Candy Crush Level 425 Cheats and Tips

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Candy Crush level 425 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Candy Crush Saga game.

Candy Crush Level 425 Video
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  • Larry Rouse

    This level is total crap. The tip is correct that without a ton of luck you have no chance. There is no strategy involved as the 3 random tornados constantly wipe out your wrapped candies and stripes before you have a chance to combine them. If the tornadoes don’t get you then the bombs will before you even get started. Many times I have gotten the 200 blue colors only to fall short on the wrapped striped candy combos.

  • cbjkc5

    if you noticed they have changed it now it takes 230 blues and instead of 200, 15 moves on the bombs now you only get 10. if they would have left it alone I could have passed it. I had 7 blues left.

    • Ms. Wonderful813

      Yes, I noticed that. I’ve been stuck on this board for over a week and if I play from my iPhone or my Mac Laptop, I only get 10 chances on the timebombs and need to fill 230 blue candies, but if I play on my Kindle, it’s still the original version. What kind junk is that???

      • cbjkc5

        never did pass this level. they took all the fun out of the game so I no longer play I deleted it

  • Brittany

    I can’t even get past the first set of bombs!! Help!

  • Jh root

    King has taken the fun out of the game. They just want the money. They want you to pay to play.

    • Tesstarosa

      So agree — I’ve had two options during my first few attempts that if I would be willing to pay for extra moves, I would have won. Now, I can’t past about 11 moves before the bombs go off.

    • Luann


  • cbjkc5

    this game is more frustrating than anything so I had enough and I deleted it.

  • Jh root

    The bombs do NOT take care of themselves, EVER! Unless you are very lucky and King gives you a board that will do this. Out of five lives you get 250 moves, we’ll I give up 195 moves because the bombs do not take care of themselves. That is why king offers to buy more moves after the fist 11 because the bomb(s) are going to go off. Why not change bombs from 10 to 20, so one is able to at least try and use their skill to at least come close to collecting the orders. Please the game is programmed to have one spend money you don’t have and king is hoping for that. Their interest is the money only. These really are not cheats to beat a level, it common sense. You don’t cheat to candy crush. Candy crush cheats to steal your money.

  • Carmel Fakhry

    I’ve been for 1 month trying to pass this level, but unfortunately no succeed, I reached the200 blue colors never had the chance to combine the stripes with the wrapped candies. Any help!!

    • me2

      Level 425 ama beat you…. CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR SUGAR CRUSH. ..

  • Carmel Fakhry

    I’ve been for 1 month trying to pass this level, but unfortunately no succeed, I reached the200 blue colors never had the chance to combine the stripes with the wrapped candies. Any help!!

  • Jh root

    I could pass this level with their boards. It is pure luck or pay to play. I feel king has set you up to fail. It just is not fun , your dead in the water before they even open the gate. It is just wrong on all counts. I didn’t get this far on luck alone or paying to play. Karma is a bear king, don’t forget that.

  • Terry Thomas

    I agree.. King has rigged this game to suck your bank account dry. Every time you set up any candy/striped combo the tornados wipe it out.. This game has become too aggravating to enjoy! Time to delete this game and find a more enjoyable form of entertainment! (Preferably NOT another MONEY PIT designed by King!)

    • Geertje

      I soooo agree with you!

    • Skya Skya

      A possible solution: Sign onto Candy Crush Via Facebook and take a daily spin to accumulate boosters- that way you don’t have to empty your bank account. I have NEVER paid for booster or extra lives, and I have over 900 saved extra lives via facebook.

      • Bill Graper

        That’s what I’m going to do. It looks like I’m taking at least a month off & spinning the wheel every day. :)

  • carrows

    The most ridiculous level ive ever encountered…on cell and puter bombs at 10…you barely break anything and run out of time on bombs…ready to delete entire game

    • melanie

      This level sucks not spending any money so get over it King

  • Catheigh Rizzo

    They just want $$$ this level ridiculous!!

  • die king

    Fuck you King, you make people suffer, go to hell game maker king

  • Tim Godfrey

    This level proves skill has little to do with this game. It’s mostly about your degree of patience, and when King realizes your not going to pay for a booster. In turn, they let you pass the level. I haven’t spent a dollar up to this point, nor will I ever choose to do so. I don’t have to wait on lives anyway. I just set my internal clock on my iphone 2.5 hours ahead and POOF!…5 more lives. When I need my clock back, I just delete and re-install game. Old news, but for those of you that don’t know…it is a way around waiting 2.5 hours for lives that will be gone in 5 minutes…on this level anyway.

