Candy Crush Level 323 Cheats and Tips

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Candy Crush level 323 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Candy Crush Saga game.

Candy Crush Level 323 Video

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Applying the following tips and cheats will help you clear level 323 of Candy Crush. To see just how these cheats and tips work, checkout this Candy Crush Level 323 video below.

  • Brenda Rose Sova

    Hmm, my candies do not move all at once like the ones pictured above. The bottom 2 panels only move the opposite top 2, making it virtually impossible to win! I heard there is a glitch when using pc’s versus IPad and phones?

    • CrazY4CandY

      that happened to me but on my iphone too!! do you know how to fix it?

    • Denise Sabourin Russell

      i have tried it on my tablet and pc and still doesn’t do like the video….

    • RaNae Lovell Scott

      I just noticed the same thing, very frustrating!

    • Jh root

      I am only using iPhone and iPad
      And the same thing is happening to me. I watched the videos and no way do my boards cascade.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Same here, three months later. I’m not sure it’s possible to pass the level with this glitch. Since I’m not on Facebook, I can’t transfer my progress and try it on PC. Guess it’s time to quit… maybe they’ll fix it with a future update.

  • Brenda Coats

    They played it on a phone…..(app). It doesn’t move like that on a PC.

  • camberwell

    this seems almost impossible on FB. The candies do not drop like they do in ipad/phones, etc. So if you’re playing on FB, don’t even bother watching the videos postings from those other devices. It’s not the same.

    • Denise Sabourin Russell

      i agree….not at all like the video have been on this level for weeks…grrrr

      • Brenda Rose Sova

        I ended up using my friend’s I Pad and the candies fell like they were supposed to! That’s the only way I could have gotten past level 323!

        • Angela Hemingway- Leigh

          I’m playing on my iPhone iPad and PC and it’s all the same if you match candies from bottom left only the top left moves , bottom right only moves top left , uninstalled Facebook and candy crush on my iPhone and re installed it makes no difference !!! Very angry , impossible to do this level

          • Ruth Gray

            I play on a PC and they don’t fall for me either. Is there no way to let them know how impossible they have made this one?

  • camberwell

    Finally!!! Can’t tell you how, but got through this level after weeks of trying. I think I just stopped trying, and made moves where I could and it just happened! Sorry I can’t give you any idea how.

  • Jamie Hubbert

    it shouldnt be different on PC versus iphone! ive been stuck on this level for weeks! my candies dont fall like that, there arent that many portals on mine!

  • RaNae Lovell Scott

    I’ve been stuck on level 323 for a couple weeks and finally came here to see how it is done, these videos show the candies falling in all 4 squares when matches are made. But on the iPad, when you match in a bottom square, only the top (opposite corner) moves. No wonder I can’t pass it. I often get stuck when my friends fly past me, this explains a lot! They don’t fall the same on all devices.

  • Lisa P

    Mine all moved like that prior to updating the app. One of the updates changes this level.

    • Anna

      Tell me please how can I update the aplication on my pc?

  • Andy Skarbinski

    Mine is the same on both Iphone and PC. Neither work as shown in the video. Like many have said here, the diagonal boxes only move. Anybody have any idea how to get it working properly?

  • Brancus

    How can you even make color bombs???

  • Angela Hemingway- Leigh

    i eventually did it – i just kept trying and trying and trying and it just happened- im now on level 350 – 349 is a horrible level also, a lot of the time i think its just pure luck that gets you through some levels …. GOOD LUCK dont give up

  • cengiz

    level 323ü şimdi neden zorlaştırdınız geçemiyoruz…şu an izlediğim gibi değil lütfen eski versiyonuna tekrar geri getirin..yada şimdiki versiyonuna hamle eklemesi yapın..siz oynayın bakalım geçebilicekmisiniz…

  • Richard Bumsted

    After a certain amount of time wasted trying, they eventually fix it so you can win. Still haven’t hit that on 323. Obviously they hope we will break down and pay them. Several times have gotten down to just one block away from clearing, grrrrrr

  • Nancy

    there are no blue waves at the bottom two blocks in the game as in the video.. Why is it different??? so they do not move when other squares are changed as in the video.. please correct this game to match the video display, as it is un-beatable as it is in the game.. BEEN STUCK FOR MONTHS if bottom moved as in video as displayed it would be great!



  • Sandy MCcosh

    I think they need to fix this my candies do not cascade down like the video I do the bottom left and the top right comes down do the bottom right top left comes dow why in the video it shows both squares come down when you do the bottoms PLEASE FIX THIS

  • Anthony Amacher

    just so everyone knows 323 sucks!! need to put the warp back in for the pc,ipod touch, and android. all of them have no bottom warps like all the other videos I have seen.

  • Pete Rhodes

    On my Kindle the portals are on the bottom too.

  • becca0557

    ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, IMPOSSIBLE level!!! Candy Crush – YOU SUCK!!!!

  • steve

    Got It! My bottom 2 panels only moved the opposite top 2, like most all others here. Took about 20 attempts. Concentrated on clearing bottom panels along with specials in top panels. One striped and wrapper combo taken in a top panel and luck was enough to clear this level. Didn’t clear until the last possible move of course. Good luck.

  • Becky Vils Martinez

    Why doesn’t the author respond to any of the questions in these posts?