Candy Crush Level 218 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 218 Cheats

  1. Use special candies to clear the marmalade.
  2. Use special candy combos to clear the last jellies.
  3. Combine color bombs with striped candy
  4. Level 218 Video Walkthrough.
Level 218 Cheat #2:  Use special candy combo’s to clear the last jellies. Next >>


  • To clear the last jelly on level 218, or last couple remaining jellies, either aim for the previous special candy combos in tip number 1, or you can also try aiming for a sprinkle candy by itself and activating it with the color of the candy that is left in the last jelly.
  • In this level you only are able to make 22 moves so you have to be careful that you take your time with every move and make sure you are not missing any opportunities for special candies, or missing opportunities that could have positioned a special candy or special candy combo better.  Now go try out these cheats and tips for level 218 of Candy Crush!


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