Candy Crush Level 341 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 341.

Level 341 Cheat #2: Clear meringue quickly.

candy crush level 341
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  • The first thing you probably noticed on this level is all the meringue on the map!
  • The only way you can get space to make the color bombs you need is to clear them. Focus on removing meringue from the left side as quickly as you can.

  • Joanne McCall

    There is no way that the candy lines up to get that many colored candy bombs!!! I’ve play this level at least 50 times and never had that happen.

    • Isabel Li

      ..Didn’t you read the tips? I passed 2 games after I read this!

      • SukieMc

        Isabel, Joanne wouldn’t be on this site if she wasn’t interested in tips. You got lucky so don’t be so smug.

        • Isabel Li

          I am not being smug. I feel that Joanne was not appreciating this site and I was offering support to the site. How would you know if I got “lucky” or not? I doubt you have asked everyone else who passed this level if they found it easy or not.

          • Beef curtains


            I don’t think the purpose of this site is for you to be available to “support it”

            Sukie is right, don’t be smug as you have lucked up on this level!

          • Overboard Fantasy

            Beef curtains and Sukie,
            Define smug.
            “having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.”

            Isabel is saying she passed two games after reading these tips, meaning that they are great and you should not complain because this site is already offering so much. Is this being smug? I myself passed this level easily after reading these tips, and I am very grateful.

            Also, are you saying that this site does not need any thanks or support? Is it just something we deserve? Some people have put up their own tips for hundreds of levels, and we aren’t thanking them at all.

            I don’t know if you guys are jealous or just having a hard time, but don’t lash out at someone who is trying to show gratitude.

            If this conversation continues, I will flag all comments, including my own, as spam, and have it all deleted, Thank you.

          • Blue Lagoon

            Overboard Fantasy,

            You may be taking this game that was developed for children a little to seriously. Furthermore, this site is an open forum such as You Tube with very little moderation. If you are offended by words such as “smug” this may. not be the place for you.

            I have tagged this thread and made it not available for deletion.

          • Overboard Fantasy

            I find it rather childish that you made an argument, obviously turning into spam, unable for deletion, but I guess you have your reasons.

            On another note, which level are you guys on now?

          • Guest

            I think you guys should drop this stupid thread which relates to absolutely nothing…..kinda wired really

            Anyway, has anyone got any tips for me to get past this level?

          • Overboard Fantasy

            Keep trying, I guess half of candy crush levels are just luck after reading any tips you can find. Unless there’s some cheat I don’t know about. Good luck though!

          • Jessica

            I didn’t believe there was such a thing as luck until I started playing candy crush.
            I now know that this thing called luck does exist.

          • April stafford

            Guest I’m not being smug at all but the best way to beat this level after 35 times of failure is to do what the tips say. Get 2 brown bombs and push together and tht will open the remaining bombs on the lower right side!! I passed the first time after reading it. I hope this helps!!!

          • SukieMc

            Thank you, BC,

      • April stafford

        Isabel you aren’t being smug at ALL darling!!! I could not pass this either but after reading the tips on here I passed the first time. Call it luck or being smug either one but at least we passed and the tips helped us!!! What’s good for one might not be the other!!

    • SukieMc

      I agree Joanne. I always read the tips and never get discouraged, but this level has sucked all the fun out of the game.

    • Candy

      It doesn’t – but if you just do the left side and get 2 color bombs together and then swap them, they release the locked up bombs and you only need one more then. It’s really doable, but ignore the right side totally!

      • Candy Crush Cheats

        Good tip Candy!

  • Jh root

    I have read all kinds of tips and cheats. Well after playing 341 for three days, I find I still can’t get it? The boards I get sure do not look like boards in the video. Maybe I am just thick? Kinda takes all the fun out of the game. I should give it up and become a productive member of society, instead of a candy crush dead head.

    • April stafford

      Try to line up 2 brown candy bombs on the left side while staying away from the right side. When you push the bombs together it will free the bombs on the lower right side. I hope this helps!!!!

