Candy Crush Level 181 Cheats & Tips

This is tip 2 of 3 for Candy Crush level 181.

Level 181 Cheat #2: Clear the side blocks with a wrapped candy + striped candy combo. (More tips below on clearing side blocks). Next >>

candy crush level 181

The jellies on the left & right side of level 181 of Candy Crush takes so many hits to clear that it is impossible to beat without special candies and special candy combos. Here are the best special candies and special candy combos to use in this level:

  • The best special candy combo to use on this level is a wrapped candy + a striped candy combo. Make sure it is in the optimal position before you activate it.
  • A sprinkle candy + a striped candy can also help you on this level, but make sure there are many of the same colored candies you have on the board that are the same color as the striped candy.
  • Horizontal special candies are obviously needed in order to clear the side blocks on level 181, but there are not enough moves for these to be effective on their own.
  • A wrapped candy + a wrapped candy is not going to help you at all.
  • A sprinkle candy + a sprinkle candy (which is helpful on almost any Candy Crush level!) will not be of much help either, since that combo only eliminates every candy on the board, but will not be effective on the blocks unless there is a candy touching it.
  • Donna Sutton

    I need someone to tell me how to beat level 180 pleaae

    • Kat

      The key is to combine striped candy with bomb candy as close to the bottom as you can.

  • Rica Jones

    I had everything all set up and then an unexpected cascade screwed it up. SIGH!

  • Susan McMillin

    In the example up above there is purple candies?! I don’t have purple candies on level 181. Maybe that’s why I’ve been stuck for weeks?!!

  • Frances Dimond

    181 is ridiculous….been there for over a month…..stupid me….

  • Tish Jolley

    181 it the hardest level I have ever been on they dont give you enough moves to beat this level. I just about ready to give up on candy crush and find me a new game,, I been on the level for months, its stupid,

    • Sue

      It feels impossible!!!

    • DAC

      I agree but I can’t find any good games!

    • Elincor

      Someone I know who has been on level 340 for a long time is starting to feel despondent!

  • Andrew

    Cheats Translation: It’s all luck.

    • DAC

      Really? Really? I hope you’re right.

  • Chris L. Johnson

    Actually…if you can get two wrapped candies on either the left or right edge, the giant explosion is enough the hit the blocks…but it throws it out of ‘sync’ with the other side.

  • carole

    this level is so hard and have read and re-read and still to not understand. do not get which ones vertical or horzontal knock out the side with the cherries.

    • DAC

      I feel ya’. I still don’t understand it either. I’m not sure it even is understandable. I’m so over King’s little tricks, like forced bad sprinkle ball moves (because there ARE no other possible moves), repeated re-shuffles…I mean back-to-back. It’s not a fair fight. It’s hideous, yet I can’t break away from Candy Crack. I’m just gonna sit here, all catatonic, playing on “cruise control” and just hope to hell for Divine Intervention.

  • Fozi Az

    if i pass this Level .. i’m gonna make a video for me dancing naked with scarves and upload it on the web … if … if … if i pass this hard as hell level ..
    OMG .. it’s been a month :( :( :(

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t worry Fozi, you’ll get there! But when you do, you may want to keep that celebration video private haha.

      • Fozi Az

        i did it .. i did it .. i did it .. !! :D :D :D

        ok i will keep it private :D :D

        • Candy Crush Cheats


    • Keith

      did you get passes level 181. Missed the video. :)

      • Fozi Az

        no :D
        but i’m on level 410 now … so i’m going to make two videos if i pass it too :D

  • Ashish

    after trying so many times in a week finally i cleared this level

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      That’s awesome. Congrats!

      • Dave Saccs

        this game can kiss my ass

  • Melissa Danielle

    I paid for extra moves to finally get the first cherry to drop, and then the second cherry never appeared!! It says to get 2 cherries to win, but how is that possible if the second cherry isn’t even in the game?! I spent over $10 to finally beat the level and I got screwed over! I don’t mind spending a few bucks here and there to pass a level, but this is just unacceptable. Unless you can make this right, I am DONE with Candy Crush! Very disappointed….

    • Tasha Blevins Crawford

      i thought the same thing but the second cherry is on the otherr side of the screen, there r u cherries!!

  • indypack

    This level sucks! I can’t even get close even with all different strategies.

  • Priyanka E

    This level is impossible.. tried everything wasted so many lives, i feel games are for fun but this level is just spoiling the fun… so i have to find some other fun game n give up on candy crush..

  • Conan776

    I gave up on this and went and crushed candies in Dreamworld all week. Gave it another go this afternoon and got the cherries to the bottom on the 2nd try. It can be done!

  • Debbie

    181 is driving me totally crazy! Been struggling on it for weeks and I’m on the verge of deleting the game! However I’m not a quitter so I’ll just walk away for awhile and try a new game.

  • pandoraknopp

    Why so much conflicting information….One person says ” ignore wrapped canids, as they are not much good to help” another says ” wrapped candies are the key to this level”
    No wonder we get confused!

  • mrgreen

    kiss my ass level 181

  • Sam

    I have been trying to win this level for so long it is getting boring. In order to win you need to clear the side blocks which need to be hit a total of ten times on each side.

    • Claudia Bontrager

      try 15 times on each side

  • Sam

    I should have made my post below sooner. I just won this level. I am so happy, :)

    • Ayesha Iftikhar

      lucky you………… :(

  • Richard Wilson

    A hundred games and haven’t got it yet. This sucks!

  • Marcia Pariser

    This is a nighmare of a level. Been at it for 2 weeks seems an impossibility

  • Brenda Mathis

    This level 181 is making me nuts. I get so close, and just before I can win, I run out of moves. This level sucks!!!!

  • Brandie Gibbons

    this is by far the most frustrating level. I have been stuck here for over a month, if i don’t have any luck by the end of March i am giving up playing Candy Crush. You are suppose to enjoy it not get frustrated with it, it’s just way to hard to do

  • Jørn E. Svanem

    eat my shorts

  • Patsy Williams Russell

    I just can not win this one 181, I have tryed every thing, about ready to give up on this .

  • MazzaJay

    You’re right. Level 181 is impossible. Just not enough moves to even get started. it gets boring when success is not an option.

    • MessyMaddie2

      My friend beat it the first time he played 181. I however have been on it for over two months. I mean really, it’s not like they are giving away millions of dollars when you win the level, so why do they want to make it so hard to get. It’s all set up anyway, because I notice that when it gets close to letting you win you start getting a lot of big moves in the few games before the win, lol.

  • Poppi

    I have been on this level for two weeks now. At first it was fun. Now it is boring. I really do not know if I will keep playing. :(

  • MazzaJay

    I have to confess that, after posting for the first time here yesterday, today I just managed to beat this level. The trick for me was to make as many horizontal striped candies as possible and use them when they are in the right place. At the start, I was trying to save them to combine them with stripes or wraps, but to use them straight away seemed to work better. And is it just me, or are the coloured balls totally useless in this levels?!

  • PaulF2

    I have an even better strategy than this walkthrough. Just play the game ten thousand times until pure luck beats it for you. I call it the “give enough monkeys enough typewriters approach.” Because that’s the only way to beat this level without just buying your way through it with bonuses.

  • Julie

    181 is very hard, but unlike other levels it is sooo boring, i find myself playing it less and less, which is a shame as I’ve enjoyed Candy Crush for months now.

  • Julie

    How come you can only use ONE of the bonus spins??

  • Julie

    Ive done it, dont know how, but i have!!