Candy Crush Level 210 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 210.

Level 210 Cheat #2: Reset the board.

candy crush level 210
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  • Keep resetting your board until you get a strong starting position on the right-hand side–one with less candy-color variation and one that can maximize your chances of forming two color bombs.

  • Natalie Stewart

    Thank you! I did exactly what you said and it worked 1st try!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Awesome. Congrats!

      • Judith Laber

        Why could you answer this positive post and none of the ones that are having trouble????

        • Sharleen


          • Judith Laber

            The frustration has been building for a loooong time now.  Is King not able to fix the CCS problem for Facebook users????
            Thank you for trying to help.


            Judith Laber

      • roktim

        when I two color bomb mixed then that one hit only right side but why that problems please solve it quickly.

      • Alice Williams

        CANDY CRUSH…fix level 210…two color bombs doesn’t work on window 7 very frustrating…HELP US!!!!

        • Christine

          Still not working. On a laptop and tried everything except spending $$s. When will this be fixed?

      • Blaksbbth

        There not going to fix this on the PC version, they just want you to
        spend money on extra moves and power ups, in fact they crippled the pc
        version for this very reason

      • Karen Meske


        • Charles Lindberg

          i just beat level 210 about a minute ago ON a hewlitt packard laptop, was on it about three days, so if anyone tells you on here it can’t be done, it can……i had to buy 5 dollars of bars, first time i bought anything off of them only because everyone here said it can’t be beat w/o using a phone, it was either that or quit so i decided to blow the five bucks and see………. and i DID beat it… it is possible

          • billie


          • SW

            I finally used my iPAD to play level 210 and yes, the two colored bombs will clear the left side…it is doable. Just wish I had read these comments earlier…wasted so much time trying to clear the board and wasting the daily prizes. I will use my iPad or phone more often for candy crush.

          • billie

            after today i am saying BYE BYE BYE

          • XOXO

            You shouldn’t have had to buy anything. That’s BS on King’s part. They suckered you into it.

        • Suzy Gowen Cervin

          I only got an android phone about 3 weeks ago, so I totally get not wanting to buy a phone just to play a stupid game. I have been stuck on level 210 on my laptop for about 10 days and combining color bombs never worked. I just played on my phone for the first time after reading these posts. I cleared level 210 on my first try. The color bomb combo does clear the licorice. If you don’t have a phone, you don’t have to buy one. Just borrow a friend’s phone or tablet and use it to log in through FB and it will sync with the account you have on your laptop. Before I got my android phone I had a really old flip phone but I did know people with androids or smart phones or iPods or something.

    • whatsyouragenda?


      • Natalie Stewart

        Think what you want. I’m on 394 now. I come here whenever I’m stuck and, most of the time, the advice works.

        • whatsyouragenda?

          WELL THAT ONE DOESNT.. its not a matter of opinion, but FACT

          • jb

            fella, this works on an Iphone – give it a try there. does NOT work on a windows laptop

          • whatsyouragenda?

            I d0ont have a human tracking device/ I leave my computer at home

          • Paul

            Yeah, I’ll go out and buy an iphone just for this. Great advice!

          • jb

            look, putz, I was just trying to share a bit of knowledge. I hope that someone else like you, without an Iphone, can provide to you a workaround but this will get some folks past this level

          • XOXO

            You’re the PUTZ. You don’t see the problem that only iPhone users can clear the level? Are you really that dense?

          • Charlyn Jordan

            Candy Crush fault! Would never have started playing if I knew this. Will sure get it out there on Facebook if your on a laptop or computer may as well quit playing you won’t get past level 210.

          • whatsyouragenda?

            because I dont need 1452 devices… I guess I can stop playing a stupid game

          • XOXO

            And why not? King should make the game work across all devices. We have the technology – I guess they don’t? You don;t find it suspicious that only iPhone users can clear the level? $$$$

        • Kati

          I’ve been stuck on this level for couple of months now. Usually I play
          on my laptop, but just now I took my iPhone and cleared this damn level
          210 at first shot! Did match two colour bombs and it cleared the whole
          left side. So looks like it does matter what device you’re playing. I
          was so frustrated this game already, but now I can move on.. finally!!!

          • billie

            i started out playing candy crush for relaxation fun but it has done right the opposite what happened to the key we were supposed to get in order to get past 210 ? BYE BYE at least for awhile

        • billie

          how much did they pay you for saying that ???????

    • billie


      • Natalie Stewart

        500k. I’m posting this just outside a thatched hut in Bora Bora, while 2 cabana boys fan me with oversized palm fronds.

        Srsly. If you’re so frustrated with the game that you see conspiracies, turn off your PC/phone/tablet, go outside and take a breath of fresh air.

  • Ahmad Yasni Yahya

    damm hard..

  • Samantha Rivera

    Yayy Thanks!

  • how do I reset the board

    how do I reset the board?

    • James

      To reset hit the yellow arrow in the lower left corner then hit the red circle. It takes you back to start. As long as you don’t make any moves you can see the board and go back without using a life. Keep doing this until the board looks favorable. You can also manually move your clock ahead to get new lives at any time. Just open candy crush and get the new lives then move you clock back.
      Why is the mod not answering that combining two color bombs does not work? One person said it works and they answered, many say it does not and no answer.

      • how do I reset the board

        I don’t have a yellow arrow on the board just the red circle so now what?? It took a life

        Make this a Great Day!!

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        (f) 406-259-8677

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Candy Crush Level 210 Cheats and Tips

        • James

          It is the thing in the bottom left that is yellow with an arrow and three dots. You hit this and it takes you to a menu with four options. The red square with an arrow going back will take you back to the start screen. As long as you did not make a move, it will not count a life. You can do this multiple times. Keep doing it to restart the level until you have a move for a four or five. Once you have a good first move, make it, and the level starts.

          • how do I reset the board

            there is no yellow anything on the screen. The only thing that there is would be the red dot. This is in candy crush and dream world.

          • Joanna Skrzyp

            You are talking about the ipad or android, not on the PC.

          • James

            This is the I phone. It is the menu bar in the lower left corner. This is where you would turn off the sound or make other changes. You can open a level and as long as you do not make a move, you can back out with a few clicks and start the level again and the board will be reset. You can keep doing this until you have at least a 4 move or some other favorable pattern. Or if you get half way through a level and it is clear you will not pass, you can end game (this will cost a life) and start again.

          • Joanna Skrzyp

            Yes , I know that working reset board on I phone, I pod and android.On the PC reset board is impossible.

          • James

            Thanks. I have never played on the PC. By the way, mixing the two color bombs worked fine for me. Not sure why others have had problems with this.

          • Eryn Frank

            Mixing the bombs on the PC version only clears right side of board, since you are playing on iphone, maybe I’ll try my ipad and see if it clears the whole board

          • DangerGirl

            Mixing Color bombs only works on PC not in ipadversion

          • Mark Guilmett

            doesn’t work on this PC, i have been trying for over a month now, i have had multiple color bombs they only clear out the right side?????

      • bob

        I see the yellow arrow on the videos, but not mine

  • Niki Mar

    i have mixed two color bombs a thousand times and candies vanished only in the right side of the board…WHY THIS SHIT HAPPENS? Do you know?

    • flair

      same here.

    • katy liv

      same here, we’ll never pass the level I guess… :/

      • eliza

        ME I have been on this for 3weeks as for the bobbsonly gets rid on right hand side. getting really pissed off now.

        • billie

          SAME HERE

    • bob

      same here, the color bombs only hit the right side and candies exposed on the left. It doesn’t even touch the liquorish on the right.

    • Harsh

      same here

      • billie


    • Christine

      me as well

    • Cheryl Heiner Gerding

      Ditto for me and all it did was waste to color bombs!!

