer Tayse

    I am stuck on this level too!!!! I am having trouble with getting the wrapped candy combo.. U have to swap them together right?? It’s frustrating if you can’t remove the choc and have to wait for ur moves to run out .. I have gotten so close by reading just the wrapped candy I always have issues with!!!!

  • Jennifer Tayse

    Go figure i finally beat it 2 hrs after I joined the blog! Thanks for the tips .. Good luck!!

    • The Answers Network

      Thanks for reading!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      No problem Jennifer! Congrats on your triumph!

    • jeff brave

      What tips? I haven’t seen anything here that has helped me one iota.
      Kathie not Jeff

  • bobbye

    How do you get the wrapped candy? They have shown up but I’m not sure how it happened.

  • Dr. M

    Thank you !!!! I cannot tell you how many times I played this d@mn level and almost just threw in the towel. I read your post just focusing on clearing all the chocolate and the part I was having the most trouble with, the two wrapped candies, just magically fell into place. Literally I played the level again 1 time after reading this blog and finally beat it!!!!!! Thank You !!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly J. Marquis

    Finally after a solid week of trying, I got through 149….get rid of chocolates, then work on your warapped plus wrapped. Getting them together and not blowing up was a huge battle. If you let your striped candies build up, then fire off a couple…it seemed as though the wrapped combo was easier to manage! Lots of concentration and planning!!

    • jeff brave

      How the hell do you get rid of the chocolates?????

  • mommagg

    okay, I am confused. Which dont take alot. Lol… I love candy crush, but this levelI was just about convinced me that I need to find a new game.I managed together everything that asks for except for the two chocolate pieces, I don’t understand what it is asking for I have spend extra money, and just can’t manage to get it. Help please before I give up on candy crush…

  • janhk

    HELP! I got to the end…I only needed 1 striped candy to finish level 149 and had no moves left so I broke down and purchased 5 moves. I’m playing on my iphone5…the pink purchase screen froze. It charged me for an additional 5 moves (total 10) BUT IS STILL FROZEN! I can’t play! What can I do to finish this off. If I close it out, I will lose the moves I purchased!!! HELP please!!!

    • debbi

      Call google if you haven t gotten any refunds before they will refund your money. I had same problems and they refunded all my funds good luck.

  • jeff brave

    How do you clear the fricking chocolate? I have done it but always by accident. Not a clue how to do it purposely!!!!
    Kathie not Jeff

  • mommagg

    I’ve been on candy crush 149 forever. Can somebody tell me please what is the middle combo at the top,looks like 2 graham crackers with a plus one. I want past this

    • Pamela Wehlow

      I can’t work out the two squares either ?. , I clear every thing else but don’t know what the squares are !!! Help

      • Punkin Cochran

        please can
        someone tell me what the two squares are

        • guessitsme

          It’s a two wrapped candies combo

  • Dale Myrum

    Yup this is the level they want you to spend $, never got the wrapped can’t or even find how to get it. Time to take it off the iPad.

  • erin Vogler

    I got all orders done minus the flipping two bags together i spent over 2 dollars trying to get past this nightmare of a level. I was just says how i thought levels in the 100 s are much easier than say the level 70s i was stuck for days. .As soon as i said that i started this level now here i am on DAY 5 !!! Still no dice I would get two bags at one time but never even close enough to swap even used 3 lollipop hammers to no avail. .any tips for two bag swap on this level. .I think you should be able to forfeit one level on this game for this would definitely be mine

  • Lisa Surlie

    how do you keep wrapped candies from exploding????

  • jb

    I had a sprinkled candy and plain blue and it did not get rid of all the blue. Plus the #1 instruction was to get rid of chocolate first and the video didn’t do that at all.

  • Nellie

    149 sucks I hate candycrush.

  • ann_h

    It takes me the entire time to try and clear the chocolates. It’s a joke. This is not helpful at all. As if we don’t know to clear the chocolates. This is going to take me weeks. And I refuse to spend any more money on this game.

  • Brenda Pahl

    What does the T and L shapes u need for wrapped candies? How many horizontal and vertical?

    • JudiMorrisonDunham

      The L shaped is 2 horizontally and 2 vertically; move a candy into the corner.
      The T Shaped is 3 horizontally (with the center missing so you can move a candy into place) and 3 vertically (with the same candy missing.

