Candy Crush Level 409 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 409.

Level 409 Cheat #2: Form color bombs.

candy crush level 409
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  • The shape of this board makes it surprisingly easy to form color bombs. To take out the cakes and to bring down ingredients (and unlock the marmalade striped candies), try forming as many color bombs as you can.
  • Even if you can only eliminate one color from your board, this will open up opportunities to activate the marmalade locked candies and it will make the probability for forming striped candies greater.

  • Lecrazy

    Hardest level in the game, by far.

    • Susan Cange

      man this darn level is hard as heck.

  • Paulina Irawan Zhao

    i hate this level. this is mission impossible! grrrrrrr

  • michelle

    I beat that level within 5 tries. The key is to blast both cakes with as many color bomb/striped combos possible. Then focus on moving the ingredients to their respective outs (move the left candy left and the right candy right)

  • Jenifer Lee

    Level is very difficult. I managed to get 1 down, 1 cake blown away and 1 slice of cake left with 1 move

  • Fozi Az

    so far .. the hardest level ever ..

  • angelica damaceno

    angelica damaceno

  • angelica damaceno

    passar para o nivel 411

  • Sandy Tokaryk-Gammie

    Hate this level!! This one just might end it for me.

  • Peggy Harris

    My screen on level 409 does not look like the video shown here. What’s up with that?

  • Leah

    Damn cascades…. ruin everything…

  • David

    Great tips! I passed this on the 2nd try. Once the acorn/cherries are moved to either side, I found a wrapped and striped candy smashed together blew up the cakes and dropped the ingredients. Challenging but fun level. Good luck.

  • fazal

    candy crush is the time wasting cause level 409 is all joke and time wast

  • Jeffrey Haynes

    Mission Impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicola Moorby

    Well…..I’ve officially given up on this game, this level is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ no more 69p off me to move to next levels, it takes the piss, I’ve been on it for months, goodbye ‘candy crush’.

    • Somethingwicked

      You paid MONEY to play this game???? Never, never, never give your money up for a FB game!

  • Geertje

    409: “Your best approach is trying to move them both to one sid..” yea I get that but….almost impossible to do!

  • Jay Turner

    OMG!!! I have wasted way to much time on this F****** level. If I don’t pass today my Candy Crushing days are over.

  • airforcebratt

    If you have bonus hands use them to move the cherry and acorn to the sides.

    • eafarmer

      This was a super idea.

  • Guest

    So, where is the owl in this vid???

    • Bucinka

      This isn’t a Dreamworld level. However, some layouts do show up again in later levels of Dreamworld…same objective, only with the &$%@* owl to further complicate the level.

  • Jenny Jen-Jen

    i need a hack

  • Billcf

    Finally, After a month stuck on this stupid level…..success……I did do it by putting them both on the same side then dropping them

  • Sean Graves

    Usually when levels like this frustrate me I play my fiance game and she plays mine. She’s on level 733, I beat for her today level 728,729,730,731,732, all without losing a life and she can’t pass this level for me. I’ve played about 100 games… Every 20 levels or so you get “what seems like” a impossible level to pass. I hate this level… Lmao… Eventually after several hundred tries the game feels sorry for you and candies fall in place. The hardest part is moving the ingredients. I know you are supposed to place two alike candies on top of the ingredient and in the next column a alike candy so you can move them. But that hasn’t worked because the candies fall completely out of order. I’ll play this level 5 times a day total and wait for the candies to fall in place on their own.

  • kathleen burke

    It is an annoying level

  • Gerard

    3 attempts and it was done. It doesn’t seem difficult at all.

  • Fernando Fernandez

    Stupid board design to waste hundreds of specials and rack up lots of extra moves purchased. The true strategy for this board is to go in every morning and spin the wheel and not bother to even play the game until you have earned enough free swapping hands built up (at least four or five). And then when you do have enough, don’t use them to move your candies into alignment until you have successfully opened up the bottoms. Not having to waste the majority of your moves trying to align the ingredients first should make this a snap. And if you don’t clear out the bottoms with enough moves left to get the candies down, save your swappies for another attempt… Not going anywhere for a while? Eat a snickers.. This could take a long time to get enough free swappies to do it but it should work fine. Either that or break out that card and just buy them.

  • disqus_aKnIInwA5N

    Passed this level on the third go, amazed myself as I thought I’d be stuck on it for ages. You just have to keep matching candies and hope for a chance to swap the ingredients over to the sides of the board.

  • ET

    Not sure what is going on, I have smashed both cakes with over 30 moves left, several times, only to have my ingredients disappear!!! They do not come back!!!

    • alpha_base

      Same here! I think this level is glitchy. In my case, the ingredients disappeared after activating two separate colour bombs.

  • Faceless Commenter

    This one’s impossible. Just watch t.v. or read until the 72 hours are up and the Tooth Fairy lets you proceed in normal Candy Crush.

  • Jackie

    Took me months to beat this level so far the hardest level. Almost took it off my phone. I passed it in 60 moves though. Had to use gold. Was so close.

  • Mrs dragon

    What happens when one of the fruits goes missing? It’s happened to me twice and I could not finish the game.