    • Susan Sanderson-Downing

      and me.. so annoying!!!

  • Karen Curreri

    did what you said and only cleared on the right side board

    • Ammad

      yes i agreee

  • Joanna Skrzyp

    I do this level more times, why can not I get rid of licorice swirl on the left side?
    I mixed two color bombs, and only the right side of the die.

    • flair

      WHAT I DID TO GET PAST LEVEL 210. I was able to combine enough combinations that opened up about 15 on the left side. I kept at it and spent 10.00 in buying extra moves to get out of it. I was so mad about this level I was more than willing to put out cash.

      • Joanna Skrzyp

        I stop play with this shit…, I can’t buy extra moves, boosters .
        I’m very, very frustrated.The 210 level is horrible.

        • billie


        • billie

          i agree i dont think there is a way of getting past 210 i’VE TRIED EVERYTHING they have said ro do and NOTHING i am FED UP i am going to stay away for awhile and MAYBE when i come bac [ IF EVER ] things will be different BYE noow i cant line up to get the stripes GO GO CANDY CRUSH back to the DEVIL

      • billie

        i have tried all of that the ones on the left dont open and a time or two i have been real close but no more lives i have tried getting more by clicking on like and share guess what ? nothing///////// SO I AM QUITING at least for a while because this level is literally makeing me SICK

      • KJean

        And that’s how THEY win. They just want our money. I refuse. There are PLENTY of other games out there to waste my time on!!!

        • Pearl Thompson

          I feel the same we all stop playing

    • cirocira

      it took me the first time about a week to pass this level. my son messed with the computer and I had to start all over and I just passed this level using about 3 days and I can not tell you how many lives. I combined the colored bombs like they said and NOTHING!!! However the first time around, it was a success we combined the bombs and it took everything away left to right. Don’t know what they did to mess this up…. Frustrating I feel your pain.

      Oh and the first time after that week my husband took over and matched EXACTLY as I had been for that whole week and I almost fell over that it worked for him and not me.

    • Hortenseàsoir

      try with another platform

    • Ladie Hawk

      this level only works on a mobile phone or i-pad. if you dont have one, have a friend play it for you… you;ll move quickly through the rest of them

      • Linda Youngblood

        Thank you Thank you !!! I passed using my iphone on the 2nd try. Have been trying forever to do this!!!!

    • Kurt F. Kojzarek

      That’s the same problem I’m having. It only clears the right side. is there a flaw ??? It’s impossible…

      • billie


        • walt

          I think the only way ppl get past 210 is to load a hack or buy extra moves.

          • Anthony Griffin

            Every level gets you closer to buying.

      • Shane Mc Loughlin

        There is indeed a glitch with this level on facebook since july

        • Linda LaRosa Fudge

          I don’t think its a glitch. I think they want us to spend money for more turns.

          • gailsastitch

            I will quit the game first!!!!!

          • Miha

            You have to get at least one candy on the left side before you can use 2 color bombs to destroy all the licorice swirls

          • gailsastitch

            Sorry Miha but it does not work. Two candy bombs will only clear the spots that have candy on them. Never the licorice on the left side. 30 plays is not enough to finish this level. It does not follow the example shown on this site.

          • Pearl Thompson

            had same problem

          • KJean

            Sorry Gail, but it doesn’t work. According to a wiki page the two color bomb combo ONLY works on MOBILE devices. Not on the Facebook game, which is how I play (and I’m guessing Miha does too). THe article said this has been voted one of the hardest levels. I’m just going to stock up on freebies. Will NEVER pay them!!!!!

          • Pearl Thompson

            me too

          • sonya

            on freebies it says use now or unlock for later.. How do you unlock??

          • Angela Mary Hudson

            The double bombs only work on mobile phone, not on PC x♥

          • evilposty

            no it doesn’t f..king work

          • Iain Hay

            Yeah this is just impossible. I’ve tried mixing the colour bombs, only clears right hand side, hit SO many wrapped and striped, away from the colour bombs so as to keep them for later, that I can rip into half of the left, but still not enough moves left. This is practically impossible.

          • Debbie Hockett Moles

            I tried that Miha and it didn’t work.

          • Debbie Hockett Moles

            No, that is not right Miha. I tried that and it didn’t work.

          • Pearl Thompson

            I tried that still didn’t work for me they just want you to buy more turns

          • Carol Perry Smith

            That doesn’t work for me.

          • Carol Perry Smith

            That doesn’t work for me.

          • Barbara Dunn

            I just did

    • billie

      will someone PLEASE tell me if i am wasting my time or spinning my wheels if so i can go on to something else is it what i am playing on or what ? i am really tired of this level and would like to move on but if there isn”t a chance let me know

    • Ajith

      This is very simple to pass this level. Just install the android version and connect with your Facebook account. then play level 210. while using android version, Mixing-up two color bombs will clear the left side also.

      • Jane Smith

        YES!!!! I have spent the last two week trying to pass this level on my lap-top- everyone’s right- the two bombs combo does not wok. I played on my Android phone, and withing three tries I made it!!!

        • Pearl Thompson

          what if you don’t have ipad or android your just f;;;;;

    • kccole

      I felt lucky when 2 color bombs dropped side by side on 2 different occasions. I too set them off and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened. It did not clear the left side. What a wasted move! I only read these tips for anything that may help me in my play. I will not ever pay to play. This tips does not work!!!!

    • dj

      theyve changed the format so its now not possible to do unless you pay ..which is not fair

    • gailsastitch

      I have gotten two bombs together several times but it only clears the right side. Nothing seems to clear the left side of more than 3 or 4 spots. I may have found the level that breaks my addiction to this game. Maybe not a bad thing.

      • KJean

        EXACTLY!! Good way to look at it. Plenty of other games out there to get addicted to! LOL

    • Michele

      The video is fake. The left side doesn’t clear for me either when I match 2 color bombs

    • Debbie Hockett Moles

      I am doing the same thing. I am about to quit this game.

    • Barbara Dunn

      You can only do it from a mobile phone (with big screen) or Ipad…..they say it’s a glich…..I’ve already quit

    • Carol Perry Smith

      I’m having the same problem. Very frustrating!!!

    • Carol Perry Smith

      I’m having the same problem. Very frustrating!!!

    • Eieiei

      King intended to make the level a little bit harder. Now it is insanely hard.
      But it is even more striking, how very well the colors are distributed randomly on the left side, i.e. in most cases there is nothing to combine even when a lot of licorice swirls have been removed.
      This is even more surprising when you see how badly a statistical distribution happens on other games; e.g. in bubble witch you will not get the needed bubble color to progress for ten bubbles in a row so very often that it already stinks.

  • Mike Morgan

    why is it that on level 210 I lower the top left candy bomb to the bottom left candy bomb, I then join them, yet the lightning strike only clears the right side, not the swirls that cover the jellies on the left?

    • flair

      Same thing for me. I am thinking this makes it impossible to get through this level. I am on a laptop – not sure if that matters. Any ideas?

      • AngelaM

        I’m on a laptop too but I don’t see why that should make any difference. It seems that this level’s format was changed in July because two colour bombs apparently cleared the board. Now they don’t want us to get past it at all. Anybody would think there was a cash prize involved! lol. I’m getting really fed up with this level.

        • Charlyn Jordan

          Same here will NOT work! Have busted 2 color bombs many times! If you can’t do this level on a computer they need to take it off of facebook! Why bother!

  • Patty

    I have combined he 2 color bombs also and only clear the right side. Also who knows how to reset the board. I have heard of this but can’t get an answer?

