Candy Crush Level 165 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 165.

Level 165 Cheat #3: Blues, blues blues.

  • It won’t be hard to fulfill your other orders, the green and yellows will happen either due to cascading or within moves. But 99 blue is no easy feat with all the chocolate blockers. Focus on making blue combinations–not yellow or green ones.
  • If you’re low on blues, try making combos that will clear out a lot of candies or a lot of other candy colors (like a sprinkle+striped combo or a striped+wrapped combo).
  • Use striped candies frequently but try holding onto bigger combos (like wrapped/color bomb) until you’re positive they’ll make the most impact.

  • kim

    Not enough blue ones come down

    • Sue

      I can’t get enough blue ones!

      • Amanda Creech

        Right they don’t give you enough blue it cheats you have to play so many games before they let you win everyone should know that.

        • Eieiei

          No, not true. I just played this three times, and on the last game I had a color bomb on blue just giving me the remaining 10 blues I needed.

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay


    • Laurie

      Totally agree!

    • Punit


    • Pamela Smith Rivera

      Totally Agree!!!

  • John Murrie

    more useless “tips”for a game i wish i never downloaded

  • arletha

    yes I have an acct

  • arletha

    these tips/cheats I have tried them all previously, nothing works

    • Sue

      Me too!

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

      ME TOO!!

  • Melissa Darlin

    Ah quit whining Murrie!!

  • Emily Ferraro Kelly

    The only thing that works is if you have 2 wrapped or 1 wrapped and one stripe. But you need to have a lot of them which never happens. So this level is the level that makes you wanna quit.

    • Sherri

      Agreed! I quit this level about 3 or 4 months ago, but decided to give it another go two weeks ago and……I’m still trying to get past it!

      • Tarun Thomas

        Keep at it. I just managed to get through. What helped me were the striped and wrapped combos. And some color bombs came thru without much effort

        • jeannie

          How long did it take you to pass this level? I’ve come this far but am ready to give up.

  • Emily Ferraro Kelly

    Not enough blue candies and if they do come down they are spread around so you need to waste a lot of moves to try and get them together.

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

      Very true!!

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

      YES – it’s very frustrating!!

    • Cathy

      Mr kingdom go this game need to play it to see for his self not fun and I find impossible.

      • Candy Crush Cheats

        Cathy, you’ll get there! It’s not impossible.

        • Trish Weeks Cole

          I’ve been stuck on this one lv for so many months I lost count and have uninstalled it off my tablet because it is so frustrating and like others the game is no longer fun for me

  • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

    This level seems impossible but a lot of people break through so it can be done. The key is to find the bombs, stripes, and wrapped candy and using them strategically. Since there are more blues than the other colors, they have to be eliminated as soon as possible!

    • Jawaka

      No. The key is dumb luck that 99 blues even appear.

      • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

        I’m beginning to wonder if there are 99 blues as well, but a lot of people I know have completed level 165 so it can be done – some how!!

        • Heather Raab

          I am trying to figure out if certain moves cause more blues to come down. It seems like maybe using green stripes makes it happen, but I am maybe seeing a pattern that isn’t there.

          • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

            Good question, Heather! It doesn’t appear that there are many blues during the course of the game!! Frustrating as hell!!

  • Donna

    I HATE this level !!! Games are supposed to be fun , I’m not having fun anymore !! Stuck !!

    • Sue


  • Cathy Dirla

    I need more blue not enough of blue

    • stef

      striped+wrapped combos = lots of blues

  • Gloria Jackson-Scott

    How do the lollipops help?

    • Cathy

      Think you can get no help in this game the extra daily spin all I ever get is fish lollipop or sprinkle candy. 3 extra move are a joke. Which are no help.
      Think the designer needs to try and play for himself. Lol reconsider given some more blue 99 is impossible. Help somebody. I will not let this cgame crush me lol

    • Robert Brenda Miller

      You can use lollipops to smash bombs if you can’t get them the conventional way.

  • Sue

    I tried to keep resetting to get a board with a lot of blues, but still can’t knock enough of them out! Been stuck for a week!

  • Carolee Luberto

    I think I will go back to reading novels and stop wasting my time with this game.

