Candy Crush Level 341 Cheats and Tips

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Candy Crush level 341 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Candy Crush Saga game.

Candy Crush Level 341 Video

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Applying the following tips and cheats will help you clear level 341 of Candy Crush. To see just how these cheats and tips work, checkout this Candy Crush Level 341 video below.





  • Joanne McCall

    There is no way that the candy lines up to get that many colored candy bombs!!! I’ve play this level at least 50 times and never had that happen.

    • Isabel Li

      ..Didn’t you read the tips? I passed 2 games after I read this!

      • SukieMc

        Isabel, Joanne wouldn’t be on this site if she wasn’t interested in tips. You got lucky so don’t be so smug.

        • Isabel Li

          I am not being smug. I feel that Joanne was not appreciating this site and I was offering support to the site. How would you know if I got “lucky” or not? I doubt you have asked everyone else who passed this level if they found it easy or not.

          • Beef curtains


            I don’t think the purpose of this site is for you to be available to “support it”

            Sukie is right, don’t be smug as you have lucked up on this level!

          • Overboard Fantasy

            Beef curtains and Sukie,
            Define smug.
            “having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.”

            Isabel is saying she passed two games after reading these tips, meaning that they are great and you should not complain because this site is already offering so much. Is this being smug? I myself passed this level easily after reading these tips, and I am very grateful.

            Also, are you saying that this site does not need any thanks or support? Is it just something we deserve? Some people have put up their own tips for hundreds of levels, and we aren’t thanking them at all.

            I don’t know if you guys are jealous or just having a hard time, but don’t lash out at someone who is trying to show gratitude.

            If this conversation continues, I will flag all comments, including my own, as spam, and have it all deleted, Thank you.

          • Blue Lagoon

            Overboard Fantasy,

            You may be taking this game that was developed for children a little to seriously. Furthermore, this site is an open forum such as You Tube with very little moderation. If you are offended by words such as “smug” this may. not be the place for you.

            I have tagged this thread and made it not available for deletion.

          • Overboard Fantasy

            I find it rather childish that you made an argument, obviously turning into spam, unable for deletion, but I guess you have your reasons.

            On another note, which level are you guys on now?

          • Guest

            I think you guys should drop this stupid thread which relates to absolutely nothing…..kinda wired really

            Anyway, has anyone got any tips for me to get past this level?

          • Overboard Fantasy

            Keep trying, I guess half of candy crush levels are just luck after reading any tips you can find. Unless there’s some cheat I don’t know about. Good luck though!

          • Jessica

            I didn’t believe there was such a thing as luck until I started playing candy crush.
            I now know that this thing called luck does exist.

          • April stafford

            Guest I’m not being smug at all but the best way to beat this level after 35 times of failure is to do what the tips say. Get 2 brown bombs and push together and tht will open the remaining bombs on the lower right side!! I passed the first time after reading it. I hope this helps!!!

          • SukieMc

            Thank you, BC,

      • April stafford

        Isabel you aren’t being smug at ALL darling!!! I could not pass this either but after reading the tips on here I passed the first time. Call it luck or being smug either one but at least we passed and the tips helped us!!! What’s good for one might not be the other!!

    • SukieMc

      I agree Joanne. I always read the tips and never get discouraged, but this level has sucked all the fun out of the game.

    • Candy

      It doesn’t – but if you just do the left side and get 2 color bombs together and then swap them, they release the locked up bombs and you only need one more then. It’s really doable, but ignore the right side totally!

      • Candy Crush Cheats

        Good tip Candy!

  • Jh root

    I have read all kinds of tips and cheats. Well after playing 341 for three days, I find I still can’t get it? The boards I get sure do not look like boards in the video. Maybe I am just thick? Kinda takes all the fun out of the game. I should give it up and become a productive member of society, instead of a candy crush dead head.

    • April stafford

      Try to line up 2 brown candy bombs on the left side while staying away from the right side. When you push the bombs together it will free the bombs on the lower right side. I hope this helps!!!!

  • Candy

    OMG, this SO worked – I stopped trying to clear the right side, just cleared the left, fluked a color bomb, then another one, managed to get them side by side and combined, which gave me 2, them freed up the others and then I only needed one more. Thanks, I tried this level about 50 times and finally gave up trying to clear the right, but I never thought to try to get 2 speckled ones next to each other – it took a few goes, but I’m finally off this level. Thanks so much!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Nice job Candy!. Congrats on the win!

  • nytewynd

    this level is Bullsh*t

  • nytewynd

    can rarely get one colored bomb, let alone two and then just line them up … seriously? talk about major luck to be able to do that

  • LJ

    That worked really well. I passed it after about ten more tries using this tip. :)

  • Andrea Hepworth

    Ah so the walk-through video completely ignores all the advice given about combining two colour bombs…!

  • marysc

    I got through using two color bombs only 3 tries after reading the tips. I would never have thought of that strategy so (not smugly) I say thanks!!!