    • Linda Sliva

      same for me, I even tried clearing a few on the left before the color bomb combo , tried the combo horizontal and verticle and in only gets the top right of the licorice , and the right side, why on the videos does it show it works and not for me
      I am playing the facebook version not the app

      • Judith Laber

        That is what I am playing and never get a response to my request for help or explanation of why the game is not working as it is demonstrated.

      • whatsyouragenda?

        they dont care.. they jsut want you to spend some $$

      • Blaksbbth

        The pc version of the game was intentionally crippled to force player into buying moves and power ups, but officially King is saying that they fixed this level and now it is the way it was intended to be (almost impossible without spending money)

    • saurabh

      combining two color bombs will only work in Anriod, iPhone and iPad.. not in PC version… hard luck guys

      • DangerGirl

        Not true it does not work in ipad

    • Dev Vallencourt

      Resetting the board works with iPad, not thru Facebook.

  • Joanna Skrzyp

    This level is very frustrating. I’m not understand why this is so.
    Nobody answers….

  • Margie Wiggill

    Does anyone know why only the right side clears when I combine two colour bombs ?

  • Jeff Watton

    Level 210 is broken. No longer will a double color bomb clear the licorice. FIX IT because we can go no further till you do.

    • bob

      I sen a message to King…. no response

      • billie


    • Charlyn Jordan

      2 months later still doesn’t work!

      • billie

        i am NOT coming back to this level after today candy crush is just teasing us with like and share doesn”t work i have tried it lots of times so put this level [ you know where ] i MAY see you again

    • billie

      i agree you need to do something

  • S4D0 M4S0

    Impossible ! T.T

  • Judith Laber

    Looks like we are all having trouble with the color bombs taking out the left side. I have no trouble getting the color bombs to the bottom but when I connect them they only clear the right . Help!!!!

  • doug9694

    I would say there is a difference in the games played on the phone and those on the PC. The PC version does not have the yellow arrow and two color bombs do not clear the left panel. Only about two of the black swirls on the top right. My guess is that PC users don’t spend money on games like phone user and we get the shaft.

    • Mike Stepp

      well, I would think eventually that will play against them in the long run when people do what they did with Farmville & stop playing. If that’s what they want, by all means CC, keep ignoring us.

  • saurabh

    join two color bomb will only work in Anriod, iPhone or iPad. It will now work in PC version of this game. Its a bug in the game… hard luck guys…

    • DangerGirl

      It does not work on ipad. I’ve hit2 Color bombs multiple times and only clears right side

  • DangerGirl

    Mixing two Color bombs does not work on iPad or MAC – if this is a glitch it needs to be fixed as there is no way to pass is level otherwise

  • DangerGirl

    Okay I stand corrected it does work however you have to get the two color bombs to hit at the very bottom on the left side of the right side board They must hit together on the lower left side of the right board. I managed to make that happen on the 6 the move move and wow 90% of the board was cleared off it only took me less than 20 moves to win this level

    • whatsyouragenda?

      done it a few times without coming here first and it did not work

    • Alison

      I did this by accident and it worked! I only had a couple of moves left so the next time I made the top bomb fall to the bottom one and hey presto!!

      • whatsyouragenda?

        obviously you are not doing it on a laptop

    • Lynn Lewis

      I have matched two color bombs on the bottom-right side AND the bottom-left side. didn’t work either time. I’m on a PC laptop.

    • Tamara

      Did you do that on your laptop or your phone? Laptop won’t work for me

  • Mina Cooley McWhorter

    all of the instructions say 2 bombs but that doesn’t work, seems like there may be a glitch or the programmers didn’t like that it cleared them all. I see no other way to win this level

  • Hortenseàsoir

    Doesn’t work on my PC but did it on the first shot with my i-phone

  • Kitty Lynn Bryan

    I find it interesting that candy crush has only responded once in this thread and that was when someone saifd it worked perfectly! How do you expect folks to continue to like a game if they are well and truly stuck, and the “cheat” you provide does not work correctly?

  • PandJ Peterson

    I guess I am done with CC. This level appears to be broke. 2 balls do nothing except clear the right side. It is impossible.

  • Coleen Pruyn

    The color bomb thing does not work at all

  • Betty Pruitt

    Please tell me why the 2 color bombs won’t work for most of us.Answer please!

    • Alison

      It worked for me but only if you manage to get them on the bottom right hand corner! Try to get the top one onto the bottom one and that cleared it for me. It didn’t work on any other position on the board.

      • Tamara

        Didn’t work for me either

      • Diane

        Several times I got the top right color bomb down to the bottom and combined the two in the lower right hand side. Only cleared the right side of the board. Never worked for me to clear the licorice on the left side of the board.

      • Dev Vallencourt

        Nope, I have tried on both bottom corners and only the right side is cleared. Playing on a Mac>Safari>Facebook

      • billie

        didn”t work for me either

      • Mardel

        I just tried on the bottom right corner with two color bombs. Does not work, doens’t even break one licorice swirl. And I don’t understand what people are talking about whtn they say reset the board. Does that mean forfeiting lives? I happend to beat this leven one time a few months ago after being stuck for months on the level. It was a fluke that I even beat it. Now I’m starting a new game, because I was stuck on my other game in the 300’s. What a frustrating game. It’s boring when you have to try over and over and over to beat any of the levels.

  • Alison

    You need two colour bombs at the bottom right corner let the one from the top drop to the one on the bottom and it clears the whole of the left hand side! It has just took me a week to discover this!

    • Lynn Lewis

      Did not work

  • Jessica Beavers

    In order for this to work you cannot be on the computer version. It works on my android devices but not my laptop.

  • mike

    After reading the post here I had the same problem om my PC went to my Android and worked first time.

  • Sarah McNally

    Ok, so I have matched the two left color bombs every time I play this level. But, not once has it cleared the left part of the screen. Only the “active” screen gets cleared. I don’t get it.

  • Robin Fitzgerald

    if you want to pass this level, play it on and iphone, ipad or Android… after several hundred attempts on a laptop it only took 4 tries on my Kindle… the two color bombs together will clear the left side on those devices!

  • Gina Charles

    Hey guys I just passed this level it seemed impossible to do so when played on the PC, i read in the comments that the two color bomb only clears from the left of the board to the right only when played on your android phone/tablets. I tried it and it really worked!. Don’t give up give it try.

  • Judith Laber

    Still waiting for answers to the problem. Can this color bomb problem be fixed????? Lots of people having trouble.

    • Sharleen

      Are you still waiting? :)

      • Judith Laber

        Yes I am!!!  You are the first to respond to any of my inquiries.  What’s going on with the game.  ????

        • Sharleen

          I too got frustrated, I ended up paying for extra lives to pass it, I’m now on level 215. I don’t know what’s wrong with that level??? I’m only a player

          • Judith Laber

            Just wanted you to know I leveled up to 2ll .  The colored bombs never did work but I am sure that thanks to you after “many” frustrating hours and weeks of play I am now on my way.  Thank you again and I hope that soon those that are struggling with this level will find a way out thanks to people like you. Have a great day , week end.
            J laber

          • Sharleen

            Aww that’s great you’ve passed that painful level, had a full-on weekend so been playing abit today. You have a great week too :)

          • Judith Laber

            Thank you!!!!

  • Shahina Bilquis

    I cleared this level by combining two colored bombs some time back , but my wife is unable to do the same now , there seems to be some change made by candy crush intentionally.