  • Candy

    OMG, this SO worked – I stopped trying to clear the right side, just cleared the left, fluked a color bomb, then another one, managed to get them side by side and combined, which gave me 2, them freed up the others and then I only needed one more. Thanks, I tried this level about 50 times and finally gave up trying to clear the right, but I never thought to try to get 2 speckled ones next to each other – it took a few goes, but I’m finally off this level. Thanks so much!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Nice job Candy!. Congrats on the win!

    • Denise Lowe

      Wow. After trying about 50 times, I followed the hints and succeeded first time

  • nytewynd

    this level is Bullsh*t

  • nytewynd

    can rarely get one colored bomb, let alone two and then just line them up … seriously? talk about major luck to be able to do that

  • LJ

    That worked really well. I passed it after about ten more tries using this tip. :)

    • Louise

      thanks heaps, I have been on this level for days… read the suggestions, and the very next game I did it (somehow) with 20 moves to spare!!!

  • Andrea Hepworth

    Ah so the walk-through video completely ignores all the advice given about combining two colour bombs…!

  • marysc

    I got through using two color bombs only 3 tries after reading the tips. I would never have thought of that strategy so (not smugly) I say thanks!!!

  • Carolyn Pack

    this level is just not beatable unless you have the freak occurence of getting 2 color bombs which is really difficult the way the candies are laid out or unless you buy the color bombs which i will not do. this level is definitely a money taker. the game is laid out psychologically so you’ll buy that “just one more move” to advance. go ahead and finance the creators that are lounging in their yachts in the carribean.

    • Bernhard Gramberg

      Hi, I never paid money till now.
      Why pay real money to unreal levels ?

  • Glenn Hughes

    I swear I failed this level at least 30 times and cleared it with 3 stars on the FIRSTattempt after reading this. I created my first color bomb on the left side which promptly fell to the right, so crushing two color bombs wasn’t an option for me. After detonating the first color bomb, I got two more on the left side in rapid succession, but too far apart to crush together. I left them alone and worked to build a striped candy to crush with one of the color bombs. Worked like a charm. That combo cleared the second and third color bomb and (since I already had candy on the right side) did enough collateral damage to uncover the two of the three remaining color bombs. I finished with 8 moves left!

  • ksitz77

    #3 doesn’t work. I spent several tries trying to get two color bombs. Well I finally did and guess what? It didn’t TOUCH most of the merange on the right hand side NOR did it clear the 3 bombs!

  • Anita Lomax

    awesome tip…. after 20+ rounds I checked on here.. got the tip and passed in the first game!! YAY!!!!

  • MRS BARBARA J Holloway

    I passed this level first time using the tip not to concern myself with the right side of the board. Seems the chocolate balls wouldn’t stop coming. I had 4 before I ever got to the right side.

  • Bianca

    It still comes down to luck I say, I played this about 50 times b4 looking for help here, then tried another 20 times following these tips. In the end by pure luck I got two color bombs in the middle row, swapped them, the move gave me another one, and with the 3 at the right I had it, with 18 moves left!

  • Candy Howell

    I have been trying this level for some time.. I read this and added my own method…. (using striped with a chocolate ball which clears a cross section.) I won on the first try! So the trick is to yes ignore the right side till you clear the left. Then work on the right all the while keeping your eye out on the left for a possible 5 in a row cause you need the extras, and combined with a stripe in the right spot can begin to uncover the 3 on the right. Good luck!

  • Shannon Perault

    I had to hammer candies, and after several attempts using the tips nothing worked. I smashed the color bombs right off and every thing fell into place, so frickin easy I couldnt beleive it!

  • Melissa Reposky

    Thank you! I passed this level in one try after reading this :)

  • Geertje

    I read the tips and had colour bombs but….never next to each other. And then, when I had the first one, I had to sue it as there were no other matches possible.

  • Geertje

    I actually cracked this one in 4 turns but I started to work on getting through the meringue and after that was all cleared the colour bombs came easily.

