Candy Crush Level 440 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 440.

Level 440 Cheat #2: An Unexpected Ally? Toffee Tornadoes.

candy crush level 440
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  • In a twist of fate, the tornadoes are actually working with you on this level.
  • They will help destroy the meringues and bombs faster so you can beat the stage!
  • However, the second half of the stage they can become a nuisance again.
  • Get rid of them before they block your jellies and keep you from winning the level.

  • Jenny

    SO close but can’t beat it

  • Jenny

    prob gonna have to buy something to get by this one

  • At Artiste Orathaya

    I just got it with 1 star.

  • Sweet D

    I just finished with 3 stars.

  • Tesstarosa

    Don’t bother with extra moves because if you can’t clear the bombs in 25 moves, you’ll never get to the extra moves.

  • Tesstarosa

    These videos have to be rigged. This person got a wrapped/stripe combo in less than four moves — which included a shuffle that left them next to each other. That never happens in my game. They’re as far apart as possible and then get taken out by the chocolate twisters before I can use them By ten moves there was multi-color candy and a stripe candy next to it. That doesn’t happen either. I’m, finding the chocolate twisters more of a hindrance than a help. They’re more likely to wipe out a candy I can use than take out any bombs.

  • Dani

    try it on facebook!
    tornados change places every second move and there are mystery candys too, it’s easier to clear the bombs, and you don’t need any boosters.
    I just finished the level, 3 stars, 20steps remained, ca. 530k points.