Candy Crush Level 245 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush level 245.

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  • The bombs in this level have 12 moves–which is generous and lets you be able to play the game without worrying about a bomb exploding. Keep an eye on the board to look for  bomb combinations to clear them but don’t get obsessed! There are plenty of moves to get rid of them.
  • The bombs will help you keep an eye on the board and let you not fixate on one area–it’ll also give you the chance to keep an eye out for wrapped candy combinations. Think of them as an asset for observation!



  • MicheleOhio

    I spent $$ on this level. Including $3.99 for 15 extra moves and still only got 4 combos. Done with this. I hated to send the money, but I figured to clear this level and move on to a Strategy Level, it’s worth it. This is a snake level, mainly based on chance not so much strategy. I think it’s aimed to get lots $$ from you, I spent $10.95 on it. I deleted Candy Crush from my iPad. Good Bye, Good riddance. Ciao, etc. :o )

    • Santosh Murali

      i promise to get through this level without paying money!!

  • Jessica Steele

    Having NO results on level 245 … Ugh! Love this game … will give it another attempt or two … but, will not waste anymore money or time on one stupid level. Gimme a break.

  • RushRobot

    Nobody to regulate the game and make sure you are not getting cheated out of your hard earned money.

  • Sharon Robinson Strickland

    am so DONE with this Level!!! Already had a few Friends quit because of it…and I am right on their heels! If it doesn’t clear by late tonight (Friday)..I’m deleting it off my computer AND my phone!! SO DONE!!

    • Sharon Robinson Strickland

      GONE!! DELETED!!! No rhyme nor reason to that level!!!…I am DONE!!!

      • Candy Crush Cheats

        Don’t give up yet Sharon! What were you particularly having a hard time with?

        • Sharon Robinson Strickland

          I am done with Candy Crush! Deleted from Facebook AND my Phone!! Level 245 was impossible!…AND…I will not ‘buy’ my way through a Level!! After 2 weeks+…HUNDREDS of Lives…and Countless Hours!…NOT worth the mental aggravation!!’s only a GAME!….and I was getting tooo frustrated!! Good luck to all those that continue to play even into the over 500 Levels!

          • Candy Crush Cheats

            You’re right Sharon, it is only a game. No need to get stressed. But if you ever feel like crushing again, please be sure to visit us again for all your Candy Crush tips and tricks!

          • Sharon Robinson Strickland

            Oh I very much doubt that will happen! After spending MONTHS to get to Level 245…not interested in starting back at 0 Good luck to all!!

          • Lorna Miller Burns

            I think this level will send many people away from Candy Crush.

        • VFerrll

          I do not understand how to make the wrapped candies. Every once and awhile I can see the t-shaped formation. Other than that, I don’t know what I am looking for.

      • Dantp

        Drama queen! Haha as long as you keep trying to set up wrapped candys at every turn it’s the kind of level that takes no longer than a good twenty lives!

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          Good tip my man!

  • Teresa Cane

    Why do you guys bother spending your money i have only just reached this level but i have not spent any cash getting here and never will for me that’s the best buzz.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats Teresa. That’s quite the accomplishment!

      • Dantp

        It’s not an achievement haha! I’m the same. But I don’t think would have managed it without using the clock trick to get past the quests quickly! Why would you even spend money?!

        • Barbara Moore

          Hooray ! I just beat 245 after weeks and no money spent! A lot of planning. I had 4 matches ans 2 turns left and one hand saved up so I used the hand to switch it around and got it!

    • Barbara Moore

      I agree. I have gotten to 245 and hav’nt spent any money. This is a hard level, but they only get harder so am in no hurry !

    • Sam

      I also refuse to spend money on this game or any game. I know I will get pass this at some point.

  • Zoie

    I did break the level 245 twice now but still i cant access the next level and it keep saying that there will be more land to explore and says that i can still replay the previous stage.Can somebody help me about this?

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Have you tried installing an update?

      • Sam

        How do you install the update?

  • Patsy Dodge

    I have been on this level for over 4 months and I quit. I have never had that many wrapped candies to complete the level. Very frustrating!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t give up just yet Patsy! What troubles are you having?

      • Janet

        It’s easy to say don’t give up when u all made the game where it is almost…. Impossible to beat, maybe u guys should reconsider ur strategy and instead of making it impossible make it REASONABLE, that’s all we r asking! If we didn’t enjoy the game we wouldn’t be playing but come on u know as well as I do that it shouldn’t be required to do so many of the combos with fewer turns it would make it a little easier and quicker to move on to the next level and continue plating YOUR game. If not ur gonna lose a lot of people. YOUR CHOICE

        • Sam Alt Reid

          The guys who did this site did not make this game.