    • JacAttack

      FYI you don’t need to delete and re-install. After you set the clock fwd, go to game, make sure the 5 lives are there and then before you play, go back to the clock and set to automatic again. If you forget to reset the clock back and play, you can always set the clock ahead again another few hours, then check the game for your 5 lives and then go back to set the clock to current time again. Never fails. Unfortunately endless lives doesn’t help beat this level!!

      • Tim Godfrey

        Sweet…thanks for that!

  • polo

    This level fucking shit! Even buy all the shit still cannot pass.level ask for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, no wonder “based on your luck”

  • Catherine Jean

    I agree this level is total crap as well…..You basically have to keep buying extra moves, crushers and swaps….not my idea of fun anymore!!!

    • Di Ver

      I’ve deleted on this level total money grabber time to find better no more king games for me

  • Linda Sigler Sanders

    What irritates me is the fact that while the tornadoes are doing their thing you aren’t able to do anything. It’s like your moves are frozen until the games plays come to a complete stop. This can make a difference when trying to get the bombs exploded. I think this level is very unfair and just a way for King to make money. I will keep playing this level at leisure, but I’m not going to pay for advancement.

  • Lee Struble-Smothers

    I am trying to pass this level but it has 4 tornadoes that wipe out every chance I have. They say they are random but that is bs….they hit every critical move I plan.

  • Fozi Az

    After i passed 421 .. everyone warned me to remove this game bcuz of level 425 ..
    at first i didn’t believe them ..
    but now …

    for the love of buddha …
    it’s not fair :(

  • Fozi Az

    after 1 week
    The farthest point i could ever get -_-

    • gabbi

      Grrrrr this is the closest I’ve gotten….It’s total BS….

      • Geertje

        Yea, me too!

  • ginny

    why? when the strategy is for you to make money that u think we are stupid to keep playing this game? King you might want to rethink this ,Its not fair
    when the only way to win this level is to put money into it

    • Ken Mole

      no money paid out and got through it

  • JamesChirico

    The game shown where the level is beaten has only 3 tornados at the end for over 10 moves, the games I’ve played have 4 after 4 moves.

  • Robin

    I thought level 421 was hard. Games are supposed to be fun. At least it will be easier to kick my addiction, with all the negative feelings I have started to associate with Candy Crush.

  • Dense99

    Any level that take luck. Suck. 425 is impossible. Another player to never play again.

  • ken

    anyone that made it passed this level understands its no longer skill but pure luck.You have to play until the game decides to give you the win.It took me a month of causal playing for the game to hand me a win.
    As for king just wanting money I will tell you I dont work for free ether. There programers and code writers are not doing it live in a life of poverty.

  • Aprogramguy

    I don’t know how anyone passed this level. The owners of this software are nothing but scumbag cheaters and want nothing more than our money. I won’t give them any and hope these cheaters go to hell and skip purgatory.

    • ken mol

      i passed it no moiney

  • Erik Merz

    Well I am with most of you on being completely frustrated with this level and not paying a penny to King. Unfortunately there are likely far more people sucked in and willing to pay than those of us who realize this set-up of King’s. It stinks because this is (was) a fun game, and anyone who has reached this level obviously agrees otherwise we wouldn’t be posting on this site. I can’t say that I’m done with King but they won’t see another penny of mine.

    • ken mol

      Of course king wants to get payed for there work so do you and I.What I dont understand why people think they should pass time for free on others work. I am at level 439 without paying anything and though its frustrating at times i am just happy they let me get this far for free

      • Robyn Kenny

        I totally agree with your comments and I don’t understand all the negative criticism of this game. If you are so bored or frustrated, don’t play, and if you don’t want to spend anything, you don’t have to. I have spent a few dollars, but it was to get to the next set of games as my friends were too slow in giving me a ticket. Mr King runs a business folks.

  • Westchaser

    So I finally get rid of the bombs, and more replace them. DONE!!!

    • Maree O’Malley

      You need to replace the bombs with candies rather than just get rid of the bombs. The candies will block the bombs.

  • daya

    They r cheating n try to robbery everyone just fuck dis game dis s one of di most cheating gme in di world so better way stop di game

  • Janet

    What can I say definatly no skill needed here just luck !!! Not sure I want yo waste any more time on thus it’s impossible !!!!!! Could be the straw that broke the camels back – bye bye CC !!!!!

  • Westchaser

    I agree that level 425 is all about luck, but in the meantime, it’s torturously BORING!!

  • Westchaser

    And I don’t even see a way to BUY your way past this level. Too risky.

  • Ellen Schueler Wenz

    What crap! Luck! What horse….! So annoyed!

