Candy Crush Level 29 Cheats & Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush level 29.

Level 29 Cheat #2: Make as many special candy combos as you can, especially a striped + wrapped combo or striped + sprinkle combo. Next >>


  • Since level 29 is early on in Candy Crush, a lot of people are not aware of what they can do with the special candies.  There are 3 types of special candies – the striped candy, the wrapped candy, and the sprinkle candy – but many people are not aware of what special effects these candies have when you combine them together.  The best options for a level such as level 29, where you need to clear a lot of jelly, are a wrapped candy + a striped candy combo, a striped candy + a sprinkle candy combo, or a sprinkle candy + a sprinkle candy combo.  The wrapped + the striped candy and the striped + the sprinkle candy are easier since you cannot move a sprinkle candy into place without activating it, making the sprinkle + the sprinkle combo more difficult to place next to each other.  Both of these special candy combos will clear majority if not all of your board in one move, and they are easier to come by than you would think.  Even if you feel like you are wasting moves trying to get them next to each other, the amount of jelly these candy combos will clear is essential to clearing all the jelly on level 29.  




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  • kiki

    level 29 ive been stuck forever

  • Verna Cummins

    Can’t get past level 29 ahhhhhh…….

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    You suck!

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    ive been on level 29 for a month. FUCK THIS SHIT

    • Crack

      me too……… FUCK….!! ;)

      • Tammy Taylor Schoch

        Oh God! 3 of us in my house have been stuck on it for almost a month. It is friggin unbearable. DAMNIT!!!!!!!

  • i hate level 29

    fuck level 29 i’ve been stuck on this for so long but somehow i can beat my friends other levels that are past 40 great…

  • Betty Dull

    How do I advance to level 51? I have lives but can’t connect them so I can advance. Am so disgusted I started at level 1 again. Any suggestions would really be appreciated….

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    I’m going in people lol

  • Grace

    I used this tip and I have been stuck on this level forever… And I finally got it!

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    Aggggh! Glad it’s not only me, I have been stuck on this level for days it’s driving me crazy!

  • JADE!!!!!!!!!!!


    • meeks

      Match a five in a row, four in a row, or L-shape 6, then combine the special candies that you make (sets of two). If u focus primarily on special candy combining you will beat it. Good luck!!

      • flankton

        there is no opportunities for four in a row on mine!

  • Linda Embry

    Why did the number of moves change from 60 to 49 on my candy crush saga level 29? I really need help here anyone!! Linda E

  • samantha

    i am stuck on level 29 for ever too

  • Sayan

    On my first try I got 273, 100 points( 3 stars is only 200,000) and btw if you try to get the bottom at the very beginning, you get 100,000(1 star) points in just 6 moves, and 200,000 points(3 stars) in 16 moves

  • Sayan

    This level is very easy unless you have the glitch that linda had(which once I did, usually I get my 3rd star in the first 15 moves because clearing frozen jelly gives you a lot of points, except that don’t show off level 29 unless you get at least 300 000 points which you can youtuve.

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    I I’ve been stuck on this shit for 2-3 fucking months I Soon delete it & never fucking return -___-

  • DanD

    Only the jelly on the bottom portion is visible, top portion shows no jelly… pretty hard to destroy what you can’t see. Any remedy for this?

  • pamela farren

    I dont mind being stuck because I enjoy the challenge and learn as I play. I would not like to breeze thru it to the end. just have fun.

  • Jamie Strauss

    I have tried now for 2 months , stuffed if I know how to pass level 29 it’s a ball breaker !!!!!

  • Candy Crush Cheats

    One of the best things you can do here is create a striped + wrapped combo or a striped + a color bomb (the best option). Try and save your special candies and candy combine them, just don’t accidentally set them off.

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    I love your tips

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    it is amazing i completed this level with the help your clues !!!it got freedom from it after 1.5 months thanks and thanks a lot

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    i dont understand how to beat this level. there are never any matches near the bottom. also i see no opportunities for four or five of a kind. its pure luck if you can beat this level

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    i am still stuck in this level and i was almost 20 times at the last jelly but run out of moves… :( :P