Candy Crush Level 347 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 347 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 347 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 347 is to you have 50 moves to collect all the orders (2 color bombs and 10 wrapped candies) and reach 10,000 points.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 347.

Level 347 Cheat #1: Make matches near the bottom.

candy crush level 347
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  • As you are trying to set up your special candy orders, it is better to make moves from the bottom of the board.
  • This will give you a better chance of cascading more candies, giving you more chances to get a wrapped candy or color bomb.
  • REMEMBER: If you do not see any good first moves, you may want to get a new board. You can do this without losing a life by exiting and reopening the level BEFORE you make a turn.

  • Cheryl Guenther Kowalski

    This can be a very frustrating level. My advice is to make as many wrapped candies before any chocolate is released. You don’t have to clear them right away, just let them hang out awhile. I cleared 4 at once with a chain reaction. I needed 3 more wrapped candies, which I had on the board at once, but they were all near the bottom and I was afraid the chocolate would take one and I would be one short. But I managed to clear all 3 at once, and had 4 moves remaining. So it is possible to do this level with no boosters.

  • czar

    Well and fine with the strategies but a lot of luck is still needed. You need to concentrate and should stop after many failed tries as it strains the eyes and tires your brain and if you just haphazardly make your moves then it is futile. Try again after a rest. Ridiculous level if you refuse to spend money. One of the hardest for sure.

    • Eileen

      This is the worst level, I have been doing this almost 2mos !!! UGH !!!!!

    • Geertje

      I have never yet spent money and would rather give the game away then winning in that way.

  • beef

    6 weeks now. Grrr!

  • Jackie cammilleri

    Omg I seriously hate this level. It’s not fun period. I’m sure Ill get it beat at some point but I’m bored trying. Maybe this is a good board to quit on. Lol. That will def make my family happy. Couple more days maybe then I surrender

  • Gitti

    347 is the worst level, I’m ready to delete candy crush, the updates made things harder.

    • Bhanu

      Agree really frustrated! Been at it for 2 months!

  • Dan Caron

    I’ve come within 1 wrapped candy 3 times! Frustrated!!!

  • AnnieBooker

    Really bored and frustrated with this level now. Have tried using color bomb with wrapped candy as this suggests but that didn’t help at all.

  • Jul

    Question: I have been playing this level for a while. I thought that if you matched a candy bomb with a wrapped candy, all the wrapped candies of that color would turn to a wrapped candy and explode. Wouldn’t that give you the ten wrapped candies you need? When I match a candy bomb with a wrapped candy it only credits one wrapped candy. Why else would the cheat recommend the move?

    • Trish

      Yes, I found that as well. It seems you have to make each wrapped candy individually.

    • sls

      This is not what happens when you match a color bomb and wrapped candy. When you match a color bomb and a wrapped candy, it essentially gives you a bonus color bomb so you can clear out two colors in one move.

    • Geertje

      I thought that too as it happens when you cross it with striped ones. Not with wrapped ones (in this level). I was so disappointed!

  • Luboš Motl

    Thank God for the Lucky Candy (the “check” mark). I picked it to be there along with one chocolate bar and the Lucky Candy got repeated almost 10 times, morphing into a wrapped candy many many times. Ten moves left at the end. This Lucky Candy was also lucky for the jerk who has designed this level and other levels because without this candy, I would use all the legal means to hang him by his balls and physically destroy him.

    • Mrs. Leroy Goldberg

      I do have to show your post to my husband, you will make his day!!!

    • Lena da Silveira

      what’s a lucky candy?

      • Luboš Motl

        It’s one of the candies on the daily wheel of fortune, looking like a circle with a “V” (“check”) on it. It tends to change to other candies that you just seem to need.

        • Lena da Silveira

          oooohw I see! So, if you get lucky, you get one of this lucky candys but it’s just one, riht? i mean, you’ll not be able to “kill” all the wraped candys with one Lucky Candy. I’m stuck on this level for 2 or 3 days, man. I’m getting bored…

          • Luboš Motl

            Lena, as I wrote above, if you collect and include *one* lucky candy for one game, it will reappear about 10+ times for the price of one. Once you destroy one wrapped candy that appears after the destruction of a lucky candy, another lucky candy appears elsewhere for free – and this goes on about 10 times. So believe me or not, for the price of 1 lucky candy, you will get ten or so wrapped candies.

          • Lena da Silveira

            ohw ok! That’s nice. Wish me luck, please.
            Thank you! :)

          • NLS

            Unbelievable Lubos. I first entered this level, looked around, exited and immediately came here. After reading your suggestions I went back, used them and bang. I won. FIRST TIME! I wish I had a mind that worked like yours. For anyone who doubts his strategy you are suffering unnecessary frustration. Thank you so much Lubos – I owe you my firstborn child.