  • Wendy Lacey

    The strategy that worked for me was: start in the middle by the merangue – remove as much merangue as possible… Do not worry about bombs till they get closer to the end but do try to make wrapped and stripped candies – do not worry about the blue candies these are cleared, as you set your bombs off. You can use the combos that you make to detonate your first set of bombs. Keep an eye out for making your wrapped- stripped combos tho. Try to make a few coloured balls – these can be used to take out any colors or bombs. By taking out a color you free up the board for the possiblity of making the wrapped, stripped or colored bombs. Admittedly this level also requires some luck, but as soon as I perfected this technique- I got it first try – I didn’t buy any special candies but did use a free lollipop I won on the wheel, to move a stripped next to a wrapped. Good luck!!!

    • Desmund

      Yes, that’s the strategy I’ve used for two months now. Still on this level. I hate it. Am about ready to delete the game.

  • LB

    Took me a week to pass it and without any boosters. For me, the key is to get the blocks cleared away quickly in order to manage the bombs. The blue candies and matching the striped with wrapped basically took care of itself. Making color bombs was the most helpful combination for me. It’s hard but not impossible.

  • KPMI

    I have reached this level without spending any money. I tried using the “bonus” items and restarting if I did not have at least 1000 points on the initial drop. The lollipops were useful for getting rid of bombs about ready to explode. Since there was a walk through, I had to believe it could be done. Several times I go all 230 blue and up to 4 of the stripe/wrapped combos. Today, after about a month of trying, I got all 5 striped/wrapped combos and had only 4 blues to get so I broke down and spent .99 for 4 moves which also gave me 3 lollipops and 2 hours of unlimited lives which I used on a stupid bird level to no avail. So if you’re careful and lucky, it can be done.

  • Kiran

    i just got thru 425.. played in my computer and its much more easy..

  • littlemissconceptions

    if you play off facebook or your pc, the bombs in the corner still have 15
    “turns”, so you can complete the level, it’s a lot easier – I just finished it.

  • Bine

    They changed the bombs from 10 to 15… now I did at second time… so happy!!!

  • CandyCrazy

    I could clear this level only after switching from phone to computer! on computer, the bomb has 15 moves as opposed to 10 on a phone.

  • Dennie

    I was stuck on this one too… first time ever I used Google for help and it got me here, not much help after all. However, I do have a solution that might help with the luck ;) make sure to collect the lollipop boosters, i would say 5 will do. Start the level and focus on the combinations. If within a few moves you have a combination, decide to go through.. seems luck is on your side. Clear the blocks as fast as you can, do not focus on the bombs. Hge tornados every now and then do also destroy bombs. If a bomb becomes a threat, use a lollipop. It worked for me, game started smooth.. Got a few combinations in the beginning and then i knew it was a good thing to do to use the lollipops for the bombs when needed. In the end I got 7 combinations where only 5 are needed. The blue ones never seem to be a problem and also had 6 moves left and also i only needed 2 lollipop boosters… Is it luck? Yes it is, but with the right game setting you can help your luck ;) cheers from Holland

    • Spike Page

      I’ve tried a few other strategies..including spending a free colour bomb to mix with a striped candy to try to wipe out tornadoes..but the lollipop hammer solution sounds worth a try. The trick now is to figure out how to land the free spin wheel on the right spot to get lots of those.

  • Elizabeth Foy Hernandez

    They just lost my loyalty and any money I was spending on this game with this level. 425 is insane I am no longer enjoying the game – it should not be based on luck but on strategy but to add the bombs and tornados is stupid.

  • frankie

    I have been on this god dam level for 4 months and don’t even get remotely close! It is so boring! Nothing I do helps at all, the bombs just keep blowing up. And I have to get 230 blue not 200 like some are saying, plus the 5combos that I never get. Didn’t think I’d say it, but I think it’s the end of the candy road for me as I don’t think I will ever pass and I buy things. Has anyone passed without buying stuff?

  • alizx5

    beat that level in few attempts – tips – just focus of combos and try to make them as close as possible and if getting a chance make color bombs – hope many of you will beat that level too…@regards, Ali

  • syed waseem yaba

    I dont know why all the honking for ? Ever heard of ” when the going gets tough , the tough gets going ” ???

    I cleared most hard levels on the first try & that includes #350 !!

    • Desmund

      In other words, you ain’t tough.

  • austindawg

    BULL$HIT! Smartest tornadoes I have ever seen in a level.

  • Yusuf Ali

    Finally crossed this level..:)
    Tip: Play this level on facebook instead on your phone, on phone bomb clock was 10 but on facebook it was 15 which really makes difference, and tornadoes also showed some mercy on me…

  • San

    It took me two days to pass this level. It’s not impossible You have to really plan ahead and make those wrapped candies. If you let them drop to the bottom the tornadoes tend to leave them alone. Then you just have to make a striped candy to drop on it. It’s not easy but if you rely only on luck you won’t get far. I didn’t use any bonuses either.

