Candy Crush Level 409 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 409 Cheats Tip #2

  1. Push the ingredients to the side.
  2. Form color bombs.
  3. Clear at least one cake!
  4. Level 409 Video Walkthrough
Level 409 Cheat #2: Form color bombs! >> Next
  • The shape of this board makes it surprisingly easy to form color bombs. To take out the cakes and to bring down ingredients (and unlock the marmalade striped candies), try forming as many color bombs as you can.
  • Even if you can only eliminate one color from your board, this will open up opportunities to activate the marmalade locked candies and it will make the probability for forming striped candies greater.
  • Lecrazy

    Hardest level in the game, by far.

  • Paulina Irawan Zhao

    i hate this level. this is mission impossible! grrrrrrr

  • michelle

    I beat that level within 5 tries. The key is to blast both cakes with as many color bomb/striped combos possible. Then focus on moving the ingredients to their respective outs (move the left candy left and the right candy right)

  • Jenifer Lee

    Level is very difficult. I managed to get 1 down, 1 cake blown away and 1 slice of cake left with 1 move