Candy Crush Level 342 Cheats and Tips

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Candy Crush level 342 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Candy Crush Saga game.

Candy Crush Level 342 Video
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  • becca0557

    Done …. D.O.N.E!!!! So tired of being sucked in by this stupid game…. too bad they had to ruin a good thing – but I’ve had enough…..

    • beverly

      i bet your still playing…

  • becca0557

    I bet I am …. lol

  • yars14

    if you look closely you can see where the jelly is…

  • orfy

    At the start of the level a jelly sits behind every meringue /whipped cream block at the bottom. Look carefully at the wiggly edges and you can see the jelly.

    However, the whole meringue doesn’t have to be cleared to clear the jelly – a fish will bypass all the layers and kill off the jelly layer.

    Fish only head for jelly blocks, and will head for the meringue blocks with the jellies before any jelly blocks with fish in them, so make sure you keep fish in the upper jellies rather than regular candies. As soon as a regular candy falls into one of the upper jellies there is a risk that you will waste a fish by gobbling up that (easy to clear) jelly when the best strategy is to use them on the (hard to clear) meringue jellies.

    I hope that helps.
    Once I worked this out I cleared the level in no time.

    • Andrew Trowbridge

      I don’t think this is true… I have seen the fish attack all the meringues and j still can’t beat the level… So frustrating… How can I beat it if I can’t see the jellies

      • Muhammad

        it is easy level but play with more fishes in the end or take a more jelly fishes. now you want how to complete this level when all of the jelly which are shown that they r cleared then these fishes are automatically feed on remaining 14 of the lower panel. means without lossing fishes u can clear all the upper level boxes and then these fishes eat the lower 14 boxes as well

    • guest

      I also have had the fish attack the other jellies that contain fish. Can get to no visible jelly, no fish, 15 moves left. Tried a candy bomb and fish combo, still can’t clear the meringue. There are more than 14 jellies in this level. And no video to watch. Any suggestions?

      • mara

        It’s on you tube. Tho it dint help me am still stuck

    • Fareesa Khan

      phir b clear nai ho raha plz help me to complete this hardest level

  • Se

    Any pics, I have gotten where one was left and couldn’t find it.

  • Katie James

    Ive looked carefully and i cant see! This is a really frustrating level. Its a plod on level which can keep you stuck for weeks. Getting bored with it now.

  • Caressa

    this is for not for lvl 342 not according to my game anyway

  • Caressa

    and I call b&ll sh*t on being able to see it! lol

  • Bonnie

    Before your first move check to see if you can easily remove to top ones, such as 2 of the same color together. If you don’t have a good set up restart the game.

  • LaToyia Missmewitdabullshit Br


    • Julie

      Its on 341.

      • guest

        level 341 shows video for 340

      • Julie

        They are quite mixed up, I’m now on 347, will be till the end of time!!

        • guest

          How did you get past 342? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m really stuck.

          • Julie

            Bit of a blur now, but think I made lots of upward stripe candies and kept the fish till last, good luck.

  • Tray Gervais

    there 14 jelly to be removed…i see 12 right away. where are they other 2?

  • Geertje

    which is a meringue /whipped cream? And yes, the video is for 341!

  • Autumn

    Just passed the level by crossing a fish with that candy ball thing. Still had 7 moves left. And YES you can see the jelly under the meringue but the bigger the screen you are playing on the easier it is to see.

  • guest

    I have had the fish attack the other jellies that contain fish. Can get to where there is no visible jelly, no fish with 15 moves left, but can’t clear the meringue. Tried a candy bomb and fish combo, still can’t clear the meringue. Tried a candy bomb and fish booster, still can’t clear the jelly. There are more than 14 jellies in this level. And no video to watch. Any suggestions? Candy-Crush-please help

  • Monaco

    Finished this nasty level at last. At these levels, what I have understood is the strategy doesn’t count. If the game software decides you must win now, then only you can win. Anyway here are few tips that would be helpful to beat this level.

    * First clear the visible jellies as much as possible before using the jelly fish.

    * Keep that in mind, there are 14 hidden jellies (hidden under multiple layers of meringues), that are impossible to clear without jelly fish. So you need to save at least 5 jelly fish to eat those hidden jellies. Don’t even think to clear those jellies by removing the meringue layers first.

    * Since one fish eats 3 jellies, always count if you have enough fish to clear the hidden jellies. e.g. If you have 3 fish and you have 10 hidden jellies, you don’t have enough fish. This is a loss loss situation, no point of continuing, better hit the finish button and start a fresh game.

    * Since jelly fish play a major role in this level why not using the jelly fish booster at the start up. Using a color bomb will also be much much helpful. Hey I am not telling you to spend $$s, but just collect jelly fish and color bombs from daily booster wheel for free.

    * When you have color bomb and jelly fish boosters selected, again strictly follow the first two hints I mentioned above. Since you have selected the jelly fish booster the more fish will be fallen while you are progressing.

    * Combine the color bomb with a jelly fish. That will multiply the jellies. (If you are lucky enough you’ll get at most 12 jellies cleared from this match)

    * This is how I won the level. I selected all the boosters I have at that time (a +3 moves booster received from a friend, color bomb, jelly fish and striped+wrapped booster). Then I combined the color bomb with a fish after clearing some possible jellies.

    * I tried more than 100 games of this level, but I won the first game that I started with the boosters as I described above.

    * Need not to say, the Striped+Wrapped booster that I selected at the start up was useless.

  • Raichu

    the problem with this level isn’t that you can’t see the jelly – you totally can see it. The problem is that the fish won’t eat the jelly under the icing until all the rest of the jelly has been cleared, which is very nearly impossible to do without setting off a cascade that destroys all the fish.

  • joyce

    can you please help me with level 342 please

  • Niddy

    Its rubbish….I cleared all 14 jellies and got 65,000 points and still didnt get through it…..Its crap