  • FFTN

    When you begin with 4 blues and for the duration 99 blues never fall, I am not sure how to win at this level.

  • Digavijoe

    THIS LEVEL sucks…..ijs!!!!

  • covelcreek

    Took 3 days but I got it with plays left over. Must concentrate hard on all blue all the time

  • Bob

    Surprised no one has figured out yet that the level, and a couple previous, are programmed to MAKE you lose a certain many times without PURCHASING anything before it lets you through…

    • Melissa Hawker

      Yes I did notice that i will have a winning move after using my last one and I have been tempted a few times to purchase more moves. I feel like I’m cheating in a way if I purchase moves .

  • megan murtha

    Not enough blues!!

  • Adam Gillingham

    That dude in the video got waaay more blues then I have ever gotten, he isn’t even good he missed so many moves to create stripes, color bombs etc. people that beat 165 luck out by getting a ton of blues, and the game works on algorithms, spend money get blues.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      I assure you Adam, it can be done! No need to waste your money. Just keep trying!

  • D. M.

    too many bombs, chocolate building up too fast, not enough blues and not enough moves. this level is impossible and that is why I have quit after trying to complete this level for the past 7 months.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t give up just yet! It can be done. Don’t even worry about the green and yellow. They will get collected as you go. Only focus on the blues and clearing chocolate.

      • roxy

        Sometimes the points dint go down when you get the blues greens or yellows smh I think when cc ready for us to wun inly then wed past this level…..smh such cheats

  • Cathy

    I must say this level sucks I honestly have been on it 5 days and have nerve ever gotten close. those blues are impossible they don’t drop enough. I have tried everything I possible that can be done Even if you get enough good moves there are not enough blue to crush it. Help someone. I am not gonna be crushed by this game. I had enough level that took me 2 months I will not waste that much time again. Help … Hey kingdom guys gives us more blue. Lol I am wasting all days playing this even getting extra live from my husband all the time. Help!!!!

  • Cathy

    This level is terrible sucks!!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hey Cathy, it’s a tricky one. But keep at it! It can be done

  • Cameron Christopher

    I was so close i only needed 2 more blues and i ran out of moves, and I haven’t gotten close to beating this level since then.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hey Cameron. Forget about the green and yellow. They will be collected as you play along. Try and only focus on blues and clearing chocolate. You can also try working from the bottom to create the cascade effect. Remember, with more candies cleared from the board come more new blues.

  • RGustafson

    Not enough blues drop, looks like twice as many purple than any other color. I’ve never got more than 70 blues. And the comment of ‘not very many bombs’ is a joke. Bombs all over the place and getting a blue bomb is pretty much a game ender.
    The developers need to play this level and make some changes.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Honestly this is one of the harder levels. But, the blues are there, and I assure you there is a way. Just keep on truckin and you’ll get through it.

      • JenH

        The frustration is spending too much time on 1 level and the game becomes boring enough that many have given up or uninstalled. Suggest that ,makers should allow an easier way 2get through ,after playin a level mayb 15 times.

      • Jennifer LeBlanc

        Funny….I have a copy of a list that was compiled of “hardest levels” and 165 is not one of them.

      • John Powell

        I just completed leave 165 after two weeks and at least 50 failures. The way to win for me was to ignore bombs and chocolate and concentrate on getting as many stripes and wrapped candies as possible. When they all start to go off you get rid of everything on the board quickly so you get more blues and the obstacles get blown up in the process. That worked for me.

  • Dani

    This level has to be bought, I am convinced. Been playing it for a while, even with 2 color bombs + striped candies and didn’t make it! Time to move on to another game. Not enough blues come down unless there is a key to it and we don’t know it!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Dani I assure you it can be done. Spending your money is not necessary.

  • Jack Meoff

    Here’s what I do: I instruct my wife “Michelle” to eat all of the chocolates! (And if you look at her big fat lard-butt, you know that she really enjoys chocolate!)

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      We appreciate your ingenuity.

      • Jack Meoff

        Thanks! And “Lard-Butt” asked me to say hi to you!

  • Christine

    I think there should be an option to skip levels after you’ve been stuck on them for more than a few weeks. This is ridiculous! And the makers of the game need to give out more help options than just saying “keep at it you’ll make it”. Give out more help bonuses. The game is starting to suck!!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Skipping levels is not a bad idea Christine. But where would the fun in that be.