          • Rick Scott

            2 or 3 days try 2 or 3 MONTHS, Im close to deleting it.

    • Holio Crap

      Tried this after reading it, completed level in first shot with 24 moves left. First one turned into a chocolate bomb, but once those two got cleared the rest constantly turned into wrapped candy.

      Thanks man :)

    • Bucinka

      You assume it was a boy that designed the hard ones….

      • Luboš Motl

        Dear Bucinko, the frustration from this level can be so intense that I think that many of us would hang her by those parts even if she (the designer of the level) were a girl.

        Unless, of course, that she would have none. In that case, she would get an exemption and I would behave as a Gentleman. 😉

        • Julie

          Well after a week of only being able to make 4 packets at the most, i give up, which is a shame i enjoyed playing.

  • Trish

    Exiting and reopening the board lost me the last life.

  • Arslan

    this is a very bad stage almost impossible.even if u r a very good player(but actually only good players are able to reach till this stage, so if you reached here u r a very good player). the only thing needed is luck nothing else..!! otherwise I think this stage is made to urge and convince the candy crush players to leave this game forever after having a very very very impression of the game…dear “candy crush saga”, by making these kind of stupid stages you r doing nothing except putting hatred in the hearts of your players and increasing your dislikes and decreasing your rating…I have actually completed this level but it really was very stupid.

  • Kansas Boy

    Thanks for the advice. I had been stuck on the level for a bit and either got lucky or beat it by three games after reading this article.

    • Melissa Frost

      i did get the jackpot before!!!!

  • Gene Harvey

    You have a better chance of hitting a Royal Flush on a slot machine then completing this level! This is a new low for the SC game developers! I’ve made it to 347 in about a years worth of play, which is OK. I’d spend a buck here and there to get over a hurdle. That’s OK too. But these SC people are all about profit these days and their audience is shrinking as a result. The worst part is this is an off-shore game and company! They’ve seen my last dollar! If any of the SC developers read this message here’s what I have to say! GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  • Jackie

    After reading this I bet the level with in 4 games. Thank you.

  • Manus Bear Piggus

    this video shows that you basically have to be lucky to win… the person who taped this for YouTube didn’t remotely follow the “strategy” offered on this page

  • Jon Fernandez

    My advice: once you actually have a great start and gain momentum, put it down for a few hours and come back to it. I do this with some of the most challenging levels, works every time. Make sure you plug your phone/kindle/whatever; this game takes serious battery life

  • Mary

    I have been playing this level over a hundred times and have tried every hint suggested, but still can’t come close to winning this level. Totally frustrated at this point. If something doesn’t happen soon I’m saying goodbye to Candy Crush. Not fun any more

  • Cheng

    I finished this level in 15 odd games. Have spent more time on 348 then this level. it’s all about luck and patience.

  • maru

    I think I may be finished with this game now on 347. I don’t even get close to completing it so my enthusiasm has dropped to near zero.

  • Krista North

    Thank you SO MUCH, I was struggling with this level, then after reading your recommendations I combined a colour bomb with a wrapped and managed to complete the level comfortably. Having eliminated 2 colours from the board made making wrapped candies MUCH easier, so to all those who complain that this level is undoable – go for this combo and it’s likely you will be able to form a lot of wrapped candies, before the board gets too filled up with new candies of the two eliminated colours.

  • Geertje

    This level is making me seriously depressed. Especially when coming so close to completing it a few times. Only one combo to go and then it’s finished – again!

  • Geertje

    Btw, has anyone ever had the Jackpot with the wheel? The one time I did the board froze on me and I lost it.

  • Tracey Harrison

    i have never been this stuck i can get down to three still needed but thats the closes ive been in a week !!!

  • Mary

    I have on this level daily for at least 3-4 weeks and spin the wheel every day, but cannot spin a lucky candy. I don’t think this game is winnable without one. Getting very boring and frustrating.

  • Marilyn@StHelens

    This level is putting me off the game altogether and I have been playing other games instead. It seems an impossible level. I don’t want them all easy but I do not enjoy being stuck on a level for 4 weeks. Lost interest in the game now….never looked for tips or cheats before….but if I cannot get past this level in a day or two the game is gone!

  • Kim

    Is the Lucky Candy the only way to beat 347?

  • Victoria Swan

    I hate this level! I must have played it for a couple of weeks now and cannot win. F*ck you candy crush! LOL

  • Sandy

    to: Candy Crush Rep. I got a message that I WON gold bars. I clicked on it. They show up when you click the little circle where the lives from friends are shown and, of course, they have to be purchased. Seems like a false statement saying I WON them. I WILL NOT purchase them; how can I get rid of them. They are a “in the way” nuisance.