  • Brogues

    Just to add my bit to this discussion which I read (and found really useful) because I couldn’t see a way through. I did finally manage to get a bomb on the left and used it. This opened up the right and I made my way down to the bottom and then used 2 bombs which were already together. After that, it was easy because more bombs were easy to produce by removing a colour and the job was done! Thanks for the tip – but bear in mind you don’t actually have to produce 2 bombs on the left to sort it!

  • cheryl sylvia

    I’ve been on this level over a week, I followed the tips but always found myself trying to clear the right side when candy drops…
    I finally forced myself to clear/make bombs ONLY the left side, it took me about 5, 6 tries but I finally made 3 color bombs on the left side which helps clear the right, “the stars lined up for me today” and a 4th and 5th bomb dropped to the right clearing and set off remaining 3bombs!!! I still can’t believe I passed this level!!!

  • A Thomas

    Thanks! Followed advice and ignored right side. Got one color bomb and a few moves later got two side by side. That freed up the three bombs on the bottom right. Then eliminated the last two bombs that struck the last bomb! Passed the level in one try!

  • Bernhard Gramberg

    I have just now another Solution.

    I worked at the merinque barrier an manged to have two colour balls (one by one, not at the same time). This helped to come down quickly.

    After breaking thru the meringue barirer, a vertical striped candy swapped to the right side. When I than activted this vertical candy, It broke thru till down, this activated the color bomb … and goes, and goes, A was finished about 20 züge (english?) in time .

  • Karoll Charette

    ok just passed it with 20 moves left, you need to clear the left and get a striped+ wrapped on the right side … etither that or I got lucky but it worked!! :) good luck all

  • Rick Scott

    100+ games working left side only = FRUSTRATION

    This level has gotten me to the point of hitting DELETE.

  • Martha Bailey

    This tip worked perfectly! thanks!

  • Andrea h

    After trying to do this level for neroy 3weeks I thought I’d have to give up. Thank goodness I found the site, after doing the tps ,( ignoring the right coloum and ,getting 2 bombs together in the left, itvstillntook me 2 ,more days but I finally DID it!!!!! Yahhhh. Lol. Thank you so much everyone for the hints and tips. Great work all of you.

  • erika f

    thank you for the tip as soon as I read the instructions I cleared the level on the second try.

  • rea864

    LOL, I can’t believe the smugness of several of you. Yes, it’s luck and you losers that “passed this level” are probably just spamming for the website.

  • INFJ

    So weird that right after reading this tip, i passed this level!

  • Mark Bliton

    I found it easier to create a wrapped and a striped candy on the left side and then moves them to the right side. Get them side by side. Then put the 2 (wrapped/striped candy) together to uncover the color bombs at the bottom of the right side. I then put 2 of the color bombs together to clear the screen. Along the way I was able to get some additional color bombs to finish the level off.

  • Prashant Hebare

    Yes by combining two color candy solve this level.

  • Philip210

    You can tell the players that purchase items versus those who don’t, this level is impossible to beat the 1st try, much like 315 which i was stuck on for a whole year. This is a game of luck period.

  • Claudia J. Dupre

    I know that I got super lucky as I passed this level in 2 tries…this is what helped immensely….I combined a striped and wrapped on the lower left which unlocked the color bombs. I combined 2 color bombs which launched the 3rd color bomb. Then somehow I got the right combinations to make 2 more color bombs. Hope that this helps someone!

  • Jim Ward

    Ignore the cheat above…I have completed this now 3 times by clearing the blocks on the left as quickly as possible and with some work, moving a bomb and stripe to the right hand side. This will release 2 color balls at the bottom of the right side and allow you to wipe out the entire board in one move. Every time I have gotten this right side move, I was immediately rewarded with multiple color balls all over the board. The cheat does not work easily.

  • Karen

    I got two colored candy bombs on my first try! Of course, I did this with only 5 moves left so couldn’t get the last candy bomb! Let’s see if I can be lucky on the next few moves!

  • Ferdi Erbakıcı

    Thank you i passed it with your help..