Candy Crush Level 315 Cheats and Tips

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Candy Crush level 315 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Candy Crush Saga game.

Candy Crush Level 315 Video
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  • ldr 815

    What is a coconut wheel? I never heard of that for level 315, is that like a
    Dounut? Also how do you make a coconut wheel, and what is its advantage?

  • Geertje

    It’s the pink circle. You can move it vertically or horizontally and it will then create striped candies.

    • Shirley Cashen

      But it’s so near the bottom on this level by the time you get to use it it rolls off the side to oblivion without helping at all. This is a very frustrating level cause if you don’t get the other 2 cherries in the middle, before you know it, the game is over. Not hard to get 1 cherry down but it will take many tries to win.