      • Clare

        the fun would be in actually getting to play the game instead of being trapped on a level that you have played countless time and are getting sick of looking at

        • Beverley

          I agree with you!!

      • Ian Channell

        you could More past these boring repetitious levels

  • Marcia Pariser

    Having passed the difficult level of 165 on my iphone I am horrified to see that it hasnt registered when I play on my computer. Its asking me to still play level 165. Surely i should co-ordinate. Any help on this would be appreciated

  • Marcia Pariser

    Having passed this level on my iphone I am horrified to find that it hasnt registered on my computer. It still has me on this dreadful level. Any ideas anyone

    • Vape Escape

      Get rid of the iPhone.

  • Jim Buttz

    After two weeks on level 165 I finally gave up and removed Candy Crush from my ipad!

    • Beverley

      I have been two weeks too and getting tired of it……..

  • Janez Smith

    Candy crush mod, thanks for your tips. I was being to think I would never get pass this level but at last I won tonight on my second try using your tips. To all of you do not give up and use the tips candy crush mod gave us.

  • Bonnie McClarren Fisher

    I join everyone else’s sentiments here. I’ve been on this level for over 2 weeks. I cannot get it! Frustrating. Not enough blues. Even with bombs, etc., I just never quite get there.

  • Richard Wilson

    Just watched the video walk through, there were more blues than I’ve seen in 30 games combined. Not a fun level!

  • Poppi

    How anyone has won this level is beyond me. If the chocolates don’t do you in then it is the bombs. I really do not think they should have both on the same level.

    I think I am going to have to step away from candy crush for awhile.

  • Jodi Kulpinski

    I AM SOOOO sick of this level 165!!! not enjoying anymore…the blue candies do not even show up much!!!! much less 99!!!!! REALLY???

  • Leona Foster

    why do you get boosters like fish but you cant use them they are greyed out or why lives from friends disappear from your inbox

    • Poppi

      You need to click on the red x. Then when you have used your five lives the box will popup then you can click on accept.

  • Flaming Oh

    Level 165 totally sucks. I’d rather look at porn on the internet. At least I feel good afterwards.

  • Lynda Robson

    been o 165 for 2 months I am so over it never enough blues but it cant be impossible as all my friends have passed it except me bored

  • Rudi Riedl

    I was trying since some months now level 165 without any success. Just today when I read this blog I thought to try again. And surprisingly I good nearly to the end (5 blues remaining with 3 moves ,but I could not disable a red bomb). I suggest to the programmer (or candy crush cheat administrator) to change the programm “just a little bit” to increase the probability of “help bonbons” to (slightly) increase the probability to go through the level in reasonable time. Does not make fun to have (with all possible intelligence put in with moves) after hundreds if not thousands attempts only frustration.
    Thanks on behalf of all !
    BTW : writing from Germany so it was not only the cold winter in US !

  • michele

    Yes, this is a horrible level.There are too few blues.After being on this level for almost two months I finally passed it this evening.I also did not have to purchase a thing to do so.Thought about quitting thinking it is impossible to complete this level, but it isnt.It can be done.It takes a lot of patience.Good luck!

  • isobelbaird

    This is really hard and the lowest I have ever got was down to 28 blues it just does not seem doable. I know they say it can be done but how long will it take..

  • isobelbaird

    It can be done. I just got it. I had to use two lollipops to get the last two but I got it and that is what counts. Stick in there.

  • Cindy Barry

    Does anyone know how to use coconut wheels or fish given in the daily spin? Seem worthless to me.

  • Lalita Soni

    i give u id n password mr ki
    ngdom pass ur self thn get it to me

  • Ena

    I think this level is impossible not enough blue come down! I have bought in other levels but refuse to do so in this level. If I don’t get through it this week am not going to play anymore!

  • Cynthia Slattery

    I find it annoying that you can spin the wheel for a daily boost – but you can’t use some of the boosts on this level. How is that fair???

  • Kim K

    It took me 3 weeks, but finally got it! It’s pure luck.

