Candy Crush Level 167 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 167.

Level 167 Cheat #2: Make striped + color bomb combo.

candy crush level 167
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  • Combining a striped candy with a color bomb is the best move to clear the most jelly in Candy Crush 167. It is best to combine the color bomb with a striped candy that is the same color as many other candies on the board.

  • Jackie Brown

    What’s that move when all the candies group into one piece and then scatter back out into a completely different board

    • Conan776

      That’s just the shuffle animation on the PC version!

  • wendy von-niessen

    just wanted to let you know that the video for level 167 is really level 166 :(

  • Joey Valure

    you know i rolled right thru 165 and now i’m stuck here…. if you look at the comments for 165 and look at whats posted here you would assume 165 is much harder… but it aint!

  • Boricuanicoya

    I can’t, I just can’t pass this level. No matter how many times I try, I just cannot :(

    • rookgaroo

      Yes you can! It just takes time and luck. I lost count of how many tries it took me, and more than once I got down to one clear jelly before I ran out of moves. Then I got a lollipop hammer on the free spin wheel and wound up not needing it. Restart your board until you see multiple matches and work down from the top, clearing as much as possible before starting the chocolate. Then once the chocolate starts make as many combos as you can. Striped/wrapped combos worked better for me than color bombs. Hang in there and don’t buy anything. You’ll beat it eventually.

      • carol loisel

        what do you meanrestart your board

        • rookgaroo

          I’ve only played this on a Kindle, so I don’t know if this applies to other devices. But on the Kindle you can restart a level by clicking on the door at the bottom corner. This only works if you restart before making your first move. And it doesn’t work on the timed levels. Maybe someone playing on some other device could clear this up some more.

    • slickwillie

      I think it’s set up to stop you unless you buy items to get through. That’s how they make money. I have been stuck here for about 2 months and am about to quit trying.

      • Boricuanicoya

        Don’t quit now… Right after I posted my comment I passed the level.. But there is one level I got sick of and couldn’t pass it, so I deleted the game lol

      • Priyanka

        the cheats are really helpful if you follow them….. and have patience!!

      • Hazel Bennett

        Have been stuck for over 3 months comes back every now and then. Will not spend any money on this

  • Charmaine Miklancie

    The only thing that beats this level are combinations of color bombs and wrapped candies.

  • Sharrys

    I’m trying the tops and cheats on it but I always end up with no more moves and need to start all over again

  • colin

    all these experts who post yes u can beat this level assume that every single player gets the same board every time …. you go on about making combo’s … BUT WHAT YOU DONT REALISE IS THAT YOU DONT ALWAYS GET A COLOUR BOMB .. IN FACT YOU VERY RARELY GET A COLOUR BOMB … so come on experts .. lets see what you have to say now

    • BellaRom

      you have to MAKE them! I am just after passing this level now, the only way worked for me was co MAKE and COMBINE two colour bombs!

  • BellaRom

    The only way which worked for me to pass this level was TO COMBINE TWO COLOUR BOMBS, NOTHING else worked !!!

    • colin

      ok smarty pants .. and how do you make and combine these 2 colour bombs ?

      • BellaRom

        I guess by using ur brains. U can c or should be able to c and predict how the board will look like if u make this or that move. If u are not calculating ur moves whst the point to play it? Just pass the time? This game is for exercizing ur brains, not FINGERS!

  • Jim Dorman

    Thank you! It worked on the first try (easily) after being stuck for about a week. And, I got (by far) the highest score among my Facebook friends 285,000 ish

  • Shirley Cashen

    If you think it’s tough the first time round, wait till you land it as the last of the 3 quests to get to the next level…I keep getting “no more switches” and it shuffles them again, not to my advantage that’s for sure….triple annoyance and frustration

  • Ben

    There’s no skill in this level just luck I hate this level

    • Eieiei

      It is always a mixture of skill and luck. Here I think it is more skill, and less luck, or maybe I had my lucky evening, as I just passed it on the first attempt and got a very good high score :-)

  • JudiMorrisonDunham

    It ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR BOARD! If you get a winning board you can pass a difficult level the first time through. If you get a non-winning board, you won’t pass until you get a winning board. That’s why some players think a level is easy when others think it’s difficult. Depends on the board you start with. 99% luck; 1% skill.

    • Kas11

      good way to look at it, I’ve been stuck on it for 2 days but not playing like crazy, I think key is the candy ball and getting 2 of them or lots of mix and match big candies

      • JudiMorrisonDunham

        You’re right. I am now on level 232 and trust me…it gets a lot more difficult as you progress!

        • Kas11

          Oh I bet, I’m always whining about some level then it dawns on me, it only gets harder lol.. i hate the chocolates though, scared to even ponder what could replace those..

  • John Cocker

    First clear center jelly. After being stuck on this level, the first time I used this hint I got through!