Candy Crush Level 377 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 377 Cheats

  1. Break through the meringue layer.
  2. Focus on one side.
  3. Use a color bomb with a NON-targeted color.
  4. Level 377 Video Walkthrough
Level 377 Cheat #3: Use a color bomb on a non-targeted color.
  • In order to fill these orders while taking care of the blockers, you want to get rid of all the extra colors getting in your way. Rather than try to get an exact color bomb+yellow/green/purple combination, try taking out the reds or the blues. Why? Well, this opens up the board for making more order related moves and helps you clear the blockers too!
  • Getserious!

    just when I thought candy crush couldn’t get any more mindless…

  • Luli

    Al of these break out vídeos start with a lot of targeted candies that I have never seen in my games.

  • Fozi Az

    i regret every minute i win in a level … what the hell !!! .. -_-

  • rose webster

    did this only breaking one cake..3 go left i broke the first cake,,,it left me with 5 red 18 yellow and 7 purple…but it also gave me a bomb next to a yellow,i had 14 yellows to get so i did the bomb yellow combo…one move left just needed 2 purples but there was one purple striped candy that went with two morw purples so did it one the last go,,pure luck,,,i did have a ton of combos that kept cominig the game,,was about my fifteenth go before coming here for tips,,,,started playing 4 weeks ago and not bought nay booster but these tip sites help a lot