  • Liz Alfano

    2 or 3 days????? I’ve been stuck on this stupid level for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • estupor

    I’ve just discovered in this video that it’s possibe to get wrapped candies in T form!!! I was playing 347 levels getring candies only with L form!! I feel stupid now :-) and so frustrated with this level

  • Nancy Eivers

    This level has taken the fun out of playing Candy Crush. After not even getting close for over a month. I quit! Am moving on to something fun to play.

  • Ann

    I’ve been on level 347 for months, it’s bullshit!

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    If i mix a color bomb and a wrapper, that should create wrappers and another color bom but why does it not count it all? Just one color bomb and one wrapper?

    • Donna Baird-Noel

      Me too!

      • guest

        Me too

  • Iya Eko

    Been stuck here for months. Screw it. I’m uninstalling. Waste of time and space on my phone since I’m not even playing it cuz I can’t pass this level.

  • Bucinka

    I wish the person who writes the tips for the “daytime” levels would write the tips for the Dreamworld levels as well. Besides being some of the worst grammar and usage I’ve seen on the Web, the Dreamworld levels are mostly useless. We all know “Keep Odus balanced” and “Use Moonstruck.”

  • Bucinka

    Took Lubosh’s advice and selected both a color bomb and a lucky, then kept resetting the board until it gave me an opportunity to create a second color bomb on the first move. Detonated the color bombs on the first two moves, then detonated the lucky candy. Bye bye 347! I’m on 350 today. Spasibo Lubosh!

  • Rose

    I feel so frustrated since I’ve been stuck here for months. After reading this I was able to beat it after 3 tries with 3 stars! Yehey! Thanks for the advise. I just followed the matching near the bottom and combining the color bomb and wrapped candy. :)

  • Jeannie

    “Instead, you can try to turn your potential 4 in a row striped candy into a 5 in a row for a color bomb.” So far unsuccessful. :-(((

  • Donna Baird-Noel

    Twice I had a color bomb matched with a wrapped candy and only the color of wrapped candy exploded not making more wrapped candy?

  • Donna Baird-Noel

    It says if you have a colored bomb matched with a wrapped , you can.beat this level, it should turn into all wrapped candied of that color, twice I had matches and only the color of wrapped candy exploded???? Something is wrong??? Help?

    • guest

      Same here

  • Sukha Madeek

    so this video proves two things.. one, it’s almost 100% luck. Of the 12 items needed to form to win the level, perhaps three or four of them came from moves.. the rest were pure luck from cascading candies.. second, this is video proof that Candy Crush will arbitrarily fck you out of a move. This person had a green wrapped candy combo poised.. he put his cursor above the green candy to move into the corner position to make the wrapped candy, but Candy Crush decided to move the wrong candy and ruin the combo. Happens ALL the time to me.. I’ve had lollipop hammers take out the wrong candy, and I’ve had phantom moves like this. I understand King wants to make money, but don’t screw over the clientele to do so.

  • Julie

    Have tried to follow all good advice, to no avail, sadly I will have to delete as I will never make 10 packets, I don’t want to as I have got this far, but am at a loss how to do it.

  • Julie

    Can I request my fairy godmother PLEASE????

  • Julie

    I needed 1 so I bought 10 gold bars for 79p and it went back to a new game, WHY!!???

  • Kenneth Fortin

    I finally solved it without using a booster. I probably played this level 10-15 times per day for 2 weeks before winning. My experience with Candy Crush is that if you get stuck on a level for awhile, eventually you will get one of the “lucky boards” that allows you to win. I can’t say I used any great strategy to beat this level, other than to try to make explosions/combos on the lower half of the board and hope they resulted in cascades that generated new wrapped candies. If you persevere, you can get by this level. But it is mostly luck that allows you to beat it.

  • mtstar

    Thanks for the hint to use the “Lucky Candy”. I had managed to pass all levels up to this point without a booster but there was no way I was going to conquer that one without some help.

  • Denise Thompson

    How easy was that? thank you Lubos …. first go after reading your tip, and I’ve been trying to clear that one for DAAAAYYYYYSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • kwilson

    i have paired color bombs and wrapped and nothing special happens

  • joe

    i did it!!! like 10 tries. no special strategy other than went for the
    wrapped candy first, kept chocolate in check. Kept trying massive
    explosions to clear board. Thought this would be the level I would
    quit. Never will give a cent to King.

  • Jujube101

    totally frustrated.. been on this for 2 months… anyone know why sometimes the wrapped candy does not register when it explodes?

  • joyce

    could some one please please help me with level 347 please .

  • joyce

    please can uou help me with level 347

  • Denise

    This level is ridiculous. Have been here for months. So bored!