  • cashey1

    You must create a color bomb on your first move! If you cannot, do not even make one move. Just reset the game. Again, and very important, create color bomb on first move!

    • JudiMorrisonDunham

      I’ve had 3 color bombs on the screen at the same time. They do absolutely no good on this level. You need two wrapped candies which is almost impossible to get!

  • Liz Ham

    Dishonest game to make you spend your $

  • JudiMorrisonDunham

    By the time you get rid of all the chocolate, you are out of moves! This is flipping ridiculous!
    When a game becomes more stressful than fun, it’s time to move on!

  • Sherry Pinck

    While playing 149, I noticed the striped candies made didn’t deduct until I exploded them. I think the same is true for the two wrapped candies. You have to maneuver them without exploding them( no easy task) until they meet and you can trigger them. The first couple of times I played I kept making wrapped candies, four, five and it did nothing to the tally, until I set two off. Really annoying to protect these candies while anything that rocks them, blows them up, making you start all the wrapped candy order all over again. Good luck guys. It can be done. Thank you for your tips. They really help.

  • Bea Whitcombe

    I gave up on this level about 5 months ago but picked it up again today and was able to get it! no money spent only luck and strategy..first get rid of the chocolate then your strategy should be to get the wrapped candy together and everything else falls into place…

  • Scott Hannigan

    Well after several weeks of being on level 149 I finally cracked it. It’s very maddening to have to complete each game when the chocolate is locked at the top, and you’re forced to listen to that idiot saying ‘SWEET’ when you know the game is doomed. If you do manage to break through it you’ve lost precious moves in the meantime. I think the secret is just to persevere. If you’re lucky you will be able to blast all the chocolate away in a move or two and two wrapped candies will turn up near each other. If you can get that done early, collecting the striped candies and the blue candies is relatively easy.

  • Gayle Hutchison

    This is all so hard,,,,

  • Katherine Hull Perkins

    I have the SAME complaint that we are getting cheated out of our wins!!!!!!!! Yesterday I finally Beat Level 149. I received the message that I had completed the level. However, Candy Crush wouldn’t advance me to Level 150 so today I’ve been re-playing 149. In each of two games I got all the striped candies, the wrapped candy combo, and all of the blue candies. But, the game won’t acknowledge that I completed all of the orders!!!

  • Katherine Hull Perkins

    I have the SAME complaint that we are getting cheated out of our wins!!!!!!!! Yesterday I finally Beat Level 149. I received the message that I had completed the level. However, Candy Crush wouldn’t advance me to Level 150 so today I’ve been re-playing 149. In each of two games I got all the striped candies, the wrapped candy combo, and all of the blue candies. But, the game won’t acknowledge that I completed all of the orders!!!

  • Margie

    I’ve gotten everything but two wrapped candies side by side. A couple of times when they were together something happens and candies start falling. Hate this level and don’t think I will ever get past it.

  • Lee Gomez

    this level is beyond rediculous hate the game now

  • Kristen Miller

    Same here I just beat all the blues & the stripped ones but the middle one I can’t get what the heck do I do I wasted so much money on this round I’m so frustrated it’s not even fun anymore I seriously just want to win this stupid level!!!! :( :'(

  • Barbara

    I have been on this level for a while now as a Mystery Quest. I even had friends help me and we still can’t beat this level. We never can get the wrapped candies to even come close to one another. That’s the problem.

  • Karen Foster Custer

    I Finally completed this level but it won’t let me access level 150! What gives?

  • Barbara

    Hi Guys, I was stuck on Mystery Quest 149 for so long, a “Fairy” came in and let me go to the next level! Shocking but lovely!

  • Paul Godbout

    I don’t get this level…every time I’ve tried to land 2 wrapped candies together, they explode before I have a chance to join them (since I need this as one of the ingredients). What in the hell am I supposed to do here..? They don’t register separately so I can mix them to form one of the requirements?? If they land next to one another (as I try my damnest to form a set of these), they blow up..!!! It’s great that they make this level hard to do but they shouldn’t make it damn near impossible…I’ll try it a few hundred times more but I’m ready to delete this stupid app from my menu…geeeeeesh

  • ʎʌʌɐ◖i

    Wrapped + wrapped special candy combo order is just two different colours wrapped candies e.g a red wrapped + a blue wrapped special candy combo

  • Joe James

    Candy Crush has crushed my spirit with level 149. I have removed this game from my tablet.