  • J Hine

    Play on a mobile. Wait until the drop gives you 96 blue and easy to remove the first bomb. Don’t collect any greens or yellows deliberately. Don’t even go for 3 blues unless you reallY have too. Wait for 4 blues which leaves you with another stripped blue………

  • susie

    Candy crush king will you please make level 165 less stressful and less diffult to win so everyone can continue to the next level. This is ridiculous. Why make a game this fustrating. .

    • Lee Hyde

      So that you’ll spend money.

  • Daniel Clemons

    I have removed Candy Crush from Facebook and my Kindle. I expressed my frustration to King Games on their web site and didn’t even get a acknowledgement of my input. I am done. Level 165 is purely a luck of the draw when every 8 moves a bomb falls and there are not enough blues to make the 99. Done. Done. Done. Games are supposed to be fun and this level has killed my interest in candy crush.

  • Leni Christoforides

    Been on this level for months. Bored now. Cant be bothered.

  • Beverley

    I am really fed up with this level. Two weeks is more than enough to waste on it. About to give the game away………..

  • pvcraincoat

    i’ve been on this level for month’s now !!

  • pvcraincoat

    that demo is bloody impossible !!

  • Looser

    Impossible tu fullfill…..stripes bonbon enough but no blue ones coming down…stucking for almost 2 Month……guess will drop the game…

  • rookgaroo

    Don’t give up yet! This is probably the worst level I’ve seen yet, but I finally got a board that kept feeding me blue candies. As usual, “tips” and “tricks” are useless because the board is random every time. Just focus on blue, green and yellow and keep an eye on bombs. Other than that you just have to wait for a favorable (blue) board. It took me a couple of weeks, but I finally lucked out. Hang in there! You got this far so you know what’s up. Don’t get suckered into buying anything and don’t throw in the towel.

  • B Shoesmith

    I totally agree with not enough blue ones! I have been stuck at level 165 for weeks and am totally frustrated. Today will be my last day for Candy Crush. I HAD been enjoying it but it has become to frustrating. I am going back to Farmville! I had been playing several times daily, but not anymore!

  • Patrick

    like many other levels, 165 will “let” us win once they have decided we really, really aren’t going to buy anything. WHEN WILL I REMEMBER THAT WE DO NOT PLAY THESE GAMES – THEY PLAY US!

  • sue

    I’ve been stuck for weeks and about ready to quit CC for good!

  • Shirley Brillant

    Thanks for your advise, I finally did it. xx

  • Lisa Lisa

    So irritating! I am almost over CC because of this level

  • Michael

    This level sucks. I am quitting this game because I have been on this level for a month!!!!!!!!!

  • Geo

    Don’t focus on crushing the blues exclusively. First, take care of all bombs as soon as possible. Next, focus on creating special candies and set off as soon as you can. That way you crush more candies total, including the blues, and thereby, more candies appear on the board. It is still hard to get enough blues, but that is what worked for me.

  • Punit

    this is time consuming
    frustrating level

  • Punit

    there should be one more option

    that is you can skip upto 4 or 5 level

    i have played this level near about 60 lives

    but not enough blue

  • Ian Channell

    I wantt to thank Candy Crush level 165. I found the level so frustrating (not the first) that its restored to me a pleasure I had set aside in order to play this game. Yes! I’ve read 2 books in the same time I’ve spent trying to pass this level and found that I enjoy reading far more than playing a wretchedly frustrating pastime that sets up the player for failure adn disappointment. No such feelings with a good book… which is always satisfying. So, thank you creators of Candy Crush and no, I do not ever wish to download Pet Rescue so please stop asking me

  • Mary

    there are definitely not enough blue. I have gotten to 17 blue left and ran out of moves. I have even spent money buying extra time for the bombs. I have been on this level over three weeks. its frustrating as hell. I think they want you to buy buy buy in order to get off this level. this has happened to me with a couple other ones and once I bought extra’s all of a sudden I was through the level:(

  • Ian Channell

    Not enough blues not enough blues not enough blues. Is anyone at CC getting the message? This level doesnt provide enough blues to get it out!

  • megan murtha

    I swear anyone who beat this level met up with the creators or something

  • Ian Channell

    another 8 games of tedious level 165 and insufficient blue candy and So not even close to completing the level. Boring!