  • Ian Aldridge

    The money pig has dried up ? on the edge too delete candy crush 425 is a joke fuck buying moves when you move and it gets blown up ??? One off payment too pass a leave yes would be in too it ??? Lost count of how many time times I have tried this leave

  • NiLexi

    Guys, here is your best trick: Play it on Facebook if you weren’t. My friend who got stuck for months passed after a few tries. I also passed this in my fourth try.

  • vznspike101 .

    Passed it at the second try xD sheer luck, 15 moves left

  • Rob Hawkins

    Here’s what I’m resorting to: Use the free wheel
    every day to save up lollypop hammers until I have 10. Then, if I don’t
    have at least 2 wrapped/striped combos by the time the first set of
    bombs reach 0, I’ll start over rather than waste a hammer only to NOT
    get enough combos and lose anyway. Then the hammers will take care of
    the bombs and I’ll focus on the remaining combos.

    That should take a couple months of spins, and I’ll keep playing anyway just to see if I get lucky. The game eventually “gives” you the harder levels by *conveniently* dropping exactly what you need. There was a previous level with STREAMS of bombs dropping down. Played it for weeks, impossible to pass it, then one day I get a run where NO bombs drop and every move I make causes a huge cascade, allowing me to beat the level. Another of these tornado levels always had 4 running and then, as if by magic, the level only generates 2 tornadoes on one of my attempts. And of course that’s the time I pass the level.

    It’s as if King knows their level design is bullshit, and it’s programmed to get easier if you stay on a level too long or down-vote the level too many times. Speaking of bullshit: Has anyone ever gotten a “jackpot” on the daily spin? Because I haven’t gotten one yet in 425 levels. That seems statistically impossible.

    • Rob Hawkins

      I DID IT!!!!! Same day as my initial post. I kept at it and eventually managed to get some good combos on the initial drops. Lots of choco-balls forming, wrapped and striped from the cascades. The center meringue opened up pretty quickly with all that, and once the center is open it’s much easier to make combos. I fell short a few times, but eventually got it. Choco-balls combined with blue to knock out a large chunk of that order, and making striped/wrapped combos would keep the tornadoes at bay. I even got to give the level one final “boring” vote on the way out, too. See you in hell, Soda Swamp.

  • John Firth

    End of the road for me – Just needed one combination and the tornadoes destroyed every potential match

  • Charles Turner

    By far the worst and most stupid level so far. Entirely luck, virtually no skill required. Candies will detonate for no good reason, particularly when you’ve just lined up 2 for a combo. The PC version does seem fractionally easier than the phone version??

  • special ops

    Tip for lvl 425…play it on FB only, cleared it ..tip is to make as many special candies as u can stripes wraps color bombs etc…dont worry abt collectin D blues..match the wrap/stripe whn there dont get caught up..just keep makin special candies..dont match the color bomb with a special candy…just any regular candy (blue if there but dont force it)..concentrate only on makin wrap candies …if stripe is there take it dont use it…unless u have to. FB has 15 move bombs …which is huge. rememer color bomb to eliminate a color …dont match with it with special candy. DONT WORRY ABT THE BLUE CANDY.

  • Loulou

    Getting to this level has been the most frustrating and the most enjoyable.
    This I have to say is the hardest yet,but if you like me have got this far we can go further,patience is all that is required…well that and a few drinks.
    Good luck fellow players.

  • Luann

    I AGREE with all these comments. I think I am almost ready to STOP playing candy crush. Its impossible to pass this!!! Those ???cyclones end up ruining a wrapped candy almost everytime.

  • Judee

    This level is terrible! The tornados set you up for failure! I’ve tried it on laptop and tablet. Neither is successful! I refuse to buy anything from King! Only thing I know to do is stockpile lollipops for those bombs. This level hastaken all the fun out of tis game. It’s pure luck, even after checking the board and resetting. UGH!!!!

  • Sher O’Kee

    Come on guys if I can pass this level anyone can. First you need to get your wrap combos done. Start with making a wrap and then make a stripe close to the wrap. Once you match this combo, your board resets and then repeat this step. Don’t worry about collecting blues while doing this because you will collect blues during your match. When finished, make color bomb and match preferably with a solid blue. Do NOT match color bomb with a stripe!!! I passed this level using NO boosters. Don’t let the above instructions stating this level is based on luck get to you! As all other levels, it’s based on strategy. Hope this suggestion helps. Have fun candy crushing.

  • Nicole Heaser Breunig

    Today I beat this level. What happened was I used a striped candy with a color bomb combinatiob. It got rid of all the tornados and they didn’t come back for the remainder of my game so I was able to concentrate on what needed to be done. Yes, I HATE this level but somthing for everyone to try. If you get rid of one tornado at a time, I think they eventually come back but getting rid of them all at once and they dont. Good luck. Oh, and up to this poinf I have not paid a penny to play this game. Refuse to do so.

