Candy Crush Level 169 Cheats and Tips

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Candy Crush level 169 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Candy Crush Saga game.

Candy Crush Level 169 Video
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  • Shalini Gupta

    very hard…stuck up

  • Nicci Cornett

    I have been stuck on 169 for literally months!!!! This page was NO help at all !!! Thinking about removing the CC app :(

    • Jessica Peachey

      you’ve just had really bad luck. you’ll get past it. the trick I use only works on mobile app. if you enter the level and you can see it’s a bad one, then just close out of it. you won’t lose a life.

  • Brandon Danzer

    fuck candy crush funckin scam artists

    • Blue Lagoon


      We don’t need the likes of you on this forum!
      I passed this level after 12 attempts. As long as you are quick and mathematical thinking it should be easy.

      • dennis coleman

        have filled the orders twice already but did not get 45,000 points,

        • RS

          they want you to pay, level 169 is impossible unless you pay those scam artists DELETED!!!!!!

        • Gaja

          Same issue with me as well

        • NC_Tom

          Same issue with me! I paid the second time.

      • Riffy Raff

        Mathematical thinking? Not really. This is a game of luck, starting when you have your first set of matches for you. When you sit there and say, “oh, there was a candy ball” at the end, it’s set there to make you feel like you need to continue because you were close. If you continue without paying, they will try to persuade by frustrating you by not winning. When you pay, they will get as much as they can from you. It’s a whole different game for paying members and non-paying members.

  • Brandon Danzer

    candy CRUSH IS wack woerst game ever

  • Yuliya Yufa

    Thank you! it was VERY helpfull for me. As soon as start ignore chocolate and stop to worry about strip candies to save for special combination, and just start doing any combos – I came throw as a magic! it’s take me two days this level, I read it today and pass within 5 lives!!!! Thank you/ thank you, thank you!

  • Donna Syvrud

    I believe this level requires payment, I will stop and not play anymore, I have never been on a more hopeless level, thanks for nothing, this is supposed to be not easy but friendly game, sorry I’m not some guru, I actually have other things to do, FYI I have actually spent money before to advance, no more over it !!

  • Marina

    The tip for ignoring the chocolates was amazing! I got through in the first try after I read it. And I was stuck on this level for more than one week. Thank you very much!

    • KW Crosby

      I’ve tried ignoring the chocolates and all I get is way more chocolate and no room for any specials. Wish that worked for me!

  • ron

    Thanks for help. Got it on first try after reading tips.

  • Elaine Williams

    My hair is falling out playing this game. My friends say it is because I am on chemo – I say it is because of the frustration in not spending money to get that extra shot or booster!

    • Tamz Hazelwood

      lol :)

  • RS

    Have to pay to get past this level end of story!!!!!!

    • Angela Carson


  • Angela Carson

    After 100 attempts I finally Collected all orders but in the end got no star. Asked me to pay .99 for more moves. I’m done with Candy Crush.

  • Maureen Edmonds

    ENOUGH, 169 is just TOOOO hard. Getting the wrapped candy only happens too near the end of moves thus impossible to match. AND then! You still have nowhere near the number of points needed!!! And yes, have read the tips etc. and while I’m whinging, the boosters on the wheel seem to be stuck on fishes which are no help.
    Games should be fun, this is no longer fun!

  • Gianina Bogdan

    Samantha, your advise to make combinations without breaking ice is worthless, because you don t have space enough to combine anything, and this level is not so hard…definately not harder then 92, for instance, just break enough ice to have space, then focus on combinations.


    This level sucks! You might get two things you need but after that you are f_cked

  • Viswanathan Deenu

    I am in Level 215 and I am playing Mystery Quest Level 169 for the past four days. Not able to cross the quest. Even if we make the 3 orders, score of 60,000 is not reaching. Low scores for every moves. I think King company is wanted doing this to make us pay money to purchase lives and instant access. Started hating this game

  • Johnny Valz

    For the first time ever I’m contemplating quitting this game. It’s not even enjoyable. I’ve had other tough levels but I always fought thru as I like a challenge but this level is just dumb. I’ve come close twice but noticed even if id gotten it I was nowhere near the points required .. and btw I’ve never paid a penny to advance nor will I.