  • Ian Channell

    More than 10 days on level 165 & not coming close to completing it. Insufficient blue candy… still. At best count 60 at the most. Tedious boring …

  • florence

    I’m ready to flush it won’t take long now

  • veronica

    Not enough blues and don’t get any extra moves,can’t get past level165 ,about 4 months now ,ready 2 give up

  • Guest

    Totally Agree

  • robwrightmce .

    Don’t give up!! I got stuck on this level for like 6 months or some shit……at least, that’s how long it felt! I’m on 184 now and there’s still loads to go. I know some levels are down to crappy luck, and this is one of them, but you CAN beat it! I thought it impossible, I even gave up candy crush for a while, but then, out of the blue, one game and I smashed it! Good luck guys :)

  • Brittany

    has anyone else been on this level for over a year like me. I really don’t know what else to do everyone I know can beat it one time but I cant do it.

  • Paul Zani

    Level Insane and deleted. Moving on….

  • fran

    Fed up wit this level bin on it for weeks not enough blues

  • Ian Channell

    Still trying to pass this level… weeks now. Others on this level will be surprised to read that ths biggest struggle with the level is… wait for it… an overwhelming lack of blue candy (shock! ) followed closely by an accumulating number of bombs. The level is just a pleasure to play (read facetiousness here)

  • florence

    I’m on that 165 since mai 2, more than a month this is stupid or my board is jinxed no blue ball i counted the last board 46 blue i had not easy to make 99, you take care of the bomb and blue blue blue you said BUT THEY ARE NO BLUEis this so hard to understand?

  • Ian Channell

    This has become ridiculous and boring. Im looking for another game

  • jeannie

    I have come this far but it’s stopped being a fun game. I don’t want to play a game that causes so much frustration so this is it for me. I will go on to something new.

  • Rachel Daly

    I hate this level starting to get fed up at this stage, no fun anymore

  • anne

    I persevered and succeeded :-)

  • AKrebs

    On this level not only fighting with chocolates and bombs but not enough blue. Give us a break……games should be fun not frustration, and that’s what this level is!!!

  • kaiwan raminfar

    I started this game about two months ago,. and now I am @ 267
    This level is not so hard, but absolutely its chancy level,
    Just keep calm, trace for a good move after each,
    Usually we focused on a limited zone and play on that small area,
    And finally good news,
    after this level, 181 and 199, all are easy and fun
    Good luck for all

  • jenn

    Definately not near enough blues and it screws you even more when it drops a bomb no where near anything to help eliminate it. This is a freak in joke!

  • abd

    Go to Arab market .candy crash huckd

  • Hop Sing

    The first tip should be to keep resetting the board until you get a good blue layout. Once I realized it could reset, I passed the level today…

  • choochiemonkey

    I have been playing this level for weeks and finally just looked up this article. After reading the comments, I was about to give up for good. I decided to play one last time and BAM! Got passed the level. I think big candy crush brother is watching me. Or is living inside my brain. Freeeeeaky!!!

  • MadamDeb

    This level is impossible and might be the end of my Candy Crush career.

  • Donna

    has anyone else noticed that sometimes the blues aren’t subtracted from the total needed? I have!

  • Emma Bernabei

    I have noticed that the more combos you make and the more chocolate you destroy, the more blue candies you get. After that, i cleared the level in 3 tries.

  • Wendy Ann Baker

    That right were are the blues

  • Judith Perfect

    What use are gold bars? I thought they bought new lives, but they don’t seem t o.

  • Judith Perfect

    I thought gold bars bought new lives. I have got 11, but I can’t buy any. What do I have to do?

  • JoeMyGod

    Stuck on thi level for two weeks. Came and read this post, did absolutely nothing differently, and cleared the level on the very next try. I cannot explain this.

  • William Huggett

    More BLUES !!!

  • William

    More BLUES !!!

  • doc

    This is stupid. Been on this level for 2weeks and not even close.

  • Terri Lewis

    Have been trying for weeks to get through this level. I agree, you are never given enough blues to succeed . It is very frustrating!

  • Shaun Barton

    The walk through video is a load of bull. You never get that many blues. It would be easy then.