  • Marci Kangas

    I have played and loved this game since January of this year. I have almost quit a couple times but kept on and unfortunately have spent a small fortune but now I really am having a hard time on how they (king) expects loyal players to win this level, there’s just no way. I consider myself to be a pretty good player but ready to go spend my small fortune somewhere else!

  • Solanis

    I agree King has made this a money making venture. A friend told me there are support groups popping up for people that are spending well above what they can afford to pass the levels and are addicted to it. They need to pull way back on the intensity of the game and make it for pleasure not for them to get rich. Otherwise I think FB users should pick a day or length of time to boycott the game. Has anyone ever won the jackpot on the wheel of prizes? Get my point? Just one opinion. Good day all.

  • Fernanda Cordeiro

    Where did they get the paint brush?! I never saw that!

  • Murgen_

    Now, that’s some great advice: keep trying…

  • Leslie Bouchard

    Marc Gagne

  • Jupiter

    I don’t know why you are all so annoyed about this level, it’s really not that bad. Levels 410, 417 and 434 are much harder.

    • Faceless Commenter

      Level 417 was hell. First time I ever bought a booster — I got some gold bars when I was within a move of victory but I was out of turns. The End!

      Level 434 you say? Bleah, I’m cooling my heels in Dreamworld for now, not looking forward to anything as bad as 417 again.

      • Jupiter

        Levels 440 and 445 are even worse

  • skd

    I agree dis level is pure luck…rigged probably!!I got close to finishing it few times, saw it through finally. So, I have every reason to believe u can do it as well!! 3 of my pals have done it before as well,and none of us paid for it!! The real trick is to be persistent enuff, it took me about 100 lives in 4 days to go through!! Gud luck

  • bill

    Why can’t I send a simple email through there contact us link ?

    Always says error ?

    There website is just as broke as their games !

  • Vaibhav Gulati

    this level is absolutely crap.. tornadoes, bombs, obstacles, 230 blue candy, 5 combinations.. 90% of the time bombs go off… Just don’t understand why they want to put everything here… no other level took so much time… Ive planned to quit this game forever :/

  • Krista North

    This is a ridiculous level and the first one in the whole game I didn’t enjoy and considered deleting the game. Finally passed it after having been stuck on it for 3 days, as many already said – you just have to wait for your lucky deal. Skill makes no or little influence on beating this level – totally no fun level!

  • Renee Vorbach

    Dunno about 200… my game says 230!!!

  • throwbackattack

    I love the comments that get upset with King. Of course they’re in it to make money!!! This is America. If King made it easy and everyone was playing for free, the guys behind this and their other games wouldn’t be able to support themselves or their families. Quit complaining. I won’t spend a dime but I won’t complain if I never get past this level. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this the last 5 months but life goes on and I’ll find something else to do once I get bored with this.

  • Tasha

    When you get rid of the bombs the candy machine will dispense solid candy. This gives you time to focus on the rest of the board. Try to eliminate
    the bombs. However, make sure not to get distracted so you don’t miss your opportunity to make a bomb and stripe combination. I passed the level. The blue requirement will pretty much take care of itself. However, a chocolate ball helps knock it down pretty quickly.

  • Tasha

    When you get rid of the bombs the candy machine will dispense a solid candy. This gives you time to focus on the rest of the board. Try to eliminate the bombs. However, make sure not to get distracted so you don’t miss your opportunity to make a bomb and stripe combination. Eliminating the blue candy pretty much takes care of itself. However, a chocolate ball helps knock them down pretty quickly.

  • Barb M.

    Here is how to beat this level. (I was stuck & read these comments & they were no help, just people griping). I started with a free color bomb from my daily spin. I reset the board until I could see a setup for a stripe by the color bomb. When I combined the color bomb with the striped, it got rid of the stupid tornadoes, and the level was do-able, just had to concentrate on making striped/wrapped combos. I had a couple more color bombs & combined them with blues and could complete the level.

  • Reg

    This level caused me to stop playing candy crush altogether.

  • gabbi

    Grrrrr this is the closest I’ve gotten

  • gabbi

    YAY!!! finally did it!! Didn’t spend any $$ (Don’t ever plan on spending any $ on this game)

    • gabbi

      I took the advice of someone and just focused on getting rid of the obstacles in the middle first

  • Patricia Ortiz

    What the ???? I just can’t pass this level and I’m not paying! So many people had told me about this game but now people don’t even bring it up in conversation it was fun going through the competition with others but now it’s even played by most of my friends and family oh well I will keep trying but I wont recommend it to others SORRY game people you’ve drained us!!! You could come back and make it better LOL!

