Candy Crush Level 275 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 275.

Level 275 Cheat #3: Lastly, combine striped candies with the jelly fish.

candy crush level 275
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  • In order to maximize the impact of the jelly fish and to take out the remaining jelly, you’ll want to combine your jelly-fish with a striped candy! What will this do? It will turn all the jelly fish into striped candies while staying jelly fish–the jelly fish will also randomly eat jellies and randomly turn jelly-covered candies into striped candies. This means you’ll get the impact of striped candies with the jelly-eating power of a jelly fish.
  • Keep the jellies until the almost end of the game–you’ll want them to eat away at any outliers.

  • ellen

    This level isn’t hard, it is stupid. It is 100% pure luck because once you hit the jelly next to the chocolate that covers the bomb, it is up to the game to release candy of the same color to clear it within 2 moves. This level is absolutely the most pointless level yet.

    • KneeKnee

      so if it was that easy, what was your secret ?
      this level is making me insane

      • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

        I believe the point was that there is no inherent skill in relying on the randomness of the game to provide appropriate moves in such a small number of moves.

        This game is based around making moves that increase your probability of success, but you have no way to do that when you are given so few moves to do so.

        Playing well on this level only has only slightly more to do with this level than blind luck.

  • Grand Poobah

    I stopped playing Candy Crush because of this level. I tried for months – no matter how well I played the bottom center and crossed fish with stripes, a blast would occur and drop a bomb. Once the bombs appear, you’re screwed.

    • Brittany Camarillo

      I was addicted to CC this level has forced me to on my 5th month sober living a CC free life….until now, I have to beat this thing

  • Vanessa Mallalieu

    I start at the bottom but the either the stupid fish clear the chocolate where the bomb is or a special candy goes of and clears it. I have only used at the most 15 moves per game for days now :(

  • Carolyn Muriel Hart

    i took the advice and worked lower middle…completed on my 4th try!

  • James

    This level sucks! This may be the one where I stop playing crush.

  • Sandy Hunt

    I have been trying to do this level and used heaps of life’s so frustrating I have tried all ways and nothing appears to work :(

  • Cindy

    I have spent a couple of weeks on this level, like I have any of the other hard levels. I have gotten it down to 1 jelly & even 2 jelly a few times. Just now I thought I had it! Got all the jelly, but the bomb was at zero, too! This level is absolutely maddening!!! I might have to quit on this one.

  • nicole

    ive been stuck on 275 for 2 weeks ive tried all the tips nothing works:( ive been playing for 4months and have been stuck before but at least you could see some strategy nohing works for this level fron hell

  • tt2

    Thank you!!! Made it on first try by staying to lower middle. Got 516740 points! This has frustrated me for hundreds of tries


    This level serves no purpose other than to exasperate its players–so they’ll ante up money to purchase extras. The stupid bombs–with a whopping 3 moves each–are morale killers. Once they appear, you’re pretty much screwed. And, at least for me, no matter what I do to actively AVOID revealing them, something ALWAYS happens and there they are. Sometimes on my first or second move. That sucks.

    I refuse to spend a penny buying extras, so that’s not going to happen. Much more likely I’ll just quit playing.

    FWIW, I have no problem at all PAYING for games, and actually prefer to play paid games. I don’t like ads, and I don’t like being pushed to buy things in a ‘free’ game, so I normally choose paid games. So it’s not like I’m cheap, it’s just the principal of the thing–if the game is free, it should be FREE. And levels should have some strategic value…which 275 definitely does not.

  • San

    Ha. I did it second try using the tips here. No bonuses and no spending money.

  • Twona Onedeterminedlady Gaskin

    i played this game to no end but i noticed that when i played on my computer it gave me 8 tries in the upper corners but when i play on y cell phone it only gives me 3,, big difference when you play on your computer and i was able to WIN the game in no time!!

    • Twona Onedeterminedlady Gaskin

      I refuse to spend a dime on candy crush and i’m doing pretty good.. on level 281 now!!

  • Corrinne Harmon

    So I have been stuck on this level for months now and have refused to play it until today. When I started the level, I noticed that in the top corners the chocolate has been replaced with double layer meringues (on my computer, I haven’t checked my phone yet) and I beat the level on the first try.

  • Nelunary

    Passed this level on my third try. Focus on lower middle part. :)

  • Michael McGinnin

    Just blasted through 275 on the second attempt. My secret is to thoroughly read ALL tips and advice, from multiple blogs. Some web sites have slightly different takes/ tips on how beat this level.

    My main strategy was to avoid the top corners, make as many special candies as possible, and pray that I got a couple of color bombs with stripes near the end, which I did.

    If you listen to too many of the negative comments, it puts you into a losing state of mind. My most difficult levels to date were 245 & 266; I spent about two weeks on each.

  • theotherRJH

    Unless god plays fair and give you a good board, get ready to shell out for five extra moves and bomb coolers, a lot. This one is a total luck of the draw. Around $40 for me to pass this level.

  • Mark Bliton

    Finally cleared this level after about 2 weeks. Like with many CC levels, all of a sudden things just line up and you’ve cleared it. Keep trying.

    I really didn’t focus on clearing the lower center, just not exposing the corner bombs and hoping for a little luck.

    My tips:
    – Avoid exposing the corner candy bombs at all costs.
    – Get a color bomb and keep it safe in case the corner candy bombs are exposed. It can be used as a last resort.
    – Try to clear the jellies at the top of the screen earlier in the game in case they become covered in chocolate.
    – Use striped candies to clear swaths of jellies (again be careful to not expose the corner candy bombs).
    – Be very careful using wrapped candy / striped candy combinations (due to exposing corner candy bombs). Only use these combinations if they appear near the center of the screen.
    – Do not use color bomb / striped candy combinations unless you are sure you will not expose the corner candy bombs.
    – Hope for a color bomb when you get close to clearing all of the jelly.

    This is a frustrating level due to the corner candy bombs and their short duration. I got within 1 jelly several times before eventually clearing this level.

  • Sundome

    It took me a few days to clear the level – I probably used my 5 moves up 2 times each day. I’m not that great at CC btw. Okay, seriously, I missed noticing that the top corners were actual bomb dispensers. I kept seeing the bombs there and just knocked them out as I went – sometimes cursing because of them. Never did I think to simply not knock out the chocolate – on my phone I have to look to see the dispenser and I didn’t see it or notice it was one.
    Here’s my best advice – when you go into the game, if you don’t like the board back out and then go back in and get a new board. You have to back out before you make a move. This works on everything but the timed levels. I never play a board that doesn’t give me something good and I will back out 20 times and come back in until I get a board that I like. Why not start with a board that give you one move to get a color bomb? That’s usually the boards I start with.
    Go slow on this – it’s not timed. Got that. Go very slow on the ones not timed and you’ll pass them faster because you’ll make smarter moves. If they have bombs, go slower.
    Also, the truth is – on the timed levels I move slower than usual as the move selections count more.

  • sandy

    I have beat this level about six times, but every time I beat it the target score keeps going up. Last score was 321,000, it said level complete, Retry or Next, and when I hit Next, it just goes back to level 275. Help!

  • Debbie S Oxendine

    If you can match the corner candy that are bombs by moving them out to make the match- bombs do not recreate- found out by accident- but was able to clear board two try later after discovering this.

    • Wha???

      Mine recreated but with a 7 move bomb. Still haven’t completed this level.