Candy Crush Level 305 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 305.

Level 305 Cheat #2: Difficulty.

candy crush level 305
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  • You will only have 72 moves to clear the jelly.
  • One of the biggest challenges you’ll face are the chocolates.
  • The jelly squares at the bottom will be difficult
  • You also need to reach 140,000 points.

  • Cat

    I only have 55 moves to clear the jelly. Not 72.

    • Sean Graves

      I have 53

  • Mike Metelnick

    Yes, there are only 55 moves. Ok, so I finally beat this level just now. No boosters! BUT – I didn’t have to break into the bottom left and right red blockers at all. So keep that in mind.

    • AllyLove

      It seems that there sometimes they don’t need to be cleared and other times they do. I’ve gone through this level and not even gotten to them when I ran out of moves, but it’ll say I only needed one more jelly, but then when I think I’ve gotten them all but the ones at the bottom, they have to be cleared too before I can beat the level. It’s like it picks and chooses when it’s a jelly and when it’s not and it’s MADDENING.

    • Fernanda Cordeiro

      Me too! I think it’s another version.

    • Dorothy Salado

      I don’t get it! you have to clear everything to beat this level. How could you possibly not have to break into the bottom left and right red blockers,..sorry, but it just doesn’t make any sense!

  • IrishKa

    Can somebody explain specifically how jelly combos work? I try and save them for later and use color bomb combo w/jelly fish, and I don’t notice such a big diff. I see that the fish have dots on them, but don’t know how many jelly they take out. What are the facts? How many jelly do they take out in every possibility? Thanks in advance!

    • Louisa

      The color bomb with the fish doesn’t seem to do too much, i find combining the bomb or the fish with a striped candy to much more affective.

  • Fozi Az

    1 week on this level .. and finally i passed it just now … one hint
    please don’t be that person who says ( i wanna get through this level without any boosters )
    use jelly fish … use them from all of your heart .. use it .. and make it happens .. make your dreams come true :D

  • Tove Dan

    It is my experience, that you beat all levels, if you use the candy, fish hammers or what else you have obtained of boosters at the front wheel.

  • MS_764

    I have 55 moves too :-(

  • Geertje

    Yes, there are only 55 moves for me too. And I also see that the jelly fish combo with the color bomb don’t do much damage.

  • Geertje

    I also start to play a new level several times before bringing my saved boosters in; I don’t want to waste them when I don’t know how to use them at their best yet.

  • Patsy Williams Russell

    I have been on this level for so long, it is getting on my last never I have tryed every thing, its hard to save the fish for last when you make a movie and they are gone to …

  • shakeel

    please jaldi

  • Rigid Limbs

    These “Tips and Cheats” are useless. There are 55 moves, not 72. The bogus video uses not one but two bonus moves. The level is generally unfair since the small work space is randomly limited even further by bad eggs. The way that I got through (after far too many failures) was: (1) work the outside as much as possible – the bottom corners are by far the most difficult to clear; (2) use striped/wrapped combos and striped/color bombs combos as much as possible – these are most helpful in clearing the difficult corners; (3) try to save jelly fish, or combine them only with striped candies for maximum effect.

  • Mel

    I have been on this level for…well….lost count. Anyway, I did find something that I was doing wrong. I was combining my fish with striped candies way too early. All my striped fish were doing was penetrating jellies that didn’t have candies on them. I was wasting my fish. If possible, I wait until I’m closer to the bottom so that my fish will hit my candies and stripe them. I can clear more rows. I hope I can finish this level before the end of the year. grrr

    P.S. Thanks Rigid Limbs for your hints. I will try them.

  • gymnos

    You will only win when it lets you win. It’s programmed like a slot machine.

  • Elham Derakula

    i stuck this level. i am tired of playing every day …my hope is gone :d

  • Elham Derakula

    55 moves not 77.. u tell me 90 moves but this level is boring

  • Sean Graves

    I passed 10 levels in less then 2 days and then I ran across this level and I’m stuck for the last week and I played over 300 games. My wife plays the game she is on level 612 and she tried to beat the level 20 times and failed. Every single game I’ve played I have been left with 8 or 9 jellies at the end of the game. She gets left with 6 and 7 jellies. There isn’t a candy combo that works. What has me wondering is how I’m able to pass 3 levels in the 600’s while playing my wife game but I can’t beat level 305.

    • Dorothy Salado

      Frankly it seems like 305 is rigged to fail! I’ve checked out the helpful tips, watched the walk through video, used my boosters when I get them, played this game for at least a month and I still can’t beat this level! I’m about ready to pull out of candy crush, and I was so wanting to go to the end. Looks like it’s not gonna happen!

  • lois

    I passed this level and ended the episode. What happened to the mystery quests? Is the only way to continue by paying??

    • Southwind

      The only way to continue the mystery quests nowadays, without paying, is playing it offline.

  • joyce

    can some one help me with level 305 please i find it so hard

  • joyce

    please help me on level 305

  • joyce

    i really could do with your help with level 305 please help x

  • joyce

    please can some one help me pass level 305 thank you .

  • joyce

    please please help me with level 305 .

  • joyce

    can someone please please help me with level 305 please.

  • joyce

    please help me pass level 305 i really enjoy playing candy crush but i really need help with this level.

  • joyce

    please please help me pass this level .

  • joyce

    mr king if you can,t help me pass level 305 could you let me know so i don,t have to keep trying thank you .

  • Shelena

    combining 2 wrapped candies seem to have the most effect

  • Judy


  • Milentheone

    So many times i reach 2 – 3 jelly left. Its hard level but i will never give up i will beat it SOON.

  • Milentheone

    Yessssssss at lasttt i got it. After five days of endless battle with this f@!?ng level. Thank you god. For all the people who are stuck on this level dont give up you”ll get it in the end.

  • joyce

    please please help me with level 305 I really don,t want to stop playing but this level is just so hard.

  • MattG

    3 months on this…………..had enough

  • Melanie Pierluigi

    Finally passed this level after playing about 100 x over three weeks. It’s basically luck.