Candy Crush Level 254 Cheats and Tips

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Candy Crush level 254 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Candy Crush Saga game.

Candy Crush Level 254 Video
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  • Fozi Az

    God damned Cascades ruin everything :(
    i plan and plan and plan … and woooosh .. cascade destroy everything -_-

    • livluvnplay

      I know EXACTLY what you mean! Twice, I finally got 2 chocolate bombs side by side and i’ll be damned if they didn’t blow up before I got a chance to switch them because of the cascading!! VERY Frustrating!! >:(

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay


  • Gilbert Frempong

    Need to be calm and cool headed and victory will come your way, that is how I did it. If you can beat level 245 and all the difficult levels you have encounter, believing you can overcome any level is the secret. I am applying to my real life as in with God anything is possible, go and get it tiger.

    • Livermoronian

      Do you really think God is happy with all this time wasted on hours of playing Candy Crush when that time could be used to serve Him? This is a complete time waster, but I keep playing and playing and playing…Lord help me!

  • Janice Curtis Diedrich

    I am so sick of 254 I feel like quitting!!!! I get everything lined up and then BAM it’s all whipped out.

    • Patty Hayes

      Im with you only try now once or twice a day so sick of this level ready to quit!!!!

  • Neil Watson

    I’ve ran out of patience with this game. I spend ages planning my moves and even if I’ve got my special candy I can’t get it together. My other special candies accidentally set off my colour bombs etc making this level impossible

    • Patty Hayes

      Ready to quit so sick of level 254 don’t even play that much anymore!!!

  • Carol Wood Hein

    I found the trick to this one is to use all those lollipops and “hands” to move the needed special candies around. As soon as this dawned on me, I had it done in no time.

    • Rhonda Sumner Holland

      Great The hand saved me.. I finally passed it.