Candy Crush Level 199 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 199.

Level 199 Cheat #3: Create special candy combos.

candy crush level 199
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  • For some extra help in clearing the top half of the bord, try and form special scandy combos at the bottom of the board
  • A striped candy plus another striped candy will strech vertically and horizontally. This way you clear out area at the top and the bottom

  • Richard Wilson

    Really tired of being stuck on a level forever. Think it’s time to quit.

  • Julie

    199 is so frustrating, sometimes i cant hit any at the top before I’m out of moves, the fun has definitely gone out of it for me.

  • PaulF2

    Ahh, now I see what I’ve been doing wrong. I need to have lots and lots of speckled candies just fall into my lap. Why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, thanks for that tip!

  • Punit

    now bored with this game

    this is so frustrating

  • ronmanager

    In that video they get loads of colour bombs – that NEVER happens. If it did then this level wouldn’t be a problem!

    • Eieiei

      I just passed this level after playing it two times, and didn’t have a single color bomb. But a lot of striped and some wrapped candies can be produced, and when combined they already help a lot.
      I didn’t have many moves left, but the score was still good for three stars :-)

  • royal

    i been stuck for at least two months this one is 99%LUCK and Zero skill too many moves wasted just to get the stripped candys or combinations any ideas other th as n quit the game ?

    • Dark Assassin

      gee, dude. candy crush is ONLY luck and practically no skill. you can be stuck for two weeks on a level that seems impossible to complete, and then one morning you dsimply do the highest score with your first try… yeah, great skills..

      • Connor Smith

        Actually if your good enough, you can win a candy crush level almost every time, for example, I know people who can spend hours on the timed levels because they are so good at getting the plus 5 seconds.

      • Eieiei

        Yes, this is true. it just happened too often that I was stuck for a week or two, and at one day just everything went so smooth while I failed the levels so far from the target before.
        And miraculously on that days also other games work so much better…

  • Melanie Pierluigi

    What I’ve realized about these levels is that you WILL eventually succeed. If you play it long enough and don’t give up, you will eventually get lucky. That’s all it really is. Luck and perseverance.

  • travelgalkc

    Definitely hate this level & waste the limited amount of tries just to get a good combo to clear the top! Boooooo

    • RezRising

      You need to learn the time trick. On mobiles, you can set your time ahead and you get instant lives, over and over again.

  • Shirley Cashen

    Pretty hard to clear the top first when you can’t even make a move to start there in the first place

    • Eieiei

      Of course you will clear the BOTTOM first. This is the easy task. But with every move you make on the bottom you have to look carefully for combinations that will make VERTICAL striped candies or wrapped candies.
      Use wrapped candies only in combination with a striped one (of any direction)… Also striped + striped combo can help to clear the board when you get stuck.
      Once the top board has cleared up a bit, you must start making these combinations there, too.

  • Jerry Skelley

    I just got it after being stuck here for a week! There IS a definite strategy, but it’s a bit counter-intuitive. The “ideal” way is to get a color bomb next to any striped candy and try to get lots of candies the color of the stried one BEFORE you blow up the color bomb. But that takes lot of luck. The way I just did it was to reset the the board as needed so that I can easily make one vertical stripey, then strive to make horizontal striped candies, which is relatively easy, and slide them together to clean off the marmalade candies. Continue this till you can work the top, but watch both top and bottom for a chance to make one color bomb to match with a any stripey. Some luck is still required, but as I worked on my strategy I got consistently improved results.

  • gary126

    I agree. Who ever wrote these cheats made them up. I’ve done what is being suggested and still cant get past this level. One week now.

  • Savannah

    I’m just letting everyone know- this level is really, really, REALLY hard. Of course I don’t want you to get discouraged, I’ve been stuck on it for weeks but pushed through and just best it now. My tip is to reset your board until you have at least one (preferably more) moves that’ll make special candies. And always look out for moves to make any sort of special candy, regardless of what board you need to clear. For me, I beat this level on sheer luck. I had a board that landed two colour bombs right on top of each other, and then not soon after a colour bomb/striped candy combo,
    And one striped/wrapped candy combo. With about 30 moves left to spare. Regardless, good luck!!!