  • CC Addict

    I beat Level 245 in 2 days and used no money! don’t give up!! You need to make a wrapped candy and striped combo off the bat it usually clears a path for more wrapped ones to fall down… Also try to collect coloured bombs and free prize lollipops to clear a path to the mate. Take a chance on the mystery candies – many times they have a wrapped in them. Also a bit of luck with a good board is needed but when I won and came in second – I had to strategize & make my first combination! Good Luck!!!

    • Sandy

      I followed that advice too and it worked. It’s only random if you don’t plan your moves carefully. People give up too easily.

  • MysticStranger .

    Most of these tips are useless! “Make a wrapped candy,” everyone keeps saying. Well what about when you make one and then go to put it beside a stripe and it crushes because of some stupid method you can’t understand? I wish I had some of these crush and wipe methods on other levels that need them. Here you make a wrapped candy and it crushes before you even get near a stripe! I’m about to delete this silly crap also. A game should contain a largely workable strategy. This game is too much chance. I could go to the casino for that crap!

    • bill neal

      Spent almost a year on this level ….

      No more for me ….
      I am not paying for advancement ….

  • Marc Casedonte

    I have been on this level for sometime. Waste of time. You make wrapped then they are surrounded by the same color so you cant move in any direction without crushing it. Or a mystery candy comes up wrapped right before you crush it with a striped. Waste of time. Just deleted it goodbye.

  • Sandra Gilbert

    Is anyone else having trouble after completing this level moving on to the next. It won’t let me ask friends for the boost to the next level… just blinks off every time.

  • Sandy

    I passed the level and it only took 4 tries. I followed the advice of making the wrapped candies first. No need to pay money for bonuses or even use bonuses. Wrapped candies aren’t that hard to make if you look at the board carefully and plan your moves. It’s not as random as some people think. Patience people patience!

  • rose webster

    had twelve goes it this,,,, came here for tips,,,saw the make wrappad candy first tip,,,did it first go and didnt make first wrapped candy until move 26,,,,after that each combo seemd to make a wrapped candy and had luck moving stripped next to it,,,on 4th combo and only three moves left the combo created a wrapped and stripped right next to each other,,,

  • edthsdgh

    Kek you people suck.

  • guest

    So glad I looked this up!!! Using the strategy of looking for or forming the wrapped candies 1st help me get through this in 1 game!!! Thanks for the tip. It may have been a by chance of luck that my last board help me to get through. My whole strategy. Was wrong thank you all. I’ve only been on the board for abt 3 days. Unlike others. Dnt quit try looking at the boards differently now. Form multiple wrapped ones first the maneuver the strip ones to get to the wrapped ones . Took all of 3 mins for me to get through that level. Again thanks!!!

    • Vinny

      bull crap. Not possible. I had 5 wrapped at once on the board and all got popped when I combined one with a striped.

  • Mary

    I give up on CC. This level is impossible!! Only get one or 2 wrapped and they crash before you get another stripped! I’m done for good!!

  • Sam

    I only needed two more combos with 22 moves. Then the bombs and chocolates came onto the board. Ugh.

  • Vinny

    Too damn hard. If it didn’t have bombs it would be easier but that takes up a lot of your moves. There are times you can’t even get wrapped no matter how hard you try.

  • Sam

    I did it. I decided I needed to take my time instead of trying to rush. I even had about ten moves left and I got three stars. :)

  • Tiffany

    I’m OVER THIS! I am quitting Candy Crush now. I’m fed up with this level! If the Candy Crush people would make this level more reasonable, people wouldn’t leave.

  • suspends

    I finished this level on second try and had 11 moves left, was luck or not, i dunno :)

  • Suemoo

    245 is hard, which is why I came on here yesterday. Yes you do need to get wrapped candy first as they are harder to get, but you can only get them through a combination of thinking about it, and the game actually giving you the opportunity to do it! Keep trying, you will get there in the end. It’s taken me a couple of days, but tried five times this morning then i did it. Yay :o )

  • Elisabeth Lahav

    I am at level 245 and can see I am going to be stuck here, mainly because this level apart from making a wrapped candy which either gets blown up, a bomb explodes game over little chance to get a striped next to it and then go through frustration for 5 successes.
    This level has no strategy and is based on pure luck which one can wait for weeks to happen.

    In an earlier episodes there was a similar objective to hit a number of wrapped candies and suddenly the game’s object was changed. I hope King decides to do the same with this level because I am not going to pay and frustration is not my game and I will say goodbye as I am sure many players have done so already