Candy Crush Level 288 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 288.

Level 288 Cheat #3: Bust the meringue blocks.

  • In an ingredient level, it can be hard to remember that not every move is about the ingredients. Make sure that you make strong moves for busting the meringues–why? Well, obviously, you need to clear the licorice xs but it will also help open up the board for more vertical striped candy moves.

  • hostile177

    Solved this level immediately after reading this. Stick with exactly what it says.

  • Donna

    Think I’ll be here for awhile.

    • Julie

      I estimate Christmas should see me through it.

  • Martha

    How to chea

  • Donald Kent

    level 288 is a bullshit level….takes too many hits to remove the crap on the bottom row

  • Julie

    This is the most boring level ever, ive almost stopped trying, doing Odus instead.

  • Rogsie

    1. Leave the ingredients in their columns.
    2. This is 100% about making vertical stripes (& colour bombs if you get the chance).
    3. Keep blowing the stripes to clear the meringues.

  • Dayna Molloy

    I agree, it’s bs. I’ve followed these instructions and the verticals do not, I repeat DO NOT let the items down. been on this level for months and have never gotten a single item to go down.

  • Jo

    LOL.. these comments are tickling me and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way.. but yes this is a stinker of a level, the board dictates you make horizontal stripes not vertical, and the quadruple meringues are a pain.. I run out of moves before I get the ingredients half way down the board LOL

  • joyce

    please i could really do with some help with level 288 x

  • Brian Smith

    read this and the next time i played it won. had me worried with a comment below just keep shooting them down. ps started with the wheel to make stripes.

  • David

    Could you program your site so that we can choose to watch the walkthrough videos in slow motion?

  • Trish

    I had no problem solving it.was one of the easier levels I’ve done.