  • Jake Johnson

    That’s your advice!? Just keep trying???

  • Maree O’Malley

    This level takes a lot of luck but I found once you clear the meringue try and move the candies into the bomb slots rather than just taking out the bombs. That way no more bombs can come down. Then work on getting your wrapped and striped further up the board. It took me a week to get it but it finally worked. Good luck!

  • Muhubat Khan

    just crossed level 425… just make the combos first.. after combos i was left with 17 movies for 57

  • Jake Johnson

    Just try to make wrapped candies. Once you make a wrapped candy, try to make a striped one near it to make combo. Don’t worry about bombs, don’t worry about getting all your blues. Just make wrapped/stripe combos.

    • Me

      Thank you
      I passed after few tries because of you

  • Judye Gribble

    I finally got passed everything except I need 21 more blues and have even purchased more moves BUT there are no more blue candies for me to get. If I hit two stripes or whatever and the boRd goes crazy, it still has no more blue candies for me to get. has anyone else had this happen? This sucks and I am DONE with this stupid game

  • Jeff Gallo

    This is the level that is killing my interest of the game… It sucks, and so does the game

  • Jeff Gallo

    In other words, this game sucks

  • Jeff Gallo

    Everybody should delete this shit box from your computer, and King should eat ass

  • Geertje

    CC 425 makes me seriously think about hooking off. I will never pay any money for a game and this level is no fun anymore. No matter what you do you loose. Bombs, hurricanes, impossible numbers of blue and then the striped and wrapped candies are set of just when you have them next to each other. Nah, II can find better ways if I want to waste time.

  • Kenenelly

    Made it through first try! But it is my lucky day today ;) Level 417 is way more difficult imo.

  • Justin W.

    So I JUST got through this level after hell long, one of the longest that I’ve gotten stuck at.
    My strategy throw all strategies out of the window.
    What I did? Focus purely on making as many power candies as I could – anything and everything and here’s why. I figured WHATEVER you get, it will either a) increase your likelihood of a stripe-packet combo or b) clear the hell out of the screen which will c) clear as much blues d) clear the bombs without using a move and e) give you more accidental combos.
    How? I did this by slowing down the pace a notch and I noticed combos I might have missed otherwise because I was trying to make the stripe-packet combo. All things considered, it IS largely based on luck but this will help your odds slightly. (Not much I might add, I finished on the last move, phew)
    Good luck crushers and let me know if it helped you, cheers.

  • sylvia

    I agree, the fun is gone. The tornados are strategically placed, not by random as King claims. By the time you make the striped combo you are wiped out. To ALL gamers, quit now before your lose you entertainment and pick up any game except KING. They only want your money…. There is no winning this level, the odds are too high so you have better odds playing at a casino. King sucks!!!!!! Not worth the aggravation, lack of fun, and tornados taking out every combo you worked so hard for. This isn’t a world championship chess match for God,s sake, its a flipping game. King needs to wisen up or they are going to lose more than this player. Ridiculous to say the Ieast. 3 weeks into it….I quit and realized that I really don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. KING CANDY CRUSH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sylvia

    After numerous tries and lost lives for over a week, I finally beat this level. I changed my strategy to wiping out the tornado’s ASAP, which worked like a charm. Then I was free to make my combos that actually took out the bombs with each swipe. With one move left I had a color bomb (luck) against a blue candy (more luck) which crushed the remaining blues needed to complete this level. Its mostly luck people, but once the tornados are out if the way, your chances of winning are much higher. Just wanted to share this with everyone….. This level really does suck though!! Level 425 was poorly thought out.

  • Norman Morris

    I have hated the Soda Swamp from beginning to end. There is absolutely nothing fun about it. If I should find the next level to be as much as a drudge as the Soda Swamp I will quit Candy Crush and find a new game to play. 425 is utter nonsense.

  • Geertje

    I am STILL trying to get past this level 425. Have gotten to get all the blue orders but still needed 1 combo. And also the other way around. This one is hopeless! No matter what you do those stupid absolutely evil hurricanes keep getting what you set up. And the bombs are just sitting there laughing at you. :-)

  • Geertje

    I got lucky after 11 days. I believe it helps to use the striped and wrapped ones in the beginning even if you can’t cross them. That will get rid of the hurricanes and gives you much more chance to work the game.

  • jakaroo

    I don’t usually complain but there is no skill to this level. You just play it for a few weeks and one day, one day I will pass it. Today is not that day!!

  • Abby

    My advice to beat this level is to delete candy crush and download two dots. So much more satisfying to be allowed to succeed!

