Candy Crush Level 158 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 158.

Level 158 Cheat #2: Licorice first.

candy crush level 158
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  • The licorice near the chocolate fountain needs to be cleared first, because your ingredient can’t be dropped down if there’s chocolate in the way!
  • Make use of tip #1 to get the best board to bust the licorice and keep moves going on the right hand side.
  • If that doesn’t work out, try forming horizontal striped candies and wiping out the chocolate from the left-hand side, much like you did in level 70.

  • Terri Smith

    I don’t understand how to reset?

    • Amber Morey

      If you first hit “play” and don’t like the board, go back to the main page before making any moves, it won’t waste a life and you can click on the level again for a new board…hope that makes sense! :)

      • Terri Smith

        Thank you Amber. I’ll give that a try.  I did think I would loose lives.

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        • Amber Morey

          I’m not sure how to go back on an iPad. When I play on my phone (android) and I go back a page, I don’t lose a life as long as it’s not a timed board. I just tried to go back on a desktop for the first time and it did make me lose a life…so I am not sure you can reset on an kind of device. ;(

          • Bill

            Thanks for your reply.

          • Sherri Trunk

            You can”t reset on laptop you will lose a life everytime!!!!

          • Marco M

            True sadly :((

          • Leila Kaplan


      • Bill

        How do you get back to the main page on an IPad before making any moves?

        • Brie Kincaid

          Just exit before you make any moves. Lower left hand there is a gold tab. Hit it and it expands. The exit is the red door.

          • Marco M

            Does that only work on Mobile? I attempted to try it on PC and it said if you click here you will lose a life.

          • BrieK

            Yes only on mobile.

          • John W

            Its alot simpler if you just hit your back button on your mobile, IF you hit that red door you will loose a life

      • Wanda G

        All I have is a red button that says I will lose a life if I exit.

        • Sherri Trunk

          you will lose a life if on PC. Think only ipads and phones let you exit without losing a life. this sucks!!!

      • Steve Bentley

        That doesn’t work on the PC version….. If the board comes up, and you go back, you lose a life……….

      • jeff brave

        Cannot reset on a PC. You lose a life

      • John W

        You understand that can only be done on a mobile !

    • Sandy

      you can’t on a normal computer,these tips assume EVERYONE owns an ipad/iphone

      • Candy Crush Cheats

        Our tips are designed for the game on all platforms.

        • Sherri Trunk

          Does NOT work on laptops. I lose a life evrytime I exit without making a move!!!!!!!!!

        • colin

          if these tips are designed for all platforms then why do we not get any help for a pc … everything you have here is for ipad/iphone

        • Angela Mary Hudson

          Where are the tips for PC then?

    • Sherri Trunk

      Doesnt work if you are on computer!!

    • John W

      You can ONLY reset on your mobile !

  • suhail

    that level is one of the most hard

  • alisa

    I don’t have a gold tab on mine, all I have is a red button and it says “you will lose a life” on it..I can’t go back, because when I try, the back is faded and you can’t click on it…now what?

    I don’t want to lose my lives either, that sucks.

    • Sherri Trunk

      YUP. You will lose a life everytime. That tip is for ipads and phones only!

  • Sue

    I am stuck! I hate this level!

    • Sherri Trunk

      Yup!!Me too! im on a PC. I can not reset the board like they say. I WILL lose a life!!!!!

  • emacco

    How come I never get a slam-dunk board like you do in your videos? If I did I wouldn’t need to come here!

    • Sherri Trunk

      EXACTLY!!!! They say clear the licorice first! DUH!!! If we could we would!!!!

  • Wanda G

    All I have is a red button in the lower left corner that says I will lose a life if I exit.

    • Sherri Trunk

      Yes, you will lose a life everytime you exit. Unless you are on an ipad or phone which isnt fair!!!

      • isobelbaird

        I agree this is a very difficult level so we need as much help as we can get

  • chanly chua

    how to go back into the main page using lp?

