Candy Crush Level 23 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush level 23.

Level 23 Cheat #2: Make moves with special candies that are going to clear the most jelly with one hit.
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  • The best way to clear the most jelly is with the special candies and special candy combos. Once you clear the meringue, the remaining jelly left over needs two hits each in order to clear. A great one is a wrapped candy + a striped candy. When you activate a special candy combination, make sure it is at the middle or bottom of the board so it hits the most jelly.
  • Any special candy combo will help you on level 23.  If you aren’t yet good enough at making lots of special candies, try just forming striped candies together. A striped candy is formed by combining 4 same-colored candies. They’ll be able to wipe our rows (if the stripes on the candy go horizontally) or columns (if the striped on the candy go vertically). 



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