Candy Crush Level 417 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 417 Cheats

Level 417 Cheat #3: Know the board.
  • A new perspective and new dimensions can be very helpful! If you’ve been stuck on this level for a long time, try flipping your phone into portrait mode and playing from that perspective.
  • You don’t have to clear all the meringue–just enough to let the ingredients through. Don’t waste valuable moves trying to clear an entire row of multi-layered meringue.
  • Alison Walstra

    So, been stuck on 417 for a week. Those cyclones eat opportunities! If you aim at getting the ingredients down to the bottom of the left side, does this make it possible to complete the level faster? I’ve watched videos.. but just can’t seem to get more than 1.

  • Jenifer Lee

    So when one thinks there is nothing as horrid as level 350 along comes 417. KING doesn’t even give the gamer a board that is not as cyclone loaded. This board is horrid. I have only been able to get one ingredient down