Candy Crush Level 347 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 347 cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 347 of Candy Crush. In level 347 you have 50 moves to collect all the orders (2 color bombs and 10 wrapped candies) and reach 10,000 points. Use these Candy Crush cheats, tips, hints and strategy to pass level 347 in no time!

Candy Crush Level 347 Cheats

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level 347 tip 3

  • As you are trying to set up your special candy orders, it is better to make moves from the bottom of the board.
  • This will give you a better chance of cascading more candies, giving you more chances to get a wrapped candy or color bomb.
  • REMEMBER: If you do not see any good first moves, you may want to get a new board. You can do this without losing a life by exiting and reopening the level BEFORE you make a turn.




  • Cheryl Guenther Kowalski

    This can be a very frustrating level. My advice is to make as many wrapped candies before any chocolate is released. You don’t have to clear them right away, just let them hang out awhile. I cleared 4 at once with a chain reaction. I needed 3 more wrapped candies, which I had on the board at once, but they were all near the bottom and I was afraid the chocolate would take one and I would be one short. But I managed to clear all 3 at once, and had 4 moves remaining. So it is possible to do this level with no boosters.

  • czar

    Well and fine with the strategies but a lot of luck is still needed. You need to concentrate and should stop after many failed tries as it strains the eyes and tires your brain and if you just haphazardly make your moves then it is futile. Try again after a rest. Ridiculous level if you refuse to spend money. One of the hardest for sure.

    • Eileen

      This is the worst level, I have been doing this almost 2mos !!! UGH !!!!!

  • beef

    6 weeks now. Grrr!

  • Jackie cammilleri

    Omg I seriously hate this level. It’s not fun period. I’m sure Ill get it beat at some point but I’m bored trying. Maybe this is a good board to quit on. Lol. That will def make my family happy. Couple more days maybe then I surrender

  • Gitti

    347 is the worst level, I’m ready to delete candy crush, the updates made things harder.

  • Dan Caron

    I’ve come within 1 wrapped candy 3 times! Frustrated!!!

  • AnnieBooker

    Really bored and frustrated with this level now. Have tried using color bomb with wrapped candy as this suggests but that didn’t help at all.