  • jb

    Frustrating when they give bad advise….in one game I set off TWO double color bomb combinations and it was totally useless…this was on a laptop/windows

  • jb

    ok – this one really killed me for reasons others state below until I played it on my Iphone – when you double up the color bomb there which is pretty easy, it clears the licorice. Won the level on second try

  • sillysue2

    Doesn’t work any more no matter how many times you combine color bombs, or which bombs you combine – it only clears the right side and maybe one licorice square. I’m quitting until such time as they fix it. No sense playing a game set up so you can’t possibly win. Too many other games out there!

  • sillysue2

    Just combined THREE color bombs on the left column – they cleared 3 columns on the right side but left TWO color bombs on the far right column. I combined them and all they cleared was the three columns to the left – NEVER TOUCHED the licorice side. I’ve tried every combination possible in the past month – this level does NOT WORK! (I’m playing on my laptop)

    • whatsyouragenda?

      three color bombs dont combine..

      its a lame POS… i have been trying to get passed this level for 2 weeks now

  • simo

    use the android platform not the facebook version

  • Ann Blackford

    just did it on my phone couldnt do it on laptop and no its not a iphone

  • Lee Khan

    Hi there, does anyone know how to skip a level… I been on 210 for like 2 months now, and now Im super frustrated…. Rather skip or leave the game altogether… any ideas…????

    • Mike Stepp

      I’m with you. I’m about to give up altogether on this game. Reading thru this thread, I see that’s probably going to be my best bet since the only thing Candy Crush seems to care to respond to 1 post to congratulate someone & completely ignore the rest of us, which tells me they couldn’t care less.

  • Julie Ganyo

    FOR EVERYONE SAYING THE TWO COLOR BOMBS ISNT WORKING: I usually play candy crush via facebook on my pc. I’d been stuck on this level for a couple months because the bombs weren’t working. I just happened to play it last night on my ipad, the bombs work correctly with the app. Beat the level first try on that.

  • AngelaM

    None of the combos get rid of the liquorice. I’ve tried striped with colour bombs, striped with wrapped, every way, and they don’t make much difference to the liquorice, at least not with just 30 moves. If the format has been changed then they’ve made it impossible to do this level. I’m giving up.

  • Rosemary Gaudon

    Oh well, this solves my Candy Crush addiction. I don’t see the point in continuing when the level is impossible to complete. I play on my laptop so combining 2 color bombs doesn’t work for me and I can’t see any other way to move forward. It was fun while it lasted……buh bye CC !!

  • AngelaM

    Two colour bombs do not work! None of the combos work! No matter what you do, they hardly touch the liquorice, and if you do make any headway, your moves are finished by that time. It’s about time this level was re-thought.

    Even a colour bomb with a striped candy only takes out most candies on the right side.

  • mwana wemporofita

    i have quit candy crush

  • Cyndi

    I haven’t beat it yet but I notice if you combine a stripe and color bomb 2x or more it helps clear the left side faster

  • Mary Eastman

    These “cheats” are BOGUS!! Two color bombs exploded at the same time do NOT clear the left side….It’s Bullshit, y’all.

  • Kim Brandwijk

    Just confirmed that it still works on iPad.

  • Rebecca Joan Howe

    mixing 2 color bombs does not work anymore they took it away so now it is impossible to pass

  • Chelsea Snyder

    i almost won it today (had two jelly left) using the fish u get from the spin wheel and then switching color bombs and strips. switching two color booms not help.

  • Rosemary Gaudon

    Sooooo what does a person do now? The level 210 is impossible to complete as far as I can see, so do we just quit playing or what????

  • smile80 .

    just did it! it works on the phone but not on computer. just combine two candy bombs and it will do the job!

  • BAZ

    I’ve tried this level for weeks. I’m determined NOT TO BUY EXTRA MOVES – Which is obviously what they want – It’s all about MONEY for KING. Don’t get frustrated – GO ELSEWHERE!

    • Sarah

      I just beat the level (after weeks of trying!) WITHOUT using the two color bombs (because that DOES NOT clear the licorice as shown here!) . It IS possible to beat level 210 without boosters! I beat the level by making almost every single move a stripe or color bomb (or combination of these). Focus on the stripes and it is possible to beat it! good luck!

  • Teena Tomes

    This trick will only work on an i-phone. It doesn’t work on a computer.

  • Mayor of Merritt Island

    I saw a post here where someone said “use your iphone” I have an android phone and thought to give it a try since I was going no where on my laptop…YES the combination of color bombs DID clear out the licorice!! Took me two tries on my phone and I passed this level 210!!! I should be able to do this on my laptop and not have to use the phone exclusively!!

  • Sarah

    omg!!!! I just beat the level (after weeks of trying!) WITHOUT using the two color bombs (because that DOES NOT clear the licorice as shown here!) . It IS possible to beat level 210 without boosters! I beat the level by making almost every single move a stripe or color bomb (or combination of these). Focus on the stripes and it is possible to beat it! good luck!

  • Susan Norton

    This may have worked some time ago but it doesn’t work like this anymore. You should really remove this cheat from the website. I use a PC and it simply doesn’t work. You CANNOT win this level with 30 moves in it’s current configuration. The CC makers need to change it back so that color bombs clear the left side OR give the player 50 moves

  • Susan Norton

    I somehow got a few open areas on the left side and working through the next moves I was able to get down to 3 jellies left. Sooo I went ahead and bought 50 gold bars for $4.99. The game charged 9 bars for 5 moves. I wasn’t able to clear the board with the 5 so the next 5 moves cost 13 gold bars and the next 5 moves cost 19 gold bars. Then they cut me off. I wasn’t able to get those 3 jellies with 15 extra moves.
    Now as for the putting 2 spotted bombs together to clear the left side of the board. You can try all day (forever in fact) and it won’t work. So you might just get lucky (or not). People have gotten past this game but who knows how much money they had to spend to do so. I’ve learned my lesson. I will never give them another cent. In fact this may be my swan song with Candy Crush Saga. Boo Hoo!!

    • Ladie Hawk

      this level has to be played on a mobile phone to get past.. I had a friend play it for me . it does not work on a computer…

  • dpchip

    It is possible to beat this level even though matching the two color bombs doesn’t work. After I cleared a few licorice swirls, I mixed a striped candy with a color bomb. Also cleared some with a striped candy plus a wrapped candy, and had a wrapped candy on my final turn to clear the last jelly. I got a score of 238,660 on a PC without being able to reset the board and without using boosters or extra turns,
    It took several weeks to do it, but I kept at it because I came close several times and had 2 games with only one jelly left.

  • valerie baines

    Been on this level for weeks,it’s doing my head in. I’m on laptop.Tried in on sons mobile at weekend worked straight away with the 2 colour bombs. Went back on laptop and was still on 210. Annoyed is an understatement.

  • Denae Dalia

    the double color bombs will work on the phone or tablet. not on a computer.

  • Ladie Hawk

    I found the answer to this delmia… been stuck on this level for a long time with the left side never clearing.. in order to pass this level… you MUST USE A MOBILE PHONE… it works on a mobile no problem.. computer NO.. I had a friend play it for me cause I dont have a mobile… am now free and clear of that level…

  • Martina Mandová

    Hi gyus, I’ve been to other websites and the trick works, BUT! You need to match only the colour bombs available, which means if you accidentally create a new one, it will not work with it. Try get the upper colour bombs to match with the ones waiting for them at the bottom. Once you manage, the level is easy. Hope this helps!

  • terra

    I have done this level so many times. I have done the 2 color bombs but it wont go to the left it only knocks out the one candy i have on that side and the right side. I am so frustrated.

  • terra

    210 level sucks. I have done the double bomb on both bottom corners and it only clears the right side. Why is this happening.

  • jacquelyn durgin


    • eliza

      I agree

  • Dan Magill

    Gave up, game sucks,two color bombs my ass on level 210, thanks Obama.