  • Nancy Fiedler

    so …are we consigned to this level forever without the ‘reset’ button? or go to our phones (if we have them And can figure out how to transfer game level)

    • pattib



    If the chocolates reach the top row, is it at all possible to win this game? I can’t generate horizontal stripes fast enough on the left side to clear the chocolates being generated on the right side, and horizontals only clear one row at a time. I’m finding it impossible to beat this level.

  • Nan3rd

    Oh my gawd, didn’t think I’d ever get past this level! Crazy hard! If on a iPad/phone, just keep resetting until you have a slight chance! Good luck!

  • Steve Bentley

    Are there any actual, real, effective……. Non-‘sell your soul, or buy power-ups’ cheats for people who play the game on a pc/laptop??
    Or, as I surmise, this….. like a lot of levels, are designed to force the player into parting with cash, however skilful they might be???

  • jeff brave

    Cannot reset on a PC without losing a life. This level is driving me crazy. Even the others that I found to be hard, at least I knew what I was supposed to be doing. This one! Ha! Chocolate and more chocolate keeps coming. I get nothing on the right side! This is the worst!!!
    Kathie not Jeff

  • colin

    you leep saying reset reset reset … but thats not for pc …. give some tips for this level on a pc for god sake

  • Marie Maloney

    I have reset and it doesn’t help. The chocolate on my board always grows up to block me never down like on yours!!!

  • jeannie

    It’s a shame to come this far and then quit but this level is awful. I guess it’s just luck. The cheats are impossible to follow and not helpful at all.

  • Guest
  • Julian

    I guess I got lucky on this board. Second attempt. First move I was able to form a colour bomb and a striped side by side. Second move set them off, leaving the cherry 1 row from the bottom, and a striped/wrapped side by side on the left. 1 row too high to clear the bottom right but nothing else on so set them off anyway on the 3rd move. This left 2 vertical striped candies one above the other on the bottom right. Swapped these on the 4th move, hoping the bottom one would turn horizontal. It did! Cleared in 4 moves. That’s what I call luck! Only 1 star though.

    • Eieiei

      Yes, that is the only way to do this level – wait until you have big luck.
      What a rotten level, the other two before played so well…

  • Vernetta Hughes

    Reset (without losing a life) works on Kindle Fire HD.

  • Ramsey Mitchell

    Thanks for the tips. Finally made it through the level easily. I never knew you could reset the boards and working the right side was the key.

  • Scott Hannigan

    If you can’t do this level my advice is to throw all your toys out of the pram, then come to a site like this one and write in capitals about how unfair everything is. It achieves heaps. Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the flood of fuming responses to come in.

    • Marco M

      That’s nice.

  • Scott Hannigan

    Ok so I’ve just finished this level. My advice is if you are playing on a device that allows you to reject an opening board do it, and keep doing it, until you have one that allows you to get rid of at least one of the trapped candies on the right side in the first move. No matter how enticing the right side looks, reject it if you can’t free those trapped candies in the first move.

  • Marco M

    ON PC you need to have a lot of boosters. The chocolate muncher and the Non Parel and even the donut. I almost made it several times but then used all my boosters.

  • Santie vd Merwe

    I am going to say goodbye to Csaandy Crush and all because of level 158. That is how I feel!! No matter how many times I reset or how many good boards I get, I cannot finish it

  • Sandeep Pattanaik

    Its a hard label. I complete it with take my friend’s help after 7 days. You need just one perfect board. Have patience folks :) You badly need a wheel candy.

  • Remy LeBeau

    This level is the most unfair so far by far. I guess it does what they want, get the suckers to buy moves, or just say fu* it and quit playing, so I am going with the later.

  • Angela Mary Hudson

    can’t reset on PC so all wasted games. Tried 2 colour combos but both on the left, and no moves on the right… just waiting for a board with a couple of moves on the right before the chocolate takes over! Help!

  • Angela Mary Hudson

    Also can I ask why it says “You got a life from Sue and 5 other people, but I only get ONE LIFE!!! How come?

  • Dave Norris

    I finally beat the thing by using the lollipops I had saved up!