Candy Crush Level 394 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 394.

Level 394 Cheat #2: Set off the cake bombs.

candy crush level 394
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  • After you get rid of the meringues, concentrate on setting off the two cake bombs in the bottom corners of the screen. These should blast most of your jellies off the map.
  • Release the jelly fish to chip away at the cake bombs. They make quick work of them.
  • Don’t go after both cake bombs at the same time. Focus on setting off one and then the other.

  • Fozi Az

    this game , the harder is get .. the harder i cry … :(

  • Janet Rubas

    This level is nasty! This level really depends on being super lucky on how the candies fall. No matter how well one plans…nothing can be done if the right colours fail to fall.

  • John Firth

    You need a lot of luck – many wasted moves ast top of board as there’s nowhere else to go. You get somewhere and release one of the surprise gifts and it’s chocolate

  • carlos

    I made it using jelly fish booster. I spent about 5 though

  • Cathy Myers Smith

    I am just about to the point of no longer playing this game. There have been some difficult levels but this one is ridiculous. The mystery candies always are either chocolates or bombs. So many moves are wasted in the upper board. I expect a challenge, but this isn’t even fun anymore as I can’t get anywhere near winning.

  • VAFlash

    That’s it, I quit. If I had ever even come close to clearing this level, I might soldier on, but this isn’t fun any longer. I’ve been at it for 5 months now, time to call it a day.

  • End of Life Ritual

    This level is just luck. Not even fun. The only way to beat it is to get a great board to start, and then get several lucky combos early.

  • Donald Kent

    this is what I call a bullshit level….I think is going to be the level that I am going to give up the game…

  • RezRising

    Just beat it after reading this thread. Secret is the fish power up. Thanks Carlos! Yes, It took 4 of them, but they go for the “pie” candy and at least give you a fighting chance. I was preparing for a long run on this board like lvl 377, but for once the fish actually helped. Good luck to all!!

  • Donald Kent

    this level sucks…can’t believe its so hard, have tried starting with bonus gifts….3 extra moves, a stripe and wrapped combo and a color bomb and jelly fish and still didn’t even come close to winning. I very seldom get the cake cleared….again this is what I call bullshit level

  • Luba Gallinger

    Read these after the first game I played. Passed level second time. Played top most of the time but eventually set off both cake bombs at the same time. Then the fish ate some. Had made some specials. One was left and used the hammer. It happens!