  • Zev001

    I find that when candy crush wants you to win you will win. You just have to keep playing without pressure and eventually you will win. I am convinced that the game is programmed and is not random but strategy can help.

  • Charles Lewis

    What was the paint brush i have not ever had that

  • Steve Webber

    People, this game is about money, tats why this level is all about luck, u have to pay your way out of here, but i wont, been stuck for 2 months, tbey want u to buy, look at all vids of people who won , they had alot of help, all my friends bought their way out of here, so GOOD LUCK, NOT , have fun play, or quit the game if u dont want to pay.or keep playen for fun.

  • Cheryl Campbell

    Do Not buy one thing! It’s all board placement. Has nothing to do with skill on any level. Don’t even waste your your boosters. Eventually after 50 or so games, you will get a decent board placement. No game should cost money. They are doing it for their investors and shareholders. No way is it ever going to be easy nor up to date on bug fixes.

  • Adeniyi Scopeman Bello

    i was able to make it after 5 days of trial. these are the steps i took before conquering the level. though this level is absolute madness.

    steps to note:
    1. make sure u reset ur board to be able to make wrapped combo from the first move.
    2. try as much as possible to clear the centre and make the strip and wrap combo within the first five move from the start, this wld give an edge advantage
    3. focus on the wrap and strip combo
    4. once the wrap and strip is completed, try to make a color bomb and try mix wit any strip combo.
    this is d trick i used but it also requires luck.

  • sadaf butt

    It took few hours and I passed it easily. At the begining try to blow out the tornadoes with striped candy and combos. Once they r gonewhile taking care of the bombs make strped and wraped candy combos…try to makeas early as possible…than u r left with blue candies….which is lot easier…good luck who r still struggling….come on it’s much easier than previous hard levels

    • Kevandro Gunterero

      King changed the level after soo many people quit. last year you couldn’t wipe out the tornadoes and you needed 5 combos. Now its just 3 combos. It was nearly impossible to get past it

  • Me

    Fucus on making wrap/stripes
    Don’t worry about bombs, tornadoes will kill them, no worries about making blue colors
    And don’t worry about paying some money for this game. It’s worth it!

  • jakaroo

    4 weeks in this stupid level…. 4 weeks!!! I still have not done it! HATE, HATE, HATE!

  • jakaroo

    Oh come on……..!!! I have been on this stupid level for 5 weeks!!! I am honestly about to throw in the towel!

  • Nikki brown

    This level is so cleverly programed like all the other levels. When you use your three extra moves, of course you bomb out at 36 moves left. Its all a scam programed to frustrate you into buying extra crap that should be free by trading in a point factor. Money making pit. Lol, now I’ll probably never pass this level for complaining. Tech’s love our responses; it makes them think they are doing their job, lol, but of course we catch on, the techies think we can’t figure this out…booyah busted…!!!

  • jakaroo

    I have been on this level for 6 painful weeks now! Luckier friends have passed me, others are stuck on it too! I don’t even try anymore!

  • Robyn

    I have really lost all interest after finally passing this insanely difficult level. Now, I realize it has nothing to do with skill or strategy but all computer programming to get your $. I passed this level and am on 432 but it really is not remotely fun anymore. Sad because I loved this game :(

  • hainkurt

    Just passed… but used 1 lollipop and 5 extra moves :) which I cleared on first extra… cleared the level with 414K points… I was struggling here for 2-3 weeks and I am here to find some tips & tricks… without any help/$$$ looks like impossible… I suggest: focus on combos no matter what… then if you need, use lollipops to remove bombs… you can do with a bit luck on top… a couple of lollipops + some luck is all you need…

  • jakaroo

    I have been on this stupid level for 7 weeks now!!! 7 WEEKS!!!!! WTF!

  • jakaroo

    I have been on this stupid level for 8 weeks now! 2 months and you know what, my comments keep disappearing from here! Why?

  • Beta42

    I made it through this level in a day, playing on a computer with no resets to get a better screen. Sprinkles (color bombs) and striped combos worked best for me. They often clear the tornadoes along with lots of blue candies. 425 levels to date and no money spent.

  • Gerald Shapiro

    Wow. After reading the tip to work the combos, and deal with the bombs secondarily, I cleared this level on the fourth try. I had been trying to clear the meringue to get to the bottom row, but that strategy is a loser.

  • Valerie Kinsella

    I have been on this level for a while can you tell me pls why when I play on my I phone the target is 5 and 230 and my I pad is 3 and 200.

