Candy Crush Level 152 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 152.

Level 152 Cheat #3: Focus your clearing.

candy crush level 152
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  • Despite the temptation to move anywhere on the board, try keeping your clearing moves to the center of the screen. With this amount of moves, you won’t be able to clear all the meringues but you can bust through a section. Incorporate your tip #1 strategy now and localize where you clear the meringues so it’ll take the least amount of moves.

  • karen worley

    How do you reset the board?

    • Sandeep Viswam

      Use ur mobile to play instead of PC. Once the board appeared, click on the arrow at bottom left side. You can see a red coloured icon at the end of pop up window. Click on that to exit game without loosing lives. Once you started playing the board, you cant exit without loosing life.

      • Steve Bentley

        What if you don’t have a mobile?

        • Sandeep Viswam

          What if you don’t have a laptop, pc or tab? I had gave answer for the question, which I got from previous pages in this site.

          • Melinda Gregory Peery

            is this only on mobile?

  • joyce

    i don,t have a mobile can you please help me pass level 152

  • Andrea

    This level is a joke. I’ve been stuck for ages. It’s so boring, it’s got to the point where I’m not interested in playing CC anymore. Today, I gave it another try, thinking wow its been a while since I’ve played this game. Well, I got two sprinkled candies next to each other and I won. I go back into the app later to FINALLY play the next level and I’m still stuck on this one. It did not register my win. I was watching the points going up when I got the sugar crush and I finished with 3 stars. But according to the app, I haven’t progressed. Well, I will never ever attempt this level again that’s for sure so the game is finished for me.

    • Eieiei

      Yes, the level is a tough one, but it is not unbeatable. After playing ten or fifteen games I was done with it, scored 40,000 points plus another 70,000 bonus for early finishing :-)

  • Kelky

    So I find this tip/cheat site,and ofcourse,I’m elated. I just beat level 152 with 15 moves to spare and a score os 331,960! Thanks so much!

  • Barbara

    I have been stuck for two weeks now and seem to get the elements to come down.