  • eliza

    I have been on this level for 3 weeks joing

  • eliza

    joining the bombs as you say it does not work, also changing the board how do udo that !!!!!!

  • Mike Stepp

    Ok, I think I’m done with this game. I used every booster I had available to me only came close (& when I say close, I mean I had MOST of the left side exposed, but not all) twice out of 12 lives in this one sitting. And since CC seems to not give a crap about the plight of everyone complaining about this level & seemingly based on everything I’ve read thru in this thread, they made it possible for people with several devices to get past this level, but not those who are on a laptop; & since I have no desire or intention to pay for something to get past a level on a FACEBOOK game, my frustration has reached it’s peak. It sucks, too, because I’m a gamer & I HATE leaving a game like this due to an unsolvable level. But, I cannot waste anymore of my time or energy on this game if they aren’t going to make this level possible to get past. So, that said, Bye CC. You suck!

  • Hiromi Tanaka Sharp

    On level 210 there is a bug that should be fixed soon. On Facebook matching two color bombs will not clear the licorice. You must combine other special candies to beat this level. Or to make this level easier just use your mobile device. Combining two color bombs will work when using your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

    To clear the licorice blocks on the left hand side, you need to match a colour bomb and a colour bomb. Try to free one of the colour bombs from the marmalade on the top and bring it down on top of the colour bombs at the bottom to get the chain reaction going.

    Make any matches you can on the left whenever you get a chance and use striped and wrapped candy combos on the right to chip away at the jelly when things aren’t moving. This level is as much about luck as it is about strategy.

    • In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
    • If you combine a color bomb and a color bomb it will clear all the licorice for you leaving you with the whole left side filled with jelly.
    • You need to bring the color bomb and color bomb together to make this happen.
    • Once you clear the left side start making moves in the jelly.
    • Make combo candies, color bombs, striped candies, etc.
    • Once the first step is down the level becomes very easy.

  • unionproud123

    I kept trying to get the two bombs to work on my laptop….I finally gave up and used my phone. I got through the level on my second try! You cannot do this level on a computer, it has to be played on
    a phone….lol

  • rekha

    just pissed off abt licorice swirls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlyn Jordan

    This sucks to have 2 color bombs many times and they do NOT bust the jelly on the left! You can’t skip a level. So now what the hell do you do just quit playing? If you can’t get through all the levels without having to find a tablet or IPad to get thorugh this take the damn game off of facebook!!

  • Midge Dana

    I’m glad I found this so-called cheat. Yeah, it doesn’t work on one’s computer. Has to, apparently, be on a smartphone or other device for color bombs to work. I’ve tried every combination. No sense in wasting any more time on it; nothing works.

    Developers must be making enough money on it the way it is. No point in wasting any $ on this level . . . if you’re on a computer, it’s not winnable. Find something else to do. 😉 😉

  • Midge Dana

    Okay, so I signed into Facebook on my smartphone, and with a few clicks, downloaded the game AND synch’d it with my Facebook account. Finished game in one try. The Color Bombs DO NOT WORK on the computer to clear the licorice. On your Smartphone? They do. If you can get both sets of Color Bombs next to each other, you can clear the jelly in two moves – combining each pair of color bombs. If not? You can play the left side after clearing the licorice and win that way.

  • Guest

    greta this level dosent clear on a pc ,wankers should take it off

  • Julie

    MISSING STEP IN THE DIRECTIONS! You must take out at least one licorice swirl first before the two color bombs will work. Notice the picture at the top? It has some swirls replaced by candies. I used a stripe to get a swirl gone and then made the two color bombs at the bottom right corner. It worked! Took out all the swirls on the left. But if I made the color bombs without removing a swirl first, it only did the right side.

  • Caitlin Fitzgerald

    I’ve been trying for weeks to clear this level, using my ThinkPad (Windows 8.1) and facebook app… the left side never clears when mixing two colour bombs. Used my boyfriends iPhone and it totally worked! Within 10 minutes I passed the level. Very frustrating that it doesn’t work on my laptop.

  • Connie Morris

    For some reason this only works on my kindle..

  • michael gudelsky

    finally understud that 210 is the border line(for now), so i continue in dreamworld. there are so many levels there too.

  • Ganbat Delgersuuri

    Hello! I am on this level 210 SHIT!!!

    I played this level and passed by combination of two colored bombs on my wife’s cellphone.
    But now I am still staying on this f*cking level on my desktop…. It doesn’t working :-(((

  • John Darsey

    Playing it on the pc, the 2 bombs didn’t work. On the phone, it did…
    Pretty simple level, once you do that.

  • Karen Main

    Facebook users: Try activating a color bomb and a fish before starting the level. (can be earned by daily spinner.) Get the fish and a color bomb beside each other and switch the two. The fish becomes “speckled” and will remove more licorice than it would on its own. Worked for me on the first try. This is a hard one so good luck!

  • Tessa

    I was about to throw something at my computer too because it didn’t work for me, even though I tried several times. Played it on my phone, the cheat worked, and I beat it in one try! I have an Iphone 4S

  • Karen Main

    I posted here two days ago, to share about switching a candy bomb and a fish. I joined disqus just to post here. What did you do delete it? Is it because my idea worked and yours didn’t? I spent a lot of time on that so that I could “help” people. Thanks a lot!!!!!

  • Nicole Seguin


    • Karen Main

      Facebook users: Try activating a color bomb and a fish before starting
      the level. (can be earned by daily spinner.) Get the fish and a color
      bomb beside each other and switch the two. The fish becomes “speckled”
      and will remove more licorice than it would on its own. The sooner the
      switch the better so you have enough moves left to remove remaining
      licorice and the jelly on the left side. If you don’t have any moves on
      the left side use one of the remaining color bombs to remove some
      candies. (The “only need to be cleared once” statement above isn’t
      true. I think it was 3 matches on top of the jellies to clear each
      tile.) Luckily this worked for me on the first try. This is a hard one
      so good luck!

  • Nicole Seguin

    Level 210 impossible …

    • Karen Main

      Try activating a color bomb and a fish before starting
      the level. (can be earned by daily spinner.) Get the fish and a color
      bomb beside each other and switch the two. The fish becomes “speckled”
      and will remove more licorice than it would on its own. The sooner the
      switch the better so you have enough moves left to remove remaining
      licorice and the jelly on the left side. If you don’t have any moves on
      the left side use one of the remaining color bombs to remove some
      candies. (The “only need to be cleared once” statement above isn’t
      true. I think it was 3 matches on top of the jellies to clear each
      tile.) Luckily this worked for me on the first try. This is a hard one
      so good luck!

  • Blaksbbth

    There not going to fix this on the PC version, they just want you to spend money on extra moves and power ups, in fact they crippled the pc version for this very reason. I have came close a couple of times, but it damn near impossible

    • Karen Main

      Facebook usrs: Try activating a color bomb and a fish before starting
      the level. (can be earned by daily spinner.) Get the fish and a color
      bomb beside each other and switch the two. The fish becomes “speckled”
      and will remove more licorice than it would on its own. The sooner the
      switch the better so you have enough moves left to remove remaining
      licorice and the jelly on the left side. If you don’t have any moves on
      the left side use one of the remaining color bombs to remove some
      candies. (The “only need to be cleared once” statement above isn’t
      true. I think it was 3 matches on top of the jellies to clear each
      tile.) Luckily this worked for me on the first try. This is a hard one
      so good luck!

  • Steve Boardman

    The Candy Crush people on this site tell lies, by mixing 2 colored bombs on the right side DOES NOT get rid of the licorice on the left side.