  • Freddie King

    I finial clear it after they change the score from 5 to 3 and 230 to 200. I have not and will not pay one cent to play their game. I found it best the beat the levels late at night That how all my hard levels were clear

  • Doctorrog

    This is a tough level. I stopped playing for 6 months as too hard but my gf was catching up so I gave it another go. First, expect to need 200 odd goes at cracking it. It’s a luck slog. Second, you can quit if 2+ bombs get down to 4 in first phase of bomb madness. Don’t waste your time (as if that was not what you were doing anyway). If you can’t make significant inroads into the meringue/grey in first 7 moves quit – good decks clear the meringues almost by themselves – bang bang. .Once you have space use specials to kill the bombs and tornados. A good deck will do this by itself as long as you go for a low switch at bomb level. After that, use choco bombs to take out one colour – this enables you to get the combos you need. At this stage the card becomes peaceful – no near as stressy as at the start. Just keep on with the specials, reduced colours with choco bomb and you will do the 200 blues easy. Summary: i) Merengues for space, ii) kill bombs with specials iii) reduce colours iv) get combos, v) Cruise the blues. Don’t get frustrated – it’s a luck deck level.

  • Margo Grzymski

    I passed 425 easy, I cannot pass 432,, I can’t even get close, grr..

  • Fozi Az

    Hey everyone …. it’s been a long time ago since i finished this HARD AS HELL level …
    let me tell one thing … this level is nothing …
    if you wanna delete it … then do it … cuz you’ll drown in the mouth of the devil after this level
    i’m on level 763 … and i’m telling you …. THIS LEVEL IS NOTHING!

  • Louise Carey Borchardt

    Finally finished this level after about a week. It is pure luck! Keeping up with the bombs was the hardest part for me. Sometimes those darned tornados actually helped clear a bomb with only 1 move left! Good luck!

  • Aravindan Devaraj

    Finished in 2 days!!!! Guess.. reading others comments made me strong!! lol…

  • Monaco

    WOW. I made it on the second try. Perhaps I would have made it on the first try but didn’t notice the bombs there unless it becomes 4 moves left.

    I was hoping to spend weeks on this level since I have read the bad comments about this even on previous levels. First I was amazed, but then realized, after seeing the tips here, that King has made it easier now. It would have been a hell if the tornadoes won’t wipe out from stripes and wrapped. That’s the key to make this level a walk in the park.

    Next the 5 wrapped+striped order now have become 3. But I don’t think this helped a lot. Because I made 4 wrapped+striped and could have made another one easily. Instead I focused on making color bombs to collect the blues.

  • Gordon Freeman

    I have just finished this level. The trick is to get rid of the tornadoes first and then work the level like any other level. I had 7 shots left when I was done.

  • RezRising

    What a bunch of whiney babies.
    1. This game is ALWAYS about luck. It’s just more apparent here.
    2. It’s a game designed to make money. This is NOT news. It’s a business! (Watch South Park’s “Freemium isn’t free” episode. Brilliant.)
    3. Do not buy boosters. I get a free one every day, so that gripe goesnout the window.
    4. Set your phone’s clock ahead like other posters recommend. Endless lives.
    5. Why would you – after 424 lvls – delete now? QUITTERS! THE GAME BEAT YOU!
    6. Just settle in, have some patience, and remember, rage complaining ain’t fun, and hinders progress.
    7. If you dont want to get stung little froggie, don’t offer to carry the scorpian across the pond.
    Good luck.

  • RezRising

    I just.left a rant 20 minutes ago and it didnt seem seem to post. I went on about how many babies just whine and complain that this level is too hard, that this game is bs, and its designed to suck your wallet dry. I gave them a ton of crap about maybe if they stopped complaining, focused and had some patience, maybe they would beat the level.
    Then I went to play the level.
    And you know what?
    I beat it immediately by following the tips here. There’s no magic, just keep the tips in the back of your head and focus a little. Im not some amazing gamer, I just remembered to not concentrate TOO much on the bombs. And yes, there was a lot of luck, but I still thought just ONE move ahead each time in the end, esp.
    It can be done.
    Don’t complain, just beat the game.
    Hey, that’s catchy. Gonna remember that one….
    Good luck all.

  • Jo

    It’s totally ridiculous. 10 bombs is no where near enough and to say they take care of themselves is ridiculous. Its pure luck no strategy ! Its pay to play to continue to next level which I refuse to do so Au Revoir !!

  • Brian Wolf

    While I agree that the level is pure luck I got it in a Relitively short time (under a week of playing 2 or 3 times a day) and without buying anything or using any special items from spins. Only tip I can give is keep restarting the game u til you get a wrapped candy either before you make a move or can get one on your first move.

    4 times I got all the striped + wrapped I needed AND kept the bombs from blowing up only to fall short on the blue candies…5th time was the charm.

    Oh and for the record I HATE the levels that are pure luck and no strategy…not fun! This level was nowhere near as the level I was stuck on for 3 months!