Candy Crush Level 305 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 305 Cheats

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  • Save the jelly fish for later
  • The jelly fish will have a greater probability of eating single jelly.
  • Doing a color-bomb jellyfish combo will give you and even bigger chance of getting 2 single jelly .
  • Do that combo early to enhance your chances.
  • Cat

    I only have 55 moves to clear the jelly. Not 72.

  • Mike Metelnick

    Yes, there are only 55 moves. Ok, so I finally beat this level just now. No boosters! BUT – I didn’t have to break into the bottom left and right red blockers at all. So keep that in mind.

    • AllyLove

      It seems that there sometimes they don’t need to be cleared and other times they do. I’ve gone through this level and not even gotten to them when I ran out of moves, but it’ll say I only needed one more jelly, but then when I think I’ve gotten them all but the ones at the bottom, they have to be cleared too before I can beat the level. It’s like it picks and chooses when it’s a jelly and when it’s not and it’s MADDENING.

  • IrishKa

    Can somebody explain specifically how jelly combos work? I try and save them for later and use color bomb combo w/jelly fish, and I don’t notice such a big diff. I see that the fish have dots on them, but don’t know how many jelly they take out. What are the facts? How many jelly do they take out in every possibility? Thanks in advance!

  • Fozi Az

    1 week on this level .. and finally i passed it just now … one hint
    please don’t be that person who says ( i wanna get through this level without any boosters )
    use jelly fish … use them from all of your heart .. use it .. and make it happens .. make your dreams come true :D

  • Tove Dan

    It is my experience, that you beat all levels, if you use the candy, fish hammers or what else you have obtained of boosters at the front wheel.