  • Charles Lindberg

    well, i just read about the “glitch” that f’book has when it comes to C.C., namely that the color bombs won’t work on a regular computer and w/out those the level is “insanely, hard impossible” to beat and after reading the posts on here about everybody’s troubles on a regular comp. (that you have to use a phone to beat this level), i guess it’s finally time to quit the game……..a shame that C.C. doesn’t care enough about the players to fix it…….but if they don’t care i guess i don’t either…………..

  • Jim Battinus

    Time to end playing Candy Crush for me. There’s no way for me to clear the left side.

  • Betty Baird

    2 bombs will not clear the left side. BUMMER

  • Charles Lindberg

    just beat level 210 w/o using a phone and i was only on the level for about three days, so if anyone thinks it can’t be done, it can, i did buy five extra lives, and then had to buy five more, it was the first time i have ever paid for them and the only reason i did was because everyone on here said it can’t be beat without using a phone….only needed 6 of the extra ten it can be done on a laptop………….

  • Jānis Vīksne

    Playing on a PC. I just completed level 210 without the chocolate bomb combination (which doesn’t work on PC’s). I got the fish booster from daily booster spin. But combining fish with chocolate ball will give you absolutely no more than matching it with matching colour candies. But anyway it helps that it takes 3 licorice pieces away each time a fish is activated.
    I basically won because I could match chocolate bombs with striped candy twice, that freed up most of the space and it was possible to finish the game with the moves left over. Don’t give up, it’s possible to win with chocolate ball + striped candy combos.

    • PinkClouds20

      Absolutely correct. Two chocolate balls together will not do anything on a PC. You need several chocolate ball and striped candy combos. Also striped candy and wrapped candy combos will work also. Once you clear away the licorice, it’s pretty easy to clear, but again focus on making the special candy combinations.

    • davidlamb

      I got within 2 jellies doing that as well — I should have paid for the extra moves…. still stuck… :)

  • shaun lynch

    only way to get this sorted all go to king homepage and use contact us and bomb them with complaints

  • Joyce Brewer

    Level 210 does not wipe out the intire board when you hit 2 color bombs together as you say it will. This game is getting awefully boring without being able to move on to the next level after being on this level more than 2 months! I am getting tired of even coming to this site to play anymore! I just have started going to other games and just forgetting about candy crush ~ BORING! Can’t move on!

  • christina xio

    any body how to reset the board

  • Maggie Stableford

    I feel rather foolish continuing to play this level when so many players seems to be saying it is impossible unless you play money. I have had two adjacent colour bombs exploding both on the left and right of the right-hand board but it clears all the candy on the right and none of the licquorice on the left. Useless! Will I give up Candy Crush and do something better?

  • Lorilynn Schaaf Feller

    I have mixed two color bombs, exploded them, and none of the licorice swirls on the left go away. why?

  • Jim Laval

    Ok. You can’t clear the liqourish when using a PC. I tried many times to beat 210 using a PC logged into Facebook. I finally logged into Facebook on an iPad and I was able to beat level 210 on the first try. I then went back to my PC and was able to start level 211 on my PC. I know that this isn’t good news for people without access to an Apple device. It does work and it is easy to beat 210 with an Apple device. Wish they would make the PC and IOS versions the same.

  • Chad

    Finally this site is helpful! I Just beat this level on the 3rd try on my iPhone after countless tries on the PC. On the iPhone, combining the two color bombs clears the entire screen. On the PC it only clears the right hand side.

  • Kaz Noble

    ok so I read somewhere in there that it works only on mobile phones.. I was stuck on this level forever so I thought I had nothing to lose and tried it.. well blow me down with a feather!! not only did it work.. it was the 2 colour bombs on the right hand side that I swapped. IT DOES WORK USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE yay!!!!

  • Kaz Noble

    ok so I read somewhere in there that it works only on mobile phones.. I was stuck on this level forever so I thought I had nothing to lose and tried it.. well blow me down with a feather!! not only did it work.. it was the 2 colour bombs on the right hand side that I swapped. IT DOES WORK USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE yay!!!!

  • n2styx

    I just completed level 210 on my Android Phone. I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store. I opened it and connected it to my facebook account. I played level 210 (on my phone) and the hint about combining 2 color bombs worked on my phone!! IT DID NOT WORK ON MY PC (PLAYING THROUGH FACEBOOK). I hope this helps.

  • genna

    On a laptop it can’t be won. I have been trying for two months. Nothing works – even combining two color bombs (on either side) which I have done at least 50 times, collecting striped candies at the bottom along with them, adding extra helps (fish, color bombs, etc) all at the same time – still only sends the lightening down the right side – doesn’t touch the left side except to remove the licorice from one or two at the top. It might be winnable on a phone or ipad, but not on a laptop. I’m pretty much done with fooling with Candy Crush since there is no way I can get past this level.

  • billie

    i”m through after today no more candy crush i really mean it i am FED up with this level dont know why i cant move on and have some fun with the other levels but guess thats out of the question soooooooo after today i”ll find something else either send tooth fairy or say BYE BYE BYE

  • Kurt F. Kojzarek

    I finally beat level 210.. Everything just fell right.

  • Steve Jennum

    just linked my candy crush phone app and PC app through Facebook so I would be on the same level. Two color bombs work on the android phone app. Use two bombs while keeping the other two bombs in marmalade. This clears out both sides and releases the other two bombs from the marmalade, allowing you to use those bombs to clear both boards again. Got it in three tries. Very frustrating that it does work that way on a PC. Hope this helps.

  • PinkClouds20

    I just passed level 210 on my PC. I was on it about a week. A lot of luck is needed to pass this level. I had one move left and one jelly left. I used the hammer from my daily boosters to wipe it out. The special candy combinations and daily boosters are needed to beat this level and you cannot waste any moves. I was getting very frustrated myself, but letting everybody know it is passable. Good luck everyone!

  • Ajith

    The mixing of color bombs will have no effect on left side. this problem is only on Facebook version. I have successfully complete this level on Android version.
    Complete the level in android and sync with your Facebook account. It is very simple.

  • Tracey Rutledge

    TRY IT ON ANDROID!!!..I couldn’t get the color bombs to work either on PC–I spent 3 days on the level and was about to give up. I saw the tip about trying it on Android. It took three tries and I made it.

  • Steven Severeid

    FIX THE @#%* GAME!!!



  • Gette Heroux

    Are they EVER going to fix level 210 so the color bombs clear the left AND the right side. Otherwise I’m going to uninstall this game and call it a day. Is there any other way to pass this level?

  • Gail Prater

    I believe this level can ONLY be beat on a Smart Phone. After days and days on a regular laptop I read a comment here that said that he changed to his phone, and sure enough after only 3 attempts and blowing up 2 candy bombs on a phone all of the black swirls were gone. On the laptop only the right side was effected with the 2 bombs. Hope this helps.

  • jonsilvertongue

    Took a while but I finally got it. They key was devising a tactic and sticking to it:
    – start off by opening a few squares on the left using horiz. striped candies on the right. Just focus on that.
    – then get any striped candy with a bomb, match the most plentiful colours on left, if you can, with your striped candy.
    – two or three of those and you’ve cracked it. It might take patience and a load of lives.
    – if you get that right it suddenly opens up chunks on the left.
    – Don’t forget to keep looking in the left box for matches.
    The most satisfying level completion so far!!

    Don’t try it with wrapped candies, they create swirls.

  • dj

    yep its a con…theyve changed the format so it cant be done WITHOUT BUYING SPECIALS …….come on candy crush ISNT THIS ILLEGAL TO BUILD AN ADDICTION TO GAIN MONEY UMMMM

  • DJ

    my comments keep gettin removed because i m calling candy crush creaters cheats,scammers,obtaining money by deception.thats the only way to pass this level by paying them money.THINK NOT

  • dj

    whe are my comments been removed????