    • lori

      I agree, I’ve managed to get the orders a number of times, but it is impossible to get 60,000 points! you would need a number of chocolate balls and stripe mixes to do it. I don’t see any way possible to beat this.

  • niki

    theres no reason to spend money.. UNLESS you want too. im only stuck on this for a few weeks as well, i have friends who have completed the game without buying any. its like getting a bad board in bingo. eventually youll get passed it.. no need to cry over it

  • jenn

    This level is BULLSHIT. I get my candies lined up and the game smashes them so of course I dont get credit for them….THEY DONT COUNT. And forget about ignoring the chocolate bc that is a joke. And what really sucks is since the last level I cant even log onto the game using facebook so I cant spin the wheel either. No doubt deliberately done by King so im forced to buy shit……THATS NOT HAPPENING. I’LL DELETE CANDY CRUSH FIRST!

  • maria

    At this level, very difficult makung pair. I believe, they realky want you to make the payment which I keep getting the pop up


    Twice I got the combos but never get the 45000.00 6 weeks of this is enough.give us a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NC_Tom

    I think you have to pay to get beyond this level. Twice I got the 3 combinations but did NOT get the needed points. I was sick of this level so I paid the extortion fee, ( IMHO), to get to level 170.

  • Bud Frawley

    Anybody who remains stuck on a level for months has problems that go way beyond this game. Anybody who then pays to get past this level should seek therapy. It took me four tries after I followed these tips. There’s a heavy dose of luck required. You need to be very skillful to beat this level, but if the candies don’t fall your way, it ain’t gonna happen.

    IMO, paying to continue playing is like cheating at Solitaire. I just don’t see the point.

  • Richard Hamilton

    It can be beaten. My strategy was to get rid of the meringues to give me more options then concentrate on getting points. Also to always be on the lookout to create wrapped candies. No money, Facebook help or boosters.

  • David

    I thought this was really difficult, after struggling for a week…..until I got combos needed four times and failed to get anywhere near the ALSO required 45,000 points. Give up now or spend real money

  • Steve Miller

    i beat 169 after playing my life away hardest board ever levels after so easy its weird all i know is i did it yea i did it dont know why they would make such a hard board and no you dont need to buy anything just the right board and an angel on your side happy dance

  • sigrid

    ive been stuck on this level for months i dont know what to do with this level

  • Tamz Hazelwood

    i cant make all the combos im stuck :( i get the two of them and one i cant figure out how too make the lil one thats in the packet and then u need the other with it how do i do that ?

  • Dot

    I finally got through 168 and found that my extra times were reduced to 3 from 32. What happened to that??

  • mitchellvii

    Lol, I just have to laugh at their sample board. I have done this level over 50 times and it is NEVER that easy. So often you’l get 2/3rds there with a ton of moves left and then the board never gives you a chance to nail the last one.

  • Miguelitomama

    This level is boring, tedious and difficult. I could stand the difficulty if it wasn’t for for time spent matching candies and waiting for the chance to develop the color combos. I might walk away. God knows my time could be better spent elsewhere.

  • JulitaStar

    I detest this level. I stopped playing.

  • Lori Ferguson

    I just started this level. . Insane… I do love a challenge but this is ridiculous. I’m going to just spend a week or more collecting items from the daily booster wheel. I’ve done this before with other difficult levels and got through. They are free.

  • Eieiei

    The level has changed. The chocolate fountains are gone. It’s just plain, nasty chocolate now on the outside. however, this won’t make the level so much better. It still has too few moves, and getting some of the required combinations remains a thing of random only.

  • Eieiei

    The level changed: the chocolate fountains are gone, it’s just plain, pesky chocolate now.

    Seems to be much easier now, as I passed after just playing a couple of times…

  • Tricia

    Hi guys I’m stuck on this level too. Is so frustrating.
    BUT I have another problem. When I spin the daily booster wheel it keeps telling me it can contact the server and to restart the app. I have done that. turned off my ipad for 4 hours. reconnected to WIFI and it still does’t work. Any suggestions?

  • charnit

    Hate this level, will delete CC once again….