  • dj

    iv only told the truth 210 is not possible to do unless you pay
    thats illegal ……..

  • 2456

    This doesn’t work the 2 candy bombs DON’T get rid of the licorice swirls I’m starting to think candy crush is big scam! I’m so bored with this I gave up and had not played for over 4 months. Then I tried again and same thing.. I just almost won this level but of course I ran out of moves… your methods didn’t work. They just scam you try to get you to spend money. A boring waste of time is what this game has turned into- you have to give people something in order for them to want to continue playing for any length of time.

  • Name

    This level is absolute shit. The tips do not work and if Facebook think I am going to spend money to buy extra moves, they can shove this game square up their arse, because that is exactly where shit belongs. I will not play this game for quite some time and have just deleted the app from my account. Fuck you Facebook and your crappy money making venture…

  • Sara

    I had problems on this level for quite some time, and before I gave up I started the level and right off the bat I used the sweet teeth. It goes for the licorice so you can begin playing on that side right away. You can beat it with one sweet tooth, but 2 of them will for sure beat the level. Hope this helps!

  • mark metz

    matched 2 sprinkle bombs on my Android and it cleared licorice on left side board

  • Jessie

    It is possible to do this on a PC. You need to get a striped/wrapped combo toward the top or a striped/color ball combo within the first few moves. That should clear enough on the left to let you start making moves over there. Of course, it will still depend on what drops on the left side. I got down to one jelly with a striped/wrapped. It was the striped/color ball that I was able to finally clear the board on. If you aren’t able to get either of those combos within the first five moves or so, then reset the board – it’s not worth the frustration of trying to go further as you’ll need as many moves possible to work on the left board.

  • Nicole Seguin

    7 months, forget it for me, I think my computer is broken for this type
    of game lol GOODBYE candy crush

  • patricia

    Goodbye Candy Crush….level 210 doesn’t work – it doesn’t matter how many colour bombs I get together they only clear 2 licorice on the left,. I think you need to fix this ‘Glitch’ or lose players. it was fun while it lasted.

  • optimist

    Two combine color bombs do not have any effect on the licorice swirls. Tried that six or seven times. You must use striped candies or striped candies and a color bomb to remove the licorice swirls first.

  • jackierh

    the 2 color bombs didn’t clear off the licorice. it didn’t do anything with that half.

  • Scribe1

    HERE’S HOW TO PASS THIS LEVEL: After many weeks of trying and trying to clear this level and almost giving up Candy Crush permanently, I found the way to complete the level quite by accident. Having
    determined that: a) two candy bombs do NOT clear the licorice swirls on the left panel, and, b) mixing one colour bomb and one striped candy not only do not free up enough squares on the left panel to give you enough candies to clear more panels in the little moves that remain BUT the streaking candies this combination releases end up destroying the other 3 candy bombs you have, effectively robbing you of your best weapons, the solution I found – again, by accident – is to combine two WRAPPED candies as close to the left COLUMN of the right PANEL as possible. When they detonate in the maxi-explosion (I think it’s 5 x 5 panels) they take out more licorice swirls in the left panel than any other combination you use, giving you more candies with which to work and, thereby, clearing the panel faster. This took a LOT of trial and error but I was adamant not to spend extra money and was, in fact, able to clear the two panels with just the 30 allotted moves given to me by the game. (I will also not spend extra money for another reason: because in a TIME magazine article
    about CC that I read several months ago, it reported that ALL the
    levels in CC can be passed without spending any extra money and that’s what I intend to do!!!) Good luck to you all!!!

  • Gary Paschke Sr.

    The only way I’ve removed anything on the left has been to get some of the colors to become striped by the color bomb. I also have tried the two color bomb technique which only works on the candies, never affects the licorice swirls. Guess it’s time to pack it in and say goodbye to Candy Crush. I refuse to have to buy my way up the levels!

  • Gary Paschke Sr.

    I watched the video tip #4 shown on this site. This color bomb affect NEVER takes out any of the licorice swirls! Who ever changed the programming should be hung by his text messaging thumbs and given a licorice enema!!

  • Sally Salvatore

    You can not beat this on a desk top or lap top, I played it 100 times, went to this site and did what they said and it didn’t work. First time on my tablet I was done. You would think an app that has made over $250,000,000 would fix this.

  • Lizbet

    I have combined 2 color bombs several time, with no good results at all – nothing changes on the left side! Something must be wrong with 210~!! It is getting ridiculous. I set off a striped candy, and remove One licorice from the left side!?? big whoop No way to clear this board this way!!

  • dirobin76

    The two bombs only work on the cell phone version of the game. It doesn’t work on the PC. For those who are still struggling with this. Once I did this on my phone, I cleared the level in minutes. The next level, however, is a bi*ch

  • OhioGirl2249

    Maybe this will cure my Candy Crush addiction, because I’ve done this level about 20 times now, and there is no way to complete this on Facebook. Very frustrating!

  • Naveen Kumar Nagoju

    That’s the same problem I’m having. It only clears the right side. is there a flaw ??? It’s impossible…

  • David Garwood

    I can confirm that you must accomplish this on an ipad, and maybe even an iphone. My computer would not get the swirls on the left when I conbined two color bombs. This I tried for 2 days, then following what was said in this discussion, went to my ipad and blam, it wiped out all of them on both sides. It was then simple to complete the level. You need to borrow an ipad if necesary, to get past level 210.

    • BowieGirlForever

      Well,I guess I must say good bye to my favorite game because I don’t have access to an ipad or iphone. This really upsets me.Doesn’t seem fair to get a person hooked on a game and then Wham Bam, can’t go any further through no fault of your own.

  • MWL

    Got it on my first try on my iPhone, impossible on a computer.

  • Barbara Dunn

    Fix it or forget it….don’t have an ipad, nor a large screen on my phone…..why even bother……glad I found out right away that this was impossible, and didnt waste any time……candy crush…..see ya later, much later..

  • Barbara Dunn

    Are you ever going to fix the glich…..certainly not buying a new phone or ipad just to play…..anyone else feel the same?

  • BowieGirlForever

    This information is false. I have repeatedly gotten 2 color bombs on the right side of the board and it DOES NOT clear any licorice.How many times do I need to do it …100 times or more?? It is futile. I need someone from CCS to tell me WHY these tips are given and on this level..IT DOES NOT WORK.

  • David Garwood

    My suggestion is to not give up. Go to Candy Crush every day and spin for a free booster. Let those boosters build up so you can use them later on when you need them, (I was stuck on 169 for a year). In the meantime, put an Ipad on your 2015 Christmas list, or maybe you’ll run into someone who has an Ipad that you can borrow to get past this, (you will need to do the same thing later on too). If you can afford the $300 eventually for an Ipad, you will absolutely love it for much more than playing games. I rarely use my computer to do things anymore. Please don’t give up.
    Hooked on C.C. too.

  • Leigh

    Only clears my right side too – for the past month!

  • Pearl Thompson

    level 210 been on it forever tried all hints don’t work all my friends have stopped playing I guess I will have to stop playing too why cant I get passed to next level

  • youpin

    I just got through this level without using any boosters and on a PC. The trick is to get a color bomb and a striped candy in the first five moves or less and preferably in a color that has many pieces on the board so you can make a good dent on the left side. You should have 20 or more moves left and then proceed to clear the board.

  • Lisa Magnusson

    It work on the phone!!!!

  • Peter

    Just read all the tips and tried again, been on this level for weeks! 3rd time WOW it worked. Yes the trick is the explode two colour bombs together, it took 3 times to get them uncovered and on top of each other. Made my day hope you guys make it to.

  • Kris H

    Do level 210 on a mobile device the power bombs (2 colour bombs) will work on a mobile device and yes through that way you can get past this level l was stuck and then l found out playing it on my mobile the power bomb got rid of the licorice swirls

  • TeriMac_I

    When I do this, the left side (Liquorices) DO NOT CLEAR OFF, only all the colours on the RIGHT side … very frustrating, as getting two colour bombs together is not a problem; and when you collide two colour bombs,, the other two are also eliminated. Colour Bombs + stripes also remove remaining colour bombs … colour bombs + wrapped are useless in doing anything for the left side. Don’t like this board as it’s not working for me as shown in your video clip

  • Jody Hanlon Williamson

    I have been on this crazy level for months,so sick of it! almost impossible!!

    the 2 candy bombs do not work on fb game.

  • Shirly wilcox

    I put 2 color bombs together 3 times and nothing happen.

  • Jody Hanlon Williamson

    whoot! whoot! just left this nightmare level in the rear view mirror after a year!!!!! I did it on my laptop , just got lucky!!!!! good luck to you all…

  • Fred Collins

    It doesn’t work that way. It only clears the right side and anything showing on the left, NOT things behind licorice.

  • Linda

    i also did the two color bombs over and over and over and all it clears is the board I am working on. It doesn’t go to the licorice swirls at all. I have tried up and down color bombs and side by side and none of them go to the other side

  • Linda

    ok after reading the discussions I tried this level on my tablet which is connected with facebook to my desktop so the levels are the same. I haven’t beat it yet as I only had 3 lives left but the color bombs together DO WORK to get rid of all licorice swirls on left side and u don’t have to have anything over there to get them to work. Worked the first time I got the color bombs together. Now if could just get them together with less moves I might have a chance now. Thanks Ajith and Ladie Hawk

  • Yorky Wall

    I can’t find any advice on how to fix CC 210 I have tried dozens of times & the two bombs only clear the right side. (any ideas please)

  • Cathy Beaven

    cannot reset board as I play on computer and I am way too frustrated to keep trying….have been at this for 4 months and am ready to say GOODBYE to candy crush…..mmmmmbyebye!

  • Asher Hussain

    play this game on android device like android phone, combine two colored bombs and this is how you will be able to smash on left side, i just did this and cleared this level like this.

  • John W

    Since when do color bombs get rid of licorice swirls They dont and they never have !

  • Kathy Vogle Hill

    This is bullcrap! I have tried this level so many times that I lost count and I’ve used 2 color bombs and they only clear upper right corner. Its impossible!!!!! I scrolled down to check out other comments and someone stated that they cleared it on their iphone first try!!!!! Well I don’t have a iphone so I guess I’m officially done w/ this game now!!!! There is plenty of other games out there to play soooo long Candy Crush!!!!!!

  • Kaptah2

    Everybody! Set your account on any Android tablet, play the level and crash two chocolate balls to zap the left side screen and the licorice. It does work!

  • Lynn Frost

    Have now completed this level 3 times on friends tablet but when I go to play on my laptop I am still on level 210…..what the ??????

  • chisenbop

    Anyone who buys, is a fool.

  • Sonia

    Quando estouro as 2 bombas só limpa o lado direito nunca limpa os redemoinhos de alcaçus ficando impossivel continuar o jogo

  • drums57 .

    Every time i put 2 colour bombs together it only clears the right side, never the left. Whats up with that ?

  • drums57 .

    They are right ! It only works on mobile app.

  • Dana

    I finally, after ca. 10 days, did it without any bought moves or boosters. Without any boosters at all actually, because I only had color bombs and those are useless here as there already are 4 to begin with. What I did was just mixing a striped candy with a color bomb to open up ca. 4-5 spots on the left. Then used color bombs and striped candy individually to make moves on the left possible. After that you just have to pray for some luck. I had turns with only one jelly left a dozen times at least, but refused to buy moves. Finally it worked. Happy to never do it again.

  • 2lassie3

    This doesn’t work on a desktop. I have heard that it just works on the smartphones. I wish king would fix it. Also, don’t spend any money on helps from KING. It is a ripoff. I decided to spend 99 cents for help on candy crush soda and got cheated out of it. The money went thru but didn’t receive what I bought.

  • keepsmewonderin

    why won’t the 2 color bombs on paired together on the right get rid of the licorice on the left? been on this level for 3 months! KING isn’t getting my money!

    • Lydia

      you need to play this on your phone or ipad or tablet it doesnt work on pc

  • Angela Mary Hudson

    Thank you so much for all your advice! I just did the level on my mobile phone after days of trying on my PC. I got it first go! It’s really stupid only working on mobile and not on PC! Thank goodness it’s over! I can move on! x♥

  • Jobrag

    On iPad took two tries.

    • Grandma D.

      Same here Jobrag…..I had nothing on the left side except licorice and jelly. Matched two color bombs on lower left side. Took out every licorice on the left but not all jellies on the left. But was able to match and get all remaining jellies with 7 turns left.

  • bcl

    Using Android phone just get the 2 colour bonds together, smash them, which clears every ball, and allows you to work on the left hand side. If you don’t do this it is extremely difficult. If you do do this it is very easy.
    My Tip: start with balls such that it easier to clear the left hand column on the right hand side. This results in the top colour bomb in left column on the right side dropping down to meet the bottom colour bomb. Smash these. The fewer moves it takes to get to here the easier it will be to clear the left side.
    Based on comments here it seems people must use a phone version.

  • Carien Swart

    Nothing works….two colour bombs mixed doesn’t do anything to the left hand side. Even if I mix the two after clearing one or two liquorice on the left hand side it only clears the ones without any liquorice. This level can’t be completed!

  • KSK

    Looks like they have no interest in players who play on a PC. I don’t have the type of phone I can play on and I will NEVER pay to play. Buh Bye, Candy Crush.

  • disqus_Gf76m0Cqd9

    after reading the comments below, i was almost afraid to try but i got it the second time around…i do play on an iPad, with Facebook friends. If you’re as addicted to this game as I am, why not get a refurbished iPad or whatever so you can enjoy playing if a PC apparently isn’t letting you play? This was easy, with a sprinkled candy and a striped combo, getting candy to the left — then two sprinkles together, and the whole left side filled with easily disposable candy.

  • Tony West

    have kicked ths stupid game into touch as it is impossible on a laptop and I do not have a mobile phone or Tablet. Candy Crush saga you can get f****ed

  • Eieiei

    Combining two color bombs will do NOTHING to remove the licorice swirls. They will remain untouched as if nothing has happened at all…
    And you will run out of moves before a single jelly can be cleared.

    The most stupid levels of them all, and a good point to quit this shit.

  • Kurt Morris

    simple; just get a setup where you can create an easy color bomb on the first one or 2 moves and have it placed right next to a striped candy with lots of that same color on the board with all of the other color bombs out of harms way, and so that when you set it off, the results set you up with another striped candy right next to a color bomb and all the other color bombs out of harms way within the next 2 to 3 moves, then have an opening big enough to work with on the other side having a set of perfect match opportunities and another color bomb opportunity on the other side right next to a striped candy like the example # 2 shows and your all set. You might as well win publishing house sweepstakes while your at it.

  • Arun Raja

    i have reached once at a situation of remaining only one jelly. unfortunately i didnt use the lollipop to clear it as i thought that i would get another opportunity to clear all without using short cuts. oopps..i regret now :(

  • sandy

    it only works on the iphone it does not work on the computer. I have done this several times therefore you cant pass this level.

  • Kim DeLong

    exactly the same problem – can not clear the left